The Evils of Consensus Building: Its happening to you every day to cover massive government crimes

Consensus Building is Evil

There is a pattern to all the evils we are witnessing for those who haven’t noticed yet.  But it isn’t new; I’ve published hundreds and hundreds of articles on the topic, which can be found with an easy search of my site here.  About a decade ago, we called it The Delphi Technique, a method of building consensus among groups of people in school districts toward justifying progressive budget justifications.  They have since changed the name of it to many other things. Still, consensus building is now the primary objective in just about every social behavior. It means that the government has chosen to manage mass groups of people with a very top-down communist approach, which is very unsatisfying, even to people who lean to the political left.  The reason is that consensus building is designed to apply peer pressure on the participants to act against their intelligence and individual ability to think.  The intent is to make it clear to all that whatever decisions are made are for the good of all, not the satisfaction of the few.  Its collectivism 101 and is now used in every social interaction that we have.  Media heads are using consensus building to establish that there was no voter fraud in the last election.  Or that we should trust everything the CDC told us about Covid-19.  Or that we should elect politicians who are friendly, not practical.  Critical race theory is just another consensus-building exercise meant to establish in our minds that Democrats are here today in the 21st century standing to fight slavery.  They will never teach in public schools that Democrats held slaves and fought a war to keep them as the American Constitution sought to free them under Republicans.    

Most people have from their birth a certain level of trust in others that their intellects have never matured into thinking on their own.  This leaves them particularly vulnerable when it comes to manipulative people who try to sell them cars, condos, or big government plans created by rich billionaires meeting in Davos so they can do what all A-Type personalities since the beginning of time wanted to do, rule the world.  In public schools, consensus building was always used to justify the out-of-control spending school boards and the labor unions present to the public that has to pay for all the nonsense, in business its to mitigate the needs of management to conduct a business when labor unions demand the façade of being joint owners of the management activities from the perspective of the worker.  That is usually when a company must hire a consultant to defend production from the social expectations of communism which has seeped into the foundation of every labor union and is as anti-American has to put a communist flag on a front porch instead of an American one.

The premise of consensus building is to convince people, such as in a jury of our peers, to agree on what is presented despite their personal beliefs.  We accept that what’s good for the many is best for the whole, and if you are an offshoot of thinking, you need to get with the program.  That is essentially what lawyers do in court; they build consensus toward the guilt or innocence of their clients.  If jurors ever want to go home from deliberation, they will have to reach an agreement with their peers.  That is very democratic, but our nation was never intended to be anything but a republic.  We elect representatives to cover us in the legislative process so we can do other things.  But rule over the affairs of our country is not majority rule as they say in democracy. It’s meant to let logic reign supreme and let individual input debate the premise of a collective mass and to convince thinking people to change their minds, perhaps.  Consensus building is hidden behind the same intent; only the goal is to prove a preconceived notion and then inject it into a group setting and drive approval among that group through consensus building, surrendering their private thoughts to the thoughts of the mass group. 

The psychological goal of wearing masks by government mandate during the recent Covid experiments where governments worldwide were testing what they could get away within the public was that the masks were meant to build consensus.  No matter what you thought of the virus, the act of wearing the masks was forced compliance to admit that there was a threat to our society.  If you didn’t believe that the virus was deadly, you would be forced to think the government could put you in jail for not wearing one or that they could destroy your business, your life, and everything you would ever hope to be.  So you had to accept some level of danger, allowing the government to build a consensus in society.  Once that was established, when the subsequent crises came along, people were already trained to accept the consensus-building efforts on a mass scale, which in America was accepting election fraud.  It’s no accident that all the media outlets and government participants, even in the GOP, were trained to accept without question that any mention of election tampering was taboo and off the table.  Many people have been trained to think that individuals must sacrifice for the greater good; they bought into their self-preservation technique.  That is the point where Liz Cheney got into trouble along with Mitch McConnell.  They may have thought something different about the election results or saw that the attack against Trump helped them with their political futures, so they came to a consensus on the matter for all those reasons and more. That’s how consensus-building is used to cover up crimes when in fact, we should be using thought and intellect to expose crimes. 

That is why it is evil to utilize consensus building in any endeavor.  Getting along in society is not more important than uncovering any truth, whether the topic is UFOs flying around or election fraud.  As thinking human beings in a representative republic, we should always seek intellect over the agreement.  Self-interest will allow the best idea to surface through debate.  But to bend society to the will of the masses and use consensus-building tricks to expose the weaknesses of our childhood training into a cover-up of mass crimes and budget overreach is pure evil.  The scheme is being used to perpetuate massive criminal intent by the world’s governments by making innocent people complicit in the process.  And that is where we find ourselves today.  These consensus-building tools are not new, but their variants have moved from something you could name like The Delphi Technique to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.  Those are not methods of communication as much as they are consensus-building tools on a mass scale to take local opinions and connect them to the world at large, not for the enhancement of communication, but to attach the individual mind to the masses of group consensus.  If people disagree with you, they can criticize you just as they might in high school, where many people learned consensus-building social behavior through a simple rewards system.  Do what the masses say; they will like you.  Buy the popular jeans, be at the big party or be chastised, or even take the latest drugs, drink too much alcohol, or be labeled a freak.  Now that is done on Facebook to hide crimes of government and their meddling in our elections.  And that is why consensus building is a vast evil that needs to be eradicated, but before we can do that, you have to know, dear reader, that it is happening every day, and to you directly, just about everywhere you go.

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From the Desk of Donald J. Trump: Maricopa County election fraud

Donald J. Trump

2:12pm May 15, 2021

The entire Database of Maricopa County in Arizona has been DELETED! This is illegal and the Arizona State Senate, who is leading the Forensic Audit, is up in arms. Additionally, seals were broken on the boxes that hold the votes, ballots are missing, and worse. Mark Brnovich, the Attorney General of Arizona, will now be forced to look into this unbelievable Election crime. Many Radical Left Democrats and weak Republicans are very worried about the fact that this has been exposed. The DELETION of an entire Database and critical Election files of Maricopa County is unprecedented. Many other States to follow. The Mainstream Media and Radical Left Democrats want to stay as far away as possible from the Presidential Election Fraud, which should be one of the biggest stories of our time. Fox News is afraid to cover it—there is rarely a mention. Likewise, Newsmax has been virtually silent on this subject because they are intimidated by threats of lawsuits. One America News (OAN), one of the fastest growing networks on television, and the “hottest”, is doing a magnificent job of exposing the massive fraud that took place. The story is only getting bigger and at some point it will be impossible for the weak and/or corrupt media not to cover. Thank you to OAN and other brave American Patriots. It is all happening quickly!

Liz Cheney Did it to Herself: Taking a stand supporting election fraud isn’t a good idea

It is baffling that Liz Cheney would think she has the gas in the tank to run for president in 2024.  At best, she might be a 3% of the Republican Party kind of girl.  I mean, these people are in the Beltway, they talk to the consultants who get paid to only think about these things, yet she and Mitt Romney types of people believe they have a chance in this world of politics when there are options like Trump out there.  Or Ron DeSantis.  Liz comes from an astute political family. As I said in the video above, she should know what kind of role her father played in the Bush administration and understand why we liked Newt Gingrich and his Tyrannosaurus Rex skull that used to be in his office.  Americans who are voting for the GOP don’t want someone who “gets along” with members of the Democrat Party.  Most voters see that the Democrat Party is the enemy of our way of American life, and they’d like to see all of them destroyed.  They don’t want bipartisanship; they want victories.  And the position that Liz Cheney has taken after the presidential election of 2020 is highly destructive to her brand.  No matter how much she or the media insist that there wasn’t election fraud that kept Trump from being elected president for a second term, she is obviously out of step with how GOP voters think.  And she and they should know by now that taking Trump away is not the way to pave the way for her run for president.  Taking the best person away doesn’t, by default, make it achievable for her to run automatically.  Liz Cheney shows just how out of touch many politicians are, and they shouldn’t be.  They should know better, not less.

Anybody with half a brain knows that there was massive voter fraud in the last presidential election.  First of all, the math doesn’t add up.  Joe Biden can’t get 80 million votes, the most in history for any presidential candidate.  The voters just weren’t there.  For Democrats over 70 million, we need to be looking at making up votes by political operatives.  We have seen our own FBI getting in on the action of presidential coups, so just by looking at the behavior of some of these flawed characters, we can see that the intent to commit voter fraud was undoubtedly there.  Facebook and other social media companies used their platforms to push the Russian narrative in the last election to set up the election fraud story in their favor.  While everyone was looking at Russians and Trump unjustifiably, the media companies were making deals with China to steal the 2020 election because they knew there was no stopping Trump.  They had to cheat, and they knew they had to hustle even to have a chance. I’ve been all over this country and in several cities within it.  I’ve talked to many people.  There is zero chance that Joe Biden won 80 million votes.  So for Liz Cheney to hope for honesty in the presidential election show extreme ignorance on her part, something the rest of the GOP is learning not to do.  She is part of that old guard who believes that believing in the system is more important than standing for something people can vote for.

There is this issue of the Biden Justice Department sweeping in to stop the Arizona election audit because they know what will be found.  Already in Maricopa County, it has been discovered that the Board of Supervisors deleted most of the evidence from their records on subpoenaed materials that were supposed to be turned in to Senators ten days before the auditors could get access to them.  Of course, there isn’t evidence of these crimes because the people in charge deleted the evidence.  Well, in my book, deleted evidence is evidence.  If they don’t want you to see what they are trying to get rid of, there’s a reason why don’t you think, dear reader?  Destroyed evidence is still evidence; it’s evidence of “intent.” But that’s not all; it’s just one story of thousands emerging regarding similar actions all across the country anywhere that digital voting machines counted vote tallies in the last election.  In truth, there is a lot of evidence; it was recorded that the 2020 election was the most significant cybercrime in the history of the world and that China was at the center of it.  They were at the center of Covid, and they were at the center of stealing our election and giving it to Joe Biden so that they could have an easy guy to beat on the world stage.  And yes, there is plenty of evidence in computer analysis gathered on the night of the election hour by hour.  It’s at least enough to have a court hearing on the matter.  But instead of going to court to defend the actions of the cheaters, the cheaters are trying to attack the issue out of court, destroying any evidence they can get to and attacking the people gathering that evidence. Hence, they never plan to go to court because if they did, they would be slaughtered.

Liz Cheney and other mainstream Republicans should know and understand this situation.  They could remain open-minded to the various options.  They don’t have to take the Trump line on the matter.  With a crime this big done within our intelligence agencies and political parties, taking a position that values more the public belief in our election system without there being an acknowledgment of the problem is far more dangerous. It is why Liz Cheney finds herself in trouble and losing power.  She did it to herself.  By declaring as she did, and Mitt Romney did, or Mitch the Bitch did, they showed the world that they care more for how things look than how they are.  To be worried that exposing election fraud is more dangerous than accepting it says everything. When you have to look at the politicians themselves, they are more interested in the perks of the job and the social structure of it than in being effective at that job.  They want the good ol’ days where they could lie to people, and everyone would go back to sleep.  They have not admitted to themselves that the point of the Trump election was that people, voters, were tired of being lied to.  They were tired of this system that did not represent them.  They are tired of losing to other countries like China.  They are tired of it all, and people knew it before the election, and those who want that system to continue conspired together to cheat and hope they might get away with it.  And Liz put herself front and center on the issue by building her entire political platform on protecting that cheat and trying to divert attention to the riots on January 6th from angry people who are just getting madder.  Somehow, she thought she would be popular enough to run for president, which only shows the level of ignorance that we are dealing with regarding those traditional types of Republicans.  Politicians like Liz Cheney put the system over what the system was created for, the management of our government.  Instead, she is willing to accept massive crimes to protect her perception of what value she brings to the management of that government.

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Why to Buy a MyPillow Product: Mike Lindell’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel

Mike Lindell did great on the Jimmy Kimmel Show

I can understand why Mike Lindell went on Jimmy Kimmel to face an obvious hit piece against him. I’ve been there myself on a more local issue, but I can certainly relate to the danger of doing so.  Mike has had a rough life, mainly because of his actions.  He has an addictive personality which he filled with crack and cocaine abuse.  I was turned off by Lindell for a long time and resisted buying any of his MyPillow products because of it.  But because of all the excellent work he has done with and for President Trump, I have let him in, and I now have lots of MyPillow products in my home and RV. They are excellent products, they do make me sleep great, and I want to keep supporting Mike Lindell in his efforts because what he has done with his new wealth is some great good.  He has been one of the leading advocates of election fraud that has cost him a lot.  Most of the box stores have removed MyPillow products from their inventory which is a standard action that liberals all have.  They mean to destroy any company that does not agree with them, and that was what culminated in Jimmy Kimmel inviting Lindell on his show to attempt to make a fool of the MyPillow inventor.  Mike Lindell did the one thing he could have done to deal with such a challenge.  He went on the show and attacked the problem rather than let the problem attack him.  I think he did such a great job that I’m going to buy a few more pillows from the former drug addict, the now-born again Christian, and leading voice of redemption for the 2024 Trump presidential campaign. 

Watching the interview with Kimmel, which Lindell features on the front page of his new Frank social media site, is the standard to make friends with the guest so that you can lower their defenses yet attack and make fun of them as some extreme personality.  Kimmel meant entirely to shame Lindell into some admission that he’s a freak with a fried brain that couldn’t be believed of anything regarding allegations of election fraud.  But Kimmel is part of a larger story, the corporate story of an attempted coup where they took over our election process and put a puppet in place that they moved the mouth and expected us not to notice. Kimmel’s job, which is why he has a late-night show anyway, is to establish cultural norms through comedy to build social consensus.  Lindell has been funding the efforts to root out election fraud, and now things are getting hot, particularly in Michigan and Arizona.  The plan was to be well past all this by now.  Because of the wealth of Mike Lindell, he has the financial resources to have these investigations.  Since the government won’t audit themselves, Lindell has used his new power and influence to get the message out on his own through his funding and launch of the latest social media site to compete with Facebook and Twitter.   Now that he has, many millions of people are now seeing what they suspected was always there, fire under the smoke of election fraud. 

So it was Kimmel’s job as a member of that corporate media to bring Mike on his show and ridicule him into hiding.  You would be surprised how common all this is.  It’s not the kind of thing that gets discussed in everyday conversations, but most of us are well aware of its presence in our lives.  It’s one of those over-the-shoulder things that haunts most people in everything they do.  Kimmel, during the interview, went well out of his way to paint Lindell as a person still affected by crack addiction which is why he couldn’t accept the election results of the 2020 presidential coup.  There isn’t any other way to talk about it.  The election was an attack that should insult all of us.  It certainly wasn’t a fair and honest election.  But much to his credit, Mike Lindell was slick and very optimistic, and he was able to overcome all the opposition against him on that remarkable show. I’d advise anybody concerned with these kinds of things to study how Lindell handled himself with great humor and humility. I’ve been in that exact kind of spot before, as I referred to earlier. I’m not a very humble person and never plan to be.  I don’t do drugs, I have never done drugs, and I work my ass off every day of the week, including Saturdays and Sundays, before the sun is up and well after it goes down.  I don’t have room in my life for losers like Jimmy Kimmel, and if put in the same situation would have had a confrontation with the comedy host.  However, due to his past, Lindell is very humble, and it was just the right formula to turn the tables on Kimmel and keep the interview very positive.  Mike won supporters, which wasn’t the plan of the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

The Proof is Clear on Election Fraud

Over the past week, Lindell continued to do well for the cause by hosting a rally at Mitchell, South Dakota, in the famous Corn Palace.  It was a great event with thousands of people who showed up to support the launch of the Frank Speech social media site, which is coming on after a lot of trouble launching.  The media reviews of the event were horrendous; they are worried that Lindell will disrupt their plans, nothing seems to be stopping this born-again religious Christian, and I am having fun watching it.  They can’t seem to find anything to take away from him.  Usually, with these kinds of big-time business owners, they (meaning the villains of election fraud) find some weakness, something you care about and exploit it socially to keep you from doing more of what you do that makes them worry.  But what can you take from a guy who puts 100% of his trust in God and feels that the money he has made from MyPillow is a tool to bring justice to the world?  What can they take from Mike Lindell when only a few years ago, he was looking for crack crystals in the carpet of his apartment for one more hit that he was desperately craving because he had lost it all?  He knows what losing everything means, and he’s not in fear of it now.  Mike Lindell isn’t about the opulent lifestyle his new wealth could give him; he’s about justice, which has these evil people in the government and the media very worried.  There may be only 1 Mike Lindell out of millions of people, but that’s the truth of all these things.  It only takes one to bring it all down.  It only takes one sperm to conceive a baby.  It only takes one person to give birth to a revolution, local, national, or globally.  From my position, I see Mike Lindell as one of the most critical people on the face of the planet.  The least anybody could do is to buy a MyPillow product from the guy and keep this new revolution of justice going because it is the future wave of freedom and liberty.

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Back to Gas Lines: That’s what happens when you have a loser as President

I’m old enough to be able to say it, but I’ve seen this before, gas shortages and long lines.  When Jimmy Carter was president, he mismanaged the oil supply grossly, and America talked about gas rations.  After the cyber-hacking of the Colonial Pipeline, which extends across southern North American into New York and feeds the East Coast, the Biden people are directly responsible.  And given some of their dumb comments on electric cars, it almost sounds like they were part of the terrorist plot to rob Americans of gas at the pumps.  I know many people who are supposed to travel this upcoming weekend but can’t leave their town because they can’t get the gas to do it.  For environmental terrorists, like the Biden administration, this is a dream for them, just as Covid was. It’s a way to keep people locked in their homes so nobody can travel with those evil cars.  Oh, but if we had electric cars, we could—according to that disaster of Department of Energy Head Jennifer Granholm-would be the solution to the oil crises.  If I were a terrorist, I’d want to attack American again just because the first time was so easy. I’d see friends in this current White House who are even more dangerous terrorists. 

However, what we know about these Biden people is that they are undoubtedly stupid and that this whole mishap is likely an accident of their incompetence.  This is what happens when you get heads of corporations who pick a president, cheat an election, then think they can move Biden’s mouth like a puppet to get him to say whatever they want so they can rule in the background.  You end up with an incompetent loser who will make such an arrangement because they are desperate to have meaning in life and control their destiny. They have led a life of crime and want to protect their crack-smoking son from peddling foreign influence by directing the Justice Department.  If you were dumb, old, and failing and wanted to save a family of criminals, you might take that president’s job under that arrangement.  You might smile and put on the show as the corporate heads tell you what to do and where to stand.  But most of them can’t run their own companies.  Heck, Bill Gates can’t even run his own family. He’s not so bright.  And now they and we are seeing that running a government is hard, especially in the wake of Donald Trump.  Trump was a good president.  And now everyone can see just how good he was. It’s a rough world out there, and we never came close to running out of gas.  But with Biden and the gang of environmental terrorists, it happened within a few months of the Biden administration.

Many Republicans who didn’t like Trump’s tweets and his vocal presence with the press thought that being a little mean was not the role of the president.  They expected more empathy in such a high office.  You can now see what happens when you aren’t that way, especially these days. Trump’s way of doing things was needed.  A consensus-building might allow everyone to sit in a room without killing each other, but it doesn’t help to solve problems that are very real.  Trump is the kind of CEO who ran his company with the right touch of whatever was appropriate. You can be nice most of the time, but sometimes, you have to push back when people make you.  Most Republicans voted for Trump anyway, and they will again, but this idea of niceness being necessary to the political process of management is ridiculous.  This is what you get when you are too nice to hostile foreign agents.  They think they can attack our infrastructure and get away with it.  And when bad people out in the world watch our election process and see how easy it was to take away a credible leader and replace him with a complete buffoon, why wouldn’t they attack us?  If they had no moral compunction, what stops them the next time?

Ultimately that’s the main problem with this pipeline attack.  It might be for environmental reasons; it might be for terrorism to test the fences of the incompetent Biden administration.  Whatever it is, now, because of our reaction to it and spending most of the following week trying to get everything running again and watching the panic of millions of people, terrorism has been empowered.  There was no cost to the act.  Biden didn’t send in an aerial attack on the perpetrators.  He didn’t even send a strongly worded letter to the Russians who supposedly were involved with their partners in crime in China.  They haven’t done anything but suggest that we start sending people to school so that 20 years from now, they might be smart enough to defend America from a cyber attack.  Heck, I know a few 8-year-olds who are computer savvy enough to do the job better right now.  But Biden wants them to get a degree in the science of avoiding pipeline hacking first.  That lets the bad guys out there know that it’s safe to attack America anytime they want.  After all, they’ve watched attacks from the Democrat Party work against Americans for years now, so why not?

As I said in the video above, while you are sitting in a long gas line having to get up in the middle of the night to get a spot in line to fill your tanks, remember that Biden is president. We had a guy in office who solved these kinds of problems.  He didn’t cause the problems.  And in Biden’s case, he is a walking billboard for a cyber attack in the future. He’s stupid, weak, slow, idealistic, and a person without any conviction. He’ll say whatever anybody in power tells him to say, acting as a mask for the real villains in this world.  And many of them would love to see America torn to pieces with race-baiting and no oil supply.  Israel is being attacked, the economy is sputtering, and now we have gas lines.  While you are sitting in those lines, think about Trump and consider that maybe the tough-guy rhetoric kept gas in your car and food on your supermarket shelves.  Think about now that the world is coming alive again because of Covid that the environmental terrorists need a new way to stop commerce, and hurting the supply chain of fuel is their new gig.  Of course, people who don’t know how to solve problems think that being nice while doing it is essential.  But now it’s all too obvious that being effective as a leader is far more critical, and if we had one in the White House, there wouldn’t be gas lines.  Think about why it was essential to defend election integrity and not be pleasant as these same corporate influencers stole our last election and gave us this Biden loser.  Think about Mitch, the bitch McConnel who thought it was better to show support for Biden because the admission of voter fraud was too damaging to the Swamp for which he functions.  Because that’s why there are gas lines.  We showed the world that it was more important to be friendly rather than practical, and if you can’t have both in a management approach, they would and should pick friendly. That’s why we don’t have gas.

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“Absolute Interference”: The people saying there wasn’t election fraud are those who need to be investigated

Wait a minute; why are news outlets still insisting that there was no election fraud in 2020?   Now I know the answer, but I have to ask it that way for the facetious, rhetorical question which it provokes and has been a screen for massive, international crime.  It’s one thing to say that a person doesn’t believe there was election fraud that gave the election to Joe Biden.  It’s an entirely different thing to say that “there is no evidence.” Because there is a lot of evidence that there was something wrong. First, there are significant problems with the Dominion Machines in Antrim County, Michigan, and now we have the Biden Justice Department into the Arkansas audit.  There will be a collision course on the results regardless of what is found.  There will be people from now until the end of time who will believe that this election was cheated.  The only way to avoid that fate is for Dominion and the outlets claiming there was no fraud to let people look at their machines.  To understand that there wasn’t any Internet tampering through the machine’s IP addresses and that there were no deals with China to instigate the biggest cyber hack in the history of the world.  Saying there was no election fraud from media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and the network and cable news outlets controlled by massively wealthy billionaires giving infinite amounts of money to defeat Trump just isn’t going to cut the bacon. 

Most criminals will proclaim innocence when caught and pressed.  The many people behind the proposed fraud of the 2020 election are no different; the only difference is that the crime was a white one, not typically considered part of the criminal class.  But the evidence is mounting quickly, which shows that Trump did win that 2020 election.  It’s not just wishful thinking by Trump supporters.  It looks like our government has been working with a hostile foreign government to undercut our republic, and that is serious business.  Just having a bunch of people declare that there isn’t any evidence isn’t a valid argument.  People can say what they want about Mike Lindell.  I was watching some of Lindell’s work on election fraud on his new Frank Speech social media site.  I have observed how hostile news outlets have been toward that social media site, and I smell a rat.  If what Mike Lindell was doing wasn’t a threat in exposing the criminals who stole the election, they wouldn’t be so threatened by him.  They would let him do a social media site without much comment.  But that they do care tells you everything you need to know.  We see a cover-up, and at this point, everyone claiming that there is no election fraud are those we need to be investigating because, like most criminals, they sound guilty. 

I’d like to believe it when everyone says there was no election fraud in the 2020 election.  There would have to be many people involved, including news commentators like Bret Baier on Fox and Chris Wallace.  They aren’t precisely Republicans, but they are big names on a big station.  Would they be enticed by billionaire money, fear for their jobs if they didn’t play along?  I think they would be; I don’t think their journalistic integrity is that important to them.  The belief that it is part of their brand is not so intrinsically crucial to their beings’ essence.  Many people in the media will say and do anything for money, which makes them particularly dangerous when there are many rich political enemies of Trump and the MAGA movement who want to destroy the movement at any cost.  And there are always reporters and networks with their hands out for some money to say whatever they are told to say.  That is why so many of them say there was no election fraud without evidence that there wasn’t.  Instead, they offer themselves to say what they are paid to say and ask no further questions. 

If Dominion and other government election officials were more transparent about their counting methods, this story could be retired quickly.  Instead, the story has grown with more and more denials from them that aren’t aligned with reality’s facts. Their method isn’t to find the truth; it’s to confine it by eliminating competing outlets looking into voter fraud, like Mike Lindell.  Instead of offering evidence that no election fraud did occur, they have chosen to attack Mike Lindell, who is asking the questions.  They are using the Justice Department to harass legally President Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, and the attacks on Sydney Powell, Linn Wood, and others questioning voter problems with the Dominion voting machines.  Do you know what that means?  They are guilty and hiding something.  Likely they are hiding a lot.

Mike Lindell’s new video on election fraud that he has on his Frank Speech website Absolute Interference featured personal information for me.  It had voting results from Butler County, Ohio, and Hamilton County to the south, which is in my neck of the woods.  I know the area and know how much it leans Republican.  There was voting tampering discovered there also.  The difference between Ohio and Pennsylvania and other states is that the margin was so significant in Ohio that they couldn’t get the votes.  Things were tighter in those other controversial states, and even there, they had to go to extraordinary measures to get Biden votes.  All this has been captured as evidence.  Now that evidence might prove to be not enough, it should see its day in court, and people should want to resolve it.  What is the government afraid of?  What is Dominion fearful of?  If they were innocent, why are they so hostile and aggressive?  Well, you know, dear reader. You’re not stupid.

I’m going to go out on a limb here; this election fraud thing is genuine.  The scammers set the whole thing up with the Russian story over the last four years so that when they did pull off the election fraud that was long-planned, people would be too tired of the story and all too willing to listen to the authorities without question.  But not everyone.  There are people like Mike Lindell who are eager to ask questions and put some money behind the effort.  And they have uncovered enough to see a day in court.  Of course, the criminals in this election fraud case, including our own three letter intelligence agencies, our House and Senate members, our Department of Justice, countries like Iran and China, social media companies like Facebook and Twitter, all thought they were too big to get caught.  And what we saw happen on January 6th was just a hint of what could yet happen as people are upset to see such a scandal go unpunished.  We have been made to look at them and think of the rioters who had their president stolen from them to appear crazy.  But they look now to be prophets who knew on that day by instinct that their government wasn’t accountable to them and was lying to them.  And perhaps that is the real point behind the cover-up.  To prove such massive voter fraud would destroy fundamental assumptions of our republic.  Many people in the Beltway can’t afford to have that question even proposed, let alone proven true.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Why Donald Trump is Best for the GOP: Some want civility, Democrats want war

Why Trump is Great for the GOP

As I said in the video above, the value of President Trump’s harsh rhetoric at times and aggressive demeanor can be seen in the gas prices at the pumps.   Never while Trump was in office were there troubles such as this pipeline hacking that occurred in on the largest oil supply route in southern North America as what has already happened to Jo Biden.  It’s a throwback to the days of Barack Obama and George W. Bush, even going back to the days of Bill Clinton where every little bird landing on the bow of a boat was cause for an increase in the price of oil.  It has always been a massive scam that politicians played for their own gain at the expense of the rest of us.  Now that Biden has weakened American oil supply domestically it has put the power back into all the crazy antics of the world’s villains at our expense and shows clearly just a few months into 2021 exactly why President Trump was so good and why being aggressive and bullish is a good trait to have in a president.  I could list many hundreds of other good traits, but most people can relate to problems at the gas pumps.  Politicians like Biden might come across as a nice guy as the pundits keep saying.  But they also are radicals selling socialism to us intending to destroy markets like oil to support their desires to control industry and of course they have a smile on their faces when doing it.  Many of us have been trained since birth to fear aggressive leadership because the hostile actors in the world want to have an easy time to get away with bad intentions, which is precisely why President Trump was so good and continues to be great for the Republican Party.

This all came up last week before the problem with the southern oil pipeline hacking that supposedly sent a spike in the oil supply prices.  I was speaking to a very good politician who happens to be a woman and wanted other options as presidential hopefuls to run in 2024, great personalities like Ron DeSantis and Kristi Noem.  This nice politician represented quite a few people who wish that politics was nicer, that we could talk to other people from the other parties without all the hateful banter and that we could have civility in politics.  The argument was that both of those names, and there are others out there, are able to govern logically and without a lot of division.  Of course, my thoughts on the matter are that those names have been great, but that they are not the front runners and are therefore not targets of the opposition forces which in America is the Democrat Party.  Once DeSantis or Noem were to be the leading presidential candidates, they would be ripped to pieces like any other candidate, man, woman, or child.  That is what the political left does and they won’t start changing their behavior anytime soon.  They are what they are and so long as there are people like them in politics, there will be fights and those fights will be vicious. 

Unlike a lot of people in my position, socially, I don’t take offense to what people think.  I am very comfortable with my own thoughts and can deal easily with contrary opinions.  When people get mad at people who don’t think the way they do, it is because they are insecure with their own thoughts.  So I can speak to people who have very different opinions than mine and get along just fine.  But I am also known to blow my stack often when people mistake that good nature with changing what I do which are driven by my own thoughts on matters.  I have wanted a person in politics like Donald Trump for a long time, someone who can play the game the way the game is going.  Wishing for the game to be something else just isn’t dealing with the problem.  The idea that members of the GOP should lead by example as good Christian soldiers only leaves us on the losing side in an aggressive and hostile world.  Jesus might say to us to forgive our enemies.  Society might say that it takes two to tangle and that someone should be the bigger person in a conflict.  But when enemies want to destroy you just for being you, surrendering to them only fuels their aggression which has given us this political world that is full of so many villains.  The fuel prices is just one aspect of that villainy.  When it is wondered why there is so much evil in the world, the answer is that there just aren’t enough people willing to confront it. 

My conversation with this very nice and sweet person was sparked by what should happen to Liz Chaney who is losing her leadership seat within the GOP because of her hatred of President Trump.  Chaney is one of those old Republicans like John Boehner and Mitt Romney who just don’t get what the fight is all about and why they are wrong to not play that game.  While they are trying to work with the other side, the other side is literally trying to cut their necks.  Democrats have no intention on making peace, or operating fairly.  They have always been out to destroy us all and change us into something they want, political socialists covered in tattoos and addicted to drugs.  Democrats are weak below the line thinkers and will never be redeemed.  Their basic philosophies prevent such fair behavior, so making peace with them only fuels their ambitions.  As I said, I can deal with such people civilly.  The reason is that I don’t seek their approval and could care less what they intend.  In my dealings in the end, they will do what I need them to do or they will be destroyed.  So why be mean?  But if they get in your way, they have to go, and that was how Trump handled the Executive Branch and it was obviously effective.  We see now the contrast and why former Republicans were picked on so intensely. 

I would like to see a world where Ron DeSantis and Kristi Noem could be president.  But so long as Democrats and radical communists and socialists are bringing hostilities to everything they do, playing with them with white gloves isn’t going to cut it.  That party will have to be destroyed before there is ever civility in politics.  There is no peace with them, and I know that hurts a lot of people who are averse to conflict.  Naturally nice people like this politician I mentioned are capable of conducting politics the way they desire.  But the other politicians out there aren’t and yes it takes two to tango.  That presents the ultimate problem, if you are nice to them but they aren’t nice in return, what do you do about that?  Most Republicans would say that we should pray for them.  That we shouldn’t take and eye for an eye but to give up our own assets and happiness if it brings peace to the world.  But in practice, Jesus didn’t make it very far in life with this attitude.  Evil reigned in his day just as it does today because we have yielded to evil and fed it with our timid souls.  And because we allow evil to persist, we have been getting a lot more of it in the world.  That is why Trump is the only pick for the top of the GOP and why others need to come to terms with that battle against evil.  Because it’s a very real thing and if defeated, would truly bring about peace in the way that the most loving and nurturing among us truly desire.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Never in America: China is at war with us

America Can’t be Taken Over

We know now that China is at war with us.  Many people who read my site have long known it, but now the mainstreamers are getting a taste of it and are scared.  China and other hostile players worldwide are angry at America; they are looking to topple our country.  They don’t like that people want to leave their countries to come to America through immigration.  They don’t want to compete with America and utilize a new kind of warfare to destroy us.  And if all the hostilities between the nations weren’t bad enough, the use of criminal cartels is pecking away at us to weaken us for the big event.   Americans in reaction have been talking about fighting back, but what do you fight back against?  Since childhood, we are all taught that combat involves something you can shoot at and be visibly angry about.  But these villains these days are not so easy to see.  There is no galvanizing Hitler among them.  Only smiling faces from our enemies and offers to co-mingle.  Yet that is part of their plan too, to fight us on terms they enjoy, not on terms we understand, and in those moments of indecision, they mean to destroy us totally and completely.  Those who don’t see the fight and want to believe that somehow, we can all get along are the people these enemies are targeting.  The combat is unlike anything any of us have been trained for.  Our childhood stories and media culture didn’t prepare us for it.  Yet, we still must find a way to win.

For me, I am 100% certain we are going to win. I’ve seen enough of the enemy from the 2020 election to consolidate my thoughts on the matter.  It’s clear as a sunny day for me.  It won’t be without effort.  It certainly won’t be easy, but when you know who your enemy is, you can then devise a way to beat them.  And in this case, I can certainly see their weaknesses; it’s in concealment, hiding just out of reach.  Now that we know that beyond speculation, we can learn how to strike them and end their plans.  Yet, many people are now presently terrified of where our country is.  They thought America was unsinkable, like the Titanic.  And now they can see the water filling up the ship for sinking.  That is precisely the psychological approach that China intends for us.  They mean to shock us into stagnation so we can sit rudderless at sea and fall to the bottom of a deep ocean, never to be heard from again.  That is how they plan to put down their riots in Hong Kong.  That is how they mean to take over Taiwan and acquire Japan.  China has global domination plans, and if they can get rid of the United States, they will have an open door to all their hopes and communist dreams.  But they are smart enough to know that America is far more robust than they are, so to beat us, they must defeat us without a physical conflict.  And that starts from rotting us from the inside out.

That is where they don’t understand Americans.  The quest for freedom has been a long one, and America was formed out of that basic human need, and once people see their freedoms eroding, they do rebel.  We can see that now with the mask mandates being lifted.  The Biden administration can do nothing because several GOP governors are lifting all their Covid restrictions well before the July 4th deadline ruining the Democrat platform for restoring normalcy to our society.  Democrats representing the China aggression in the world essentially needed to have the government put itself between disaster and lifestyles, and it hasn’t worked.  People grew tired of Covid and started breaking ranks. They gave the government the benefit of the doubt, and when the Biden administration tried to milk Covid out longer, people took matters upon themselves.  Not everyone, but enough to break the ranks.  The same thing is happening over the election fraud issue. All government-aligned elements, the corporate intentions to align with China strategically for the future, the social media platforms to set up the story that no voter fraud occurred—yet competition is emerging.  Mike Lindell’s Frank Speech site has come about to undo the Facebook tampering that was supposed to be a sure thing for the Chinese insurgents.  They had tampered with elections for a long time and previously used the Russia story to tire everyone on the topic before the real questions could even be asked.  The proof of voter issues from Mike’s site is getting a lot of attention and is gaining steam, which like Covid, will see a day soon where the story gets out of control, and China will not be able to contain it.

The voter fraud issue has been done in China, Russia, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, and many other places for years.  And they tried it in America by building up a decade of trust in social media like Facebook and Twitter for free.  Then on some future election, they would flip the switch and steal an election once they thought they had everything in place.  The problem for them is that America is not a compliant society, and it never will be.  Americans are friendly, maybe a little gullible.  But they will never give up their freedoms.  Some will, but not the whole nation the way China is compliant, or the people of England are.  America is way too diverse for complete control. That is what we are seeing as a reaction to Covid, election fraud, even the power of the Democrat Party by outright socialists and communists now.  The insurgents from China and other places do not understand Americans, and they are currently unsure what to do based on their observations of our behavior.  President Trump was never supposed to happen; people were supposed to stay scared of Covid-19.  They were supposed to trust their government officials and remain locked in their homes wearing stupid masks.  What China sees now was not supposed to happen.

China was never going to attack 300 million gun owners directly like in Red Dawn.  They had to attack our culture instead, and they started with our education system.  We have trained our youth into our destruction.  We see the damage from years of this behavior, yet enough Americans resist by creating options for themselves that conquest is not possible.  People are now homeschooling more than ever before.  They are fighting their school boards over critical race theory.  They are boycotting corporations that are sucking up to the Chinese communists.  Americans are coming alive and taking ownership of their lives in a way China wasn’t prepared for.  And the Democrat party wasn’t ready for the response either.  Seeing the resistance firsthand, it’s not the riots in the streets like their party engages in. Instead, what they are seeing are people who don’t care about their political class.  People do not like Biden.  They didn’t vote for Biden.  And now they are ignoring him as if he didn’t even exist.  This has left the Chinese perplexed, for none of this was in their plans.  And that is how we beat them by doing what they didn’t think of.  Which is precisely in our nature and why we will never be conquered. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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CDC Allows Teacher Unions to Write Covid Policy: Now we know all public policy was corrupt from the beginning

As if you didn’t need more proof of just how destructive and terrible our public education system is, here is another conspiracy theory turned into the fact, which I’ve talked about for many years. I’ve made it no secret that I think the government reaction to Covid-19 was a fake use of a virus to change social behavior toward communism.  It wasn’t the virus itself that was dangerous; it was the human reaction to it that was.  The use of Covid to turn the whole perceived outbreak into a government takeover of the United States, destroying its economy, establishing a coup of our President Trump, and further destroying the nature of freedom of a rival of China was always the goal. Well, now we know that the American Federation of Teachers, the labor union, helped write the CDC guidelines for Covid-19.  Think about that, many of the stupid CDC rules that we have all been living under, which gave out-of-control governors entirely too much power eroding constitutional limits, came from a public education labor union that had communist goals for our country.  And you know why? As an employee group, they were too lazy to do their already easy jobs. They wanted to sit home on their big, fat asses eating cake all day and expecting to get their extraordinarily high wages for doing nothing.  They used the Covid virus as an excuse to get out of work, just like any other lazy slug that uses a doctor’s note to get time off.  These members of the American Federation of Teachers wrote the note which the CDC signed ridiculously.

Now you also know, dear reader, why the CDC was bouncing around on their policies so much, changing their minds so often about what to do with Covid.  It’s not like science was driving the decision-making process.  A room of intelligent people wasn’t looking and analyzing what the medical profession saw on the front line to write CDC policy.  Instead, we had China’s influence over the World Health Organization writing policy from one direction, a communist one. We had government labor unions that were socialist based, writing them on the other side.  And Dr. Fauci was in the middle selling it to the public like the government stooge that he has always been. It wasn’t lives they were all trying to save, it was the destruction of our economy so that they could hopefully get rid of Trump, and they wanted a free ticket to sit home and still collect their paychecks that they were after.  The rest of us were forced to live under those same guidelines, which destroyed many jobs and incomes of millions of Americans. 

Even scarier was the jobs report from last week, where a million jobs were projected to return to the marketplace.  But what they ended up with was only 266,000.  Now the Biden administration backs the public education unions without question 100% of the time because “Dr. Jill” is a Doctor by the way and a teacher, so criticism of any teacher’s union is off-limits in this corrupt new White House.  That leaves the government ill-equipped to explain why their tampering with the economy has not succeeded after their liberal economists’ predictions.  They have used those CDC recommendations to destroy the effort to work in our economy.  They killed so many jobs, and now people have been paid to stay home, and guess what, they are.  There are millions of jobs out there that want to be fulfilled, and obviously, that’s where the White House got their number thinking it would be huge. After all, it was a shell game.  Destroy the jobs under Trump with Covid, then after a cheated election, put a Democrat in office, restore those lost jobs from the formally red hot economy, and take credit for all the job creation.  It would, of course, be challenging to create so many jobs after Trump and a 4% unemployment rate.  The plan was to destroy the jobs to get Americans to switch presidents then restore those jobs once a Democrat was in place, and while all this was happening, the teachers would have shut down the schools and coasted through the year with free paychecks for work, not done but paid for anyway.  

Only the jobs didn’t come back.  Those who were paid to stay home and earn the money of a total wage or more because of those CDC guidelines that made work nearly impossible for most employers, and teaching people to work from home and still get paid have backfired.  Even when the jobs are plug-and-play positions from the previous administration sent home due to Covid, this new government can’t even claim those they were planning to do.  All this destruction you must remember came from the CDC recommendations that Trump was supposed to follow and which Biden has been living by religiously.  We have all been under the thumb of emergency powers by authoritarian state governments who have taken great abusees of their new powers.  Those powers were given to them not by the most intelligent people in the world trying to save lives but by a public education teacher union that had members who were too lazy to work and used the virus as a way to play Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, only for an entire year.  As ridiculous as all that sounds, it’s precisely what happened.  And many of those million jobs that the Biden administration wanted to come back were from restaurants that have now closed, and will never recover, amusement parks like Disney. They have had to lay off thousands and thousands of permanent workers in an otherwise thriving economy.  And brick and mortar stores were further harmed by online shopping because nobody could leave their homes.  Those jobs were destroyed by the government and the CDC guidelines that drove policy that hampered our economy and changed behavior forever. 

The same idiots who thought they were going to have an April jobs report in the millions are the same knuckle dragging losers who believe that good coal mining jobs and nuclear power plants will be replaced with Green New Deal jobs, like building windmills and solar panels.  Like it’s a one-for-one trade that will grow and create all kinds of new work opportunities. Which it won’t, but even if it did, the government has shown that it pays more for the lazy and unproductive to stay home on their growing asses and live off the government.  And it all started by letting a public education union assist in writing the CDC guidelines for Covid-19, likely one of the dumbest things that have ever happened in government due to the scale and lack of checks and balances.  Public schools are already a disaster because of these education unions.  Now some geniuses at the CDC allowed unions to set policy the rest of us have had to live under?  That will go down as one of the dumbest things that the government has ever done.  But remember, the next time the CDC says anything and recommends something, that it’s not coming from a bunch of intelligent and professional people.  It’s coming from the American Federation of Teachers or some other radical communist labor organization holding a bag of Doritos breaking the scales with 60 extra pounds of fat gained by not working.  They used Covid to get free paychecks and still want more to stay home and watch television as the country falls into disrepair. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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The Bounty Hunter Frank the Duntz Luntz: How consultants really run our government

Who Really Runs Our Government?

Well, I didn’t know it until the story broke that Kevin McCarthy was sharing an apartment with Frank Luntz, the pollster and what I call in my upcoming book The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, a “bounty hunter.” Frank Luntz in the Washington D.C. beltway swamp is undoubtedly one of those.  The rest of the world has known him as a consultant, which I think is a weak word for what he does.  Consultants in business and politics are there to mitigate risk from the real stakeholders of an enterprise, whether it’s a CEO of a large company or the House Leader for the Republicans in congress.  Those with the most risk to shoulder are often hiring bounty hunters to do their dirty work for them. It’s a common practice and is really at the heart of much of what is wrong in the world of commerce, which is why I have a special designation for those types of people.  I dedicate a whole chapter to this enterprise, and when people want to know why our government is so swampy, it’s because of people like Frank Luntz.  And when we look specifically at our current situation, such as the consensus-building against election fraud in the 2020 election, which allowed our tax payer funded intelligence agencies to conduct a coup against a sitting president who was massively re-elected.  (For proof the results in the Arizona audit are headed in that direction) That’s terrible news for bounty hunters like Frank Luntz, so there is a lot of doubling down that is going on because the villains are exposed, and they don’t want to be.

I never cared much for Frank Luntz.  He gathers information and uses it to shape strategy and opinions on politicians and the media’s topics.  He doesn’t just work as a bounty hunter for political characters but corporations as well.  So when it is wondered how policy gets shaped that often looks completely un-American, it is because of bounty hunters like Frank Luntz.  When we put people like Kevin McCarthy into power as voters to run the Republican Party in Congress, we expect to get him as our representative.  Not Frank Luntz.  But as Frank often does as a bounty hunter is sample opinions of some losers here and there then give the sum result to people like McCarthy, who ends up listening to them more than voters.  And that’s how a few bounty hunters end up running the entire town and is precisely why the Swamp, as we call it, has ended up being so corrupt.  Trump was so effective because he didn’t use consultants, had an excellent instinct for getting to the right decisions with his methods and didn’t hire it out or solicit it. During his administration, the bounty hunter types were far less valuable.  And they didn’t like that. 

Bounty hunters make their money by shouldering risk away from those with a lot to lose.  I have often said the primary effect of the modern CEO is not to have opinions and stand for anything at all as the head of a company.  The marketing people take care of the branding. Usually, a tradition for a big company has already established market reliability.  What the CEO does is keep risk from destroying what was built in the company. That’s why they hire bounty hunters to do their dirty work of opinion-shaping for them.  And that’s how Frank Luntz has gained a lot of power even though technically he’s pretty much a Duntz; he’s not very wise about things.  Bounty hunters like Frank Luntz only do one thing: to create advice that keeps their clients away from risk that might harm them politically or economically.  Yet here’s the catch, Frank Luntz is a Democrat, or he thinks like one.  So as a bounty hunter to the rich and powerful, he can then shape their actions to politics that he supports, which means that he controls our government.  Our votes are not. 

I have despised Frank Luntz for two occasions, first the way he set up Trump in 2015 toward the presidential election over John McCain.  It helped Trump more than hurt him when Luntz asked him if John McCain was a war hero.  Trump said his famous “I like people who don’t get caught.” Luntz, the bounty hunter, thought he had a way to knock off Trump at that moment, so he made a big deal about it.  But what do you know, Trump thrived off the negative coverage because voters enjoyed that the then presidential hopeful wasn’t just another phony hiring people like Frank Luntz to advise him on public policy, as so many Republicans had at that time.  The other time I wouldn’t say I liked Frank Luntz was on the night of the 2016 election, where the bounty hunter was very arrogant about what little chance Trump had about winning.  But guess what, Trump won easily, leaving egg on the face of Frank Luntz in a big way.  Yet like a bunch of idiots, the politicians kept hiring bounty hunters like Luntz, and the Swamp itself buckled down to establish a coup against our pick for president.  By the time we got to 2020, Luntz and many like him who make vast amounts of money steering our elected representatives toward leftist cultures and positions beneficial to them worked hard to talk about polls favoring gun control among the American people. He also spoke about polls saying people want to move on from accusations of election fraud, when in fact, the true polls Frank is talking about are him talking to two bald men and a goldfish to get the “feel” of the American public. 

McCarthy doesn’t know any better; he’s sharing a toothbrush with Luntz, so he has trust in Luntz, not so much in what the voters are thinking. That’s the bounty hunter game, to do what they were hired to do, let the chaos of the aftermath drive the sheriffs to fund another posse for the next villains.  Yet as bounty hunters have always done, whether in the Old West or the modern-day Beltway culture, they make friends with the bandits to encourage them into trouble so that the politicians will hire them again.  The bounty hunters never seek to solve the problem. Otherwise, they’d be unemployed.  They only want to take the risk away from someone like Kevin McCarthy when questioned about the GOP position on voter fraud or guns. Or even illegal immigration.  Frank will give advice that takes away the risk while steering Kevin in a liberal direction for the actual future strategy.  The bounty hunters need villains to make money, so they always nurture them along behind the scenes.  They don’t want to solve the problem. That’s why they all hated Trump because he wanted to solve the issues, and that meant he wasn’t calling bounty hunters to do the dirty work for him, which is where the real fix is in all politics. 

It’s just as big of a problem in companies as it is in politics, bounty hunters are everywhere, and they charge a lot of money to take the risk away from those most burdened by it.  But when you are a brash, battle-hardened CEO who didn’t pawn off the responsibility of risk to a bounty hunter, well, then things can get done, which is why Trump was so successful.  It’s also why Frank Luntz hated Trump so intensely and is working every day to restore his grip on politics in Washington and within the media. But people are getting wise to it, and that’s why I dedicated a whole chapter in my book to the matter.  It’s one of the most corrosive things in a mass communication culture, where bounty hunters are running things because everyone who should be in charge is too frightened by risk to do the job themselves.  If we want to fix our politics, we will have to get rid of the bounty hunters that are in it.  Then and only then can we expect things to improve.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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