The Trouble with Troubled Youth: Shootings at Great Mills High School and the Austin bomber are just the start

As I have been warning for quite some time, and it is certainly culminating now, young males, especially white young males—are on a directionless rampage due to terrible upbringings and improper personal philosophy taught to them during their public education process. Austin Rollins before school started on March 20th of 2018 at Great Mills High School in Maryland, just south of Washington D.C. shot a poor young 16-year-old girl in the face along with a 14-year-old boy in the leg. Likely the situation was a romantic spat which has happened in every high school across the country for generations—only these days where kids play video games like Grand Theft Auto and watch movies like The Hateful Eight after being taught that reality is based on feelings and that nobody is really at fault for anything, take those raw emotions to terror all too quickly now. And violence is becoming the norm. Fortunately, this school shooting at Great Mills wasn’t a big story on the news because a good guy with a gun, a resource officer was at the scene within 60 seconds to exchange gunfire with Rollins killing the kid—and ending the angry rampage.

Yet the lead story of the day was the mysterious bomber in Austin, Texas who had been creating terror around the capital city for several days. Shortly after a 5th bomb was discovered police found the 23-year-old Mark Conditt in his car and moved in to make an arrest. That’s when the kid blew himself up. After literally picking through the pieces of the young terrorist they could at least identify that he also was a young white male. The motives are yet unknown but what we can say with certainty is that what we are seeing is just the tip of the iceberg, there are some very disturbed young people functioning in our society and they are looking to place blame on the greater tapestry of our civilization for their problems. Where past young people may have had a fight with another student in a parking lot or found some other way to discharge the energy of a rivalry through sports, or even within their domestic families, these modern young people are open soars that liberalism has continued to poke and prod to breaking points. Most young people do not turn out to be mass murders and terrorists, but a predictable amount do get left behind and those tend to be the type of kids who are committing all these acts of violence.

The recent liberal crusade of directing anger at white males specifically hasn’t been a good strategy. The idea of chasing white privilege has only sent to young people this idea that they are being reverse discriminated against. While the idea of fairness, of promoting cultures within the United States from backgrounds that haven’t been so fortunate may seem to have merit, the downside is that it has been at the expense of a race of people—whites. Through historical context white cultures have had a tendency to dominate other cultures and so success through lineage has been something that whites have enjoyed. But it’s not the fault of young white kids that they were born white just as it isn’t the fault of a young Asian kid, or a black kid that they have a skin color that is different. Yet public schools and society in general has promoted this idea that there will be social justice in the future and if you are a white male, that the future doesn’t look like there will be many opportunities for them. There is a cost associated with taking away hope from anybody, white, black, red, brown or yellow—all people want a chance to have some sense of the American dream—which is why they came to America in the first place. But the big government fairness approach to build up bloc voting patterns has been disastrous, and public schools seeking copious amounts of school funding have played along pushing white males to the side and promoting other demographic types to the front of the line creating even more artificial anxiety than there was before.

That is why I have been proposing more guns in not only schools, but in the general public. We are facing as a civilization a massive erosion of values and an onslaught of young people who have been pampered beyond recognition, raised largely in daycare facilities since they were two and three years of age. Few people really loved them as they were growing up. Like most children they all started with big ideas and lots of questions but during those formative years of 1 to 8 years old they’d ask the adults of their life questions and what they got back was “I’m too tired,” “or leave me alone and go play in your room.” That’s when kids stop asking and expecting to do great things in the world and they begin the process of compromising their existence to the hopelessness they see around them. The teachers are often too radical to take a personal interest in kids, the parents are too busy and out of touch themselves, the media is hyped up on everything panic driven and neurotic, and religion has been watered down to be valueless. Once you toss in the influences of puberty, where young kids with all their young hopes and dreams realize that everything they were ever meant to be was to simply breed, then fade away into old age that sense of hopelessness can be overwhelming and young people like this Rollins kid or the Austin bomber take some action against that hopelessness.

Most young people simply accept that the expectations they may have had as young kids was the flight of fancy from being a baby—that didn’t know the limits that the world would impose on them later. I again would argue that many of those limits are philosophical, they are artificially created by our modern politics for purely political reasons—but there are real consequences to that kind of activity. And we are seeing the results of those failures. It’s too late of course to change direction too quickly now. We are stuck with this mess for several decades to come. Even if we made a major shift in the way we deal with our youth we wouldn’t see the positive results as a culture until halfway to the next century, because it takes a long time to change cultural behavioral patterns. 50 years isn’t long in relation to the many thousands that humans have done their work in the world but compared to the shallow waters of today’s historical perspective, 50 years is an eternity.

As sad as it may be, we must have more open carry of firearms to frustrate the rampages of our modern disturbed youth. The danger can come from any direction—any race or background. Likely it will be males that will create the trouble since violence is not typically associated with females. But with half the population having males, there are plenty of dangers now that the emotions of several hopeless generations have been stirred inducing violence on a scale we’ve never seen in the world. And its only going to get worse. That’s why we must come to terms on how we will deal with that onslaught of violence. Hopefully the open carry guns in society may minimize it, and at worst, prevent mass carnage. But we are facing a major problem that no law in the world can alleviate. The problem is very epistemological and that can only be fixed at the foundations of human thought—and to go back to the family first drawing board where troubled youth are dealt with before they become a menace to society.

Rich Hoffman

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The Death Penalty for Drug Dealers: Why its a good idea with historical context to illustrate the need

For some reason President Trump’s idea that some drug dealers should be given the death penalty is controversial. I’d say that the fact there is even controversy regarding that statement shows just how much damage has been done to the moral fabric of our society. Without question drug dealers should be given the death penalty. I’d even go so far beyond Trump’s statement to say “most.” Anyone who peddles mind altering substances, legal or illegal, is killing people. The death may not be fast like it would be with a gun or by running someone over with a car, but the death is certainly on the accelerated trajectory of a life toward a premature end with the consumption of mind altering substances. It doesn’t even have to be drugs, it could be said that a poor education does the same thing—anything that limits the mental ability of a human brain I would put in the category of acting as an agent of death—and subject to the death penalty. Why the death penalty, and not something less severe—well, there isn’t space in jails and nobody really wants to put money into an incarceration system that holds these losers, so we should just kill them. Why not? If they are worthless people to society and show themselves irredeemable because they intended to poison the people of our civilization, then why should we not rid ourselves of those parasites? If rabbits are eating the crops of our garden, we shoot them. If a snake enters our homes and slithers its way into our beds, we kill it. So if a drug dealer seeks to corrupt the minds of our people—we should treat them the same way. It’s perfectly logical. Parasitic entities do not deserve consideration and it is up to the quality of our fully functioning minds to make such judgments.

Many in the legal community of orthodox political banter immediately criticized Trump’s plan by declaring that we must hire even more government workers to process all these criminals. Think of all the additional appeals hearings that will have to be implemented if the death penalty is added to drug incarcerations, they’d say. But they are thinking incorrectly on the matter and assuming that more government is the answer, as they always do in reflections about their own employment relationship with society. Instead we are merely talking about enforcing many of the laws that are already on the books in a lot of cases. Like the case of the sanctuary city situations where lack of law enforcement is blamed on a lack of resources, the assumption is that death penalty cases will require more government employees just to process all the necessities of incidents.

However if the $30,000 to $50,000 per year for each additional prisoner that a lot of these drug related incarcerations add to our tax burdens were wiped away with clean jail cells serving not as homes for complete losers over a time span of 10 to 20 years only to be ruined within the correction institutions and no good to society for the rest of their lives, then think how much money could be then transferred over into the prosecution of these cases. Not only would we save room in our jail cells where we must feed these inmates for most of their lives, but we could really get the bad guys off the streets where they are doing irreparable harm to the future of our society.

Liberals on this issue remind me of how the British used the efforts of the Indian Nation led by Tecumseh around the period of 1811 to halt the efforts of America’s frontiersmen into the Ohio Valley—by using the Indian plight as a cover story for their own protection of the fur trade they were shipping back into Europe. England didn’t want an organized America forming from coast to coast so they inflamed the resistance of the disorganized Indians to fight their battles for them. Of course, the Indians were defeated and America prospered to one of the greatest nations the earth has ever seen. For drug dealers who make their livings poisoning America’s population, the Mexican government is quite happy to let it occur. In fact, most of the socialist countries around the world from Venezuela to China are quietly rooting for America’s people to rot themselves into such a depleted state intellectually that they will then be easy to conquer giving their left leaning societies a renewed advantage among the countries of zombie thought collectivism. Mexico relies on two things for their economy, American tourism and the drug money that flows through their political system from drug sales in the states.

Major drug dealers in Mexico that many consider untouchable because no court in the world would dare to prosecute them—because the bribes have literally bought the opinion of the masses to the point where prosecution is impossible—they know they are poisoning the American population and destroying the minds of its people. To them they consider it revenge for Western Expansion, for the Spanish-American wars which took place all during the 1800s culminating in the Marxist Revolution between 1911 and 1917. Like the Indians of Tecumseh who lost their land to the frontiersman of America these societies of collectivism seek revenge and the issue then comes down to which political philosophy is correct in their foundational thoughts. Well, if you are an American you must choose, you can’t have it both ways and turning to drugs to take the pressure off won’t solve the problem.

The forces of evil—(blind collectivism of the ancient tribal natures) are using every trick in the book, political pressure, confusing national dialogue, guilt, sex, intoxicating relief of all the said pressures of existence, to seduce good people into turning to villainy so to advance their own insurrection against the creation of The United States. So it is quite relevant to look at the behavior of the drug dealer and consider their actions a war crime—because in every category of definition, it is. Sure people have a right to do what they want, if they want to get stoned and ruin their minds as individuals, there really isn’t anything that can stop them from doing those terrible things. But as a society of rules, a nation has every right to define what it’s values are so that the potential of individualism can best be unlocked for the ultimate gains of nation building. Everyone benefits when a society is working properly and for that to happen intelligence must be a high priority—which it presently isn’t in America. The opioid crises in America is the obvious byproduct of the greater symptom.

Under my definition anything that attacks the human mind purposely is essentially seeking to kill the human being the mind occupies. Without intelligent thought, a person is really as good as dead anyway. Living a valueless existence isn’t living—its just taking up space and resources from those who do want a shot at a good life. Criminals who seek to ruin the lives of others shouldn’t just be locked up, they should be killed. After all, liberals are all for abortion, even late-term killings of babies for the benefit of the mother’s life—for her right to not be chained to a child to raise. So why would they insist on giving dangerous drug dealers a second chance to kill our people in many different ways over the course of a lifetime? Because they want these drug dealers to end America and to turn the land of our nation back to the collectivist hoards of yesteryear, the Indians, the Marxists of Mexico and the European continent representing itself in modern-day Canada. They all want revenge for the wars that were won in America against their efforts and if they can’t do it by force, they’ll do it through the minds of our youth. And so far, they are succeeding. So, let’s kill the drug dealers and restore America to an intelligent nation. I see nothing controversial about protecting value with force and wiping away villains forever when the opportunity arises. And the definition for villain in this context is anybody, anywhere, who intends to diminish the mind of another human being into a continued declining state. That to me is the worst crime that there is, even worse than the fast kill of murder. Slowly killing somebody with drugs is still killing them—but a lot more damage gets done during the process, which makes these situations far more dangerous.

And if anybody wants help killing these drug dealers, small and large alike—I will volunteer in less than a second. There is nothing I despise more on earth than a drug dealer, except for maybe a human trafficker. I am all for treating those types of people with very harsh realities—specifically a death penalty.

Rich Hoffman
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A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow: The new toy Millennium Falcon, Star Wars land in Orlando, Trump, and resolving cognitive dissidence

I understand why President Trump is frustrated with the negative slant of all media coverage, the kind of America he is trying to resurrect is a lot like the one I used to watch on The Wonderful World of Disney shows that came on every Sunday night when I was a kid, of which my favorites were the World of Tomorrow episodes. I am an extremely positive person—the world could literally be on fire and the demons of hell decapitating people in the streets with no hope for anyone anywhere and I’d find something positive to attribute to it. And I would attribute that to Walt Disney and how open I was to his message very early in my life. But when it comes to dealing with other people, I am quick to get rid of people in my life who are not positive people—who drag on a culture and I think Trump is a person of the same type of mind—a very positive person who wants to share with America that same sentiment. Yet when you are a president of everyone, even those who hate you, it can be a real challenge.

I see hope everywhere I look however, as dire as things may seem at the time. For instance, I don’t see in people’s addictions to cell phones as being a major problem. I see an education system that is not aligned with the needs of modern people—which because of that villain John Dewey attempted to instruct children into the merits of collectivism instead of individualism. Technology, especially phone apps and computer games are all about re-centering the individual needs to its consumers and that puts most people into a schizophrenic relationship with themselves. They have this very negative self that is against their individual tastes which measures everything against the values of the group, then there are the natural needs of the individual that are always crying for attention. I most recently saw this in the movie reviews of the new Tomb Raider film where reviews where pretty negative but the film itself was quite a crowd pleaser. The duality that we see in the media and in politics is a short-term aspect of a society reclaiming itself and the world of tomorrow is shaping up to be quite extraordinary. To that observation I have to turn once again to what we are seeing from Disney’s Star Wars franchise. I’m not talking about the progressive board of directors’ approach of appeasing all their gay creative talent with left winged sentiment, but the old hooks into ancient mythology and the most creative aspects of human achievement that comes out in each new project.

I’ll admit that I am very excited about the new movie, Solo: A Star Wars Story which comes out in May of 2018. I’ve long talked about my love of The Millennium Falcon as a movie icon that I relate a lot with. In this new movie The Millennium Falcon is a much younger ship than the one from the classic series and it has a new design to the front of it that I find very interesting. Recently at the New York Toy Fair Hasbro released a lot of the new toys for the new Solo film and I found myself enchanted with the new Millennium Falcon toy, which I will surely get the moment I can get my hands on it. I just recently spent the weekend playing Star Wars figures with my grandkids and we had a great time. They love playing with my collection of Star Wars toys and I enjoy sharing that experience with them. And with each new movie is a chance to communicate with those kids something new and exciting, so I really enjoy the positive energy of Star Wars products because they are very classical in how Wal Disney thought of things. I really think the love of the Millennium Falcon that people have for it will greatly influence real spaceship design over the next several decades and these toys are creating in the minds of so many people young and old alike new engineers that aren’t nearly as stuffy as the older generation. The same day that I was watching footage of the New York toy show I had hired a really sharp engineer for a project I have been working on. The kid had a master’s and was wanting to go further but he had no pretentious aspect to himself. He was just sharp and in love with engineering. He is very much a product of these modern Star Wars influences. He loves to solve problems and young kids like him are the kind of geeks that have Millennium Falcons all over their work cubicles. They are the kind of kids who wear t-shirts saying, “My other vehicle is The Millennium Falcon,” as they show up to work in a piece of junk car. Even though they are paid well and could afford a Corvette, they could care less about impressing members of the opposite sex, the way people did thirty years ago. They save all their money for Jabba’s Sail Barge, also shown at the same toy fair. And to be honest, I may buy one myself—because its pretty damn cool.

I see people of today accelerating in the kinds of things they want to learn much, much faster—much faster than the media can keep up with. In some ways people are dumber—socially, and politically. But individually, they are asking questions of the world around them that has never before occurred, and a lot of it has to do with the astonishing exposure they are getting from their movies, home streamed video content, personal communication devices, the Internet and of course movies. The motion picture industry as a whole is collapsing, and it really can’t be saved at this point. The future is very much what Disney is doing where a two-hour movie introduces content that plays out over multiple platforms, books, comics, television shows, and video games—toys, etc. But the real product is in generating imaginative cognitive essence—the ability to think creatively, like children do but were taught against over the last four decades of public education.

Right after the New York Toy Fair Disney released drone footage of their new Star Wars lands in Orlando and California. To have a place like that where people can go and play out a fantasy of thought against the illusion of reality is really a work of art for cognitive dissidence. The negativism that the Trump administration is at war with will work itself out I think over the next ten years and things like the opening of that Star Wars land in the Disney parks will take giant steps in launching humanity toward a new phase of development. Playing with Star Wars toys for me was very important when I was a kid—it really launched my imagination into a place that helps me every single day of my current life. Having a great attitude about life and always finding something positive about it combined with a boundless imagination has given me a great life and lets me share that with other people. But playing with my grandkids with all the tools I’ve had combined with the ones they have which are new, and I see something really special happening. What a simple toy can do to the imagination can’t be understated, and the desire to play with that toy as a young person comes from these movies and video games. But also, to walk around and interact in those actual environments is bound to unlock potential that we never thought possible as human beings.

The conflicts of today will not be the conflicts of tomorrow. The bra-burning feminists, the gay rights cries to make everyone into a rainbow, and the fights between liberalism and conservatism will fall away to this next age. Our thoughts and imaginations are inventing tomorrow right before our eyes and the story of our species is being written fast. So fast that no newspaper or television company in the world has managed to get their arms around the true potential. But I see that glimmer of hope and potential in the simplest things, like that new Millennium Falcon toy shown at the Hasbro booth. In the methods of play, even as adults, we work out complicated problems, and the most intelligent people I have come to know in some of the advanced technical fields are the types of people who would much rather watch footage from the New York Toy Fair than to watch video porn of some people having sex. The toys are much more exciting and in that realizing, there is great hope for our future—if we can just last long enough to get there.

Rich Hoffman

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Ending the Mueller Investigation: What it was ever about and what a waste

It’s easier for me to say these days than when the shoe was on the other foot. There is always a degree of hurt feelings when a political aspect of our culture is on the losing end. When people pointed out that Obama was associated with radical Islam, American terrorists, and that he had birth certificate problems, those were all true—yet the presidency itself was respected as a priority. I hated Obama not for any other reason than that his political foundations where harmful to the type of America that I related to. So to some extent I understand the resistance to Donald Trump’s presidency from supporters of a more liberal America. With that said it is important that people from all sides of the argument understand that the Robert Mueller investigation into Russian manipulations of the 2016 election are purely political and have no basis in reality. Not even to the extent that people from my side thought Barack Obama wasn’t born in the United States. Even after eight years of the Obama presidency there are still lots of things to doubt about the former president’s past and whether or not he should have ever been president to begin with. There is even less to the story of Donald Trump’s validity to that high office for which the Mueller investigation was only designed to create doubt and pressure on the incoming administration to look the other way from all the crimes committed by the DOJ in those final Obama years.

People like James Comey, Andy McCabe and Robert Mueller live in that Washington D.C. bubble which those of us on the outside hate so much. They are the institutionalists who have formed their own morality within the context of Beltway politics and like Hillary Clinton share a view of the world that is not rooted in reality—but in the rules of the government employment game. There is a sense of entitlement that they develop with each day of their careers where they assume that the work they are doing is special and they have some greater service to the mysteries of the universe the rest of us aren’t aware of. And they believe it down to the last cell in their bodies. With that understanding when half the country such as myself realizes that people like this with overly paid government salaries have entrenched themselves in our government and need to be removed, we elected a guy like Donald Trump who had going in a reputation of firing people. If there was one thing that made Trump into a celebrity before he ran for office it was the term, “you’re fired.” It should come as no surprise that the new president would fire lots of people. That’s why we voted him into office, because we grew tired of the Washington D.C. types like Comey and McCabe who functioned from their own brand of morality.

From the beginning the plan that Comey and McCabe had to preserve their control of the FBI as a fourth branch of government ran by unelected bureaucrats was to use the threat of a special counsel investigation to keep their jobs in the new administration and to keep the Executive Branch always looking over their shoulder as a means of control. Personally, I have the background as an employer so when I provide these little words of wisdom there are foundations to my opinions that are rooted in reality. As an employer presently, I have hired many hundreds of people over the years and fired a lot more than seems necessary. But the call is mine to make for the sake of the enterprises I’m responsible for. In that regard I’ve seen and heard every excuse possible that an employee of some kind will make in defense of their own perception of their work. A few weeks ago, I had to terminate an employee who clearly wasn’t working to the level of ambition that I expected and they were stunned to find out. It was a very heart-breaking moment for them, the information was truly devastating. But they had worked up in their minds that they were the greatest thing since sliced bread and why wouldn’t they. After all, they have to look in the mirror every day and like something about what they saw. When they found out that reality had a different opinion it was truly an emotional crisis for them and I’ve had to go through that process now almost as much as the number of people I’ve hired over the many decades that I’ve done that type of work—leading people. But literally just yesterday I had a kid who quit. He walked into my office thinking he had me where he wanted me. He said he found a job with more money attached and that he was quitting. He also said that there are other people thinking of doing the same thing. Obviously, he was looking to use the fear of losing a significant number of people as leverage to demand more money out of me. Well, that’s not how it works with me. My reputation is such that there are a lot of people in the world who want to work for me because the benefits far outweigh the draw backs even in a tight economy where low unemployment makes recruiting challenging. My response to the kid was, good luck. See ya later. I’ll have a replacement for him in about five minutes and I always keep myself leveraged in that way to keep any kind of mutiny from unfolding itself at my expense, and any good manager of people would do the same. It helps that I’ve done every kind of job imaginable, so I know when someone is bullshitting me. Understanding the real values for things is the key to not being taken advantage of.

The very first thing Comey did when Trump entered office was let the new president know that the FBI had embarrassing information from that fake dossier which was used to spy on the campaign in Trump Tower. Most people have some embarrassing aspect of their lives that the FBI for years has used as leverage against opinion of their efforts. Trump not coming from a government background, but that similar to mine in the private sector who has employed lots of people over the years, in his case many thousands, knows these tricks all too well. The first thing such behavior is inclined to trigger in Trump is, “what’s this guy up to.” That led Trump to look at Comey deeper and decide he didn’t want the guy running his FBI agency. Yet Comey thought that might be a problem so he came up with the threat of a special counsel investigation to not only protect himself from Trump but also people like Andrew McCabe. Just like that kid I mentioned who wanted to quit by suggesting that other people would follow if I didn’t do this or that, Comey intended to use the threat of embarrassing information to control the White House. Yet Trump wasn’t going to play that game which is why we elected him in the first place. Whether it was true or not, no American president wanted the distraction of a phony investigation looming over their every action which is why Comey was leaking information to the press, so that he could trigger an investigation if his employment was terminated. Upon meeting Trump for the first time Comey realized he was in danger so he started the path toward the special prosecution we know today as the Mueller investigation.

Robert Mueller was simply commissioned to make life tough on the president if he insisted on making terminations to key Beltway positions. And the point of that commission was always to keep eyes from looking at the real crimes the FBI had actually committed in propping up Hillary Clinton and seeking to destroy Donald Trump in an American election. The blame was passed along to the hapless Russians who have the economic power of a child’s lemonade stand. But most people don’t know that—leaving people likely to believe in some FBI accusation. However, Trump never capitulated and supporters like us never believed what the FBI was saying because this is actually why we elected Trump to begin with. We want McCabe and Comey fired—as well as many others. There are plenty of people who want to work in those jobs and the great myth is that there isn’t anything special about people like Robert Mueller. I have a cat who could probably be more successful at an investigation than what he offers. The Russian investigation was always only supposed to be a distraction to keep the incoming president on his heels while the Deep State kept their pensions—and its as simple as that. Only it hasn’t worked, and there will be many more who will lose their jobs because that is the key to solving so many Beltway problems.

Government positions had become radicalized and empowered over many years to allow people like Comey to develop a morality specific to their culture. And that has created a double standard in criminal behavior that revealed itself during the 2016 election to a majority of Americans. The same FBI that prosecuted Martha Stewart for lying to the FBI then lied often to the American public to lay cover for a liberal presidential candidate. Even though the FBI may not have liked everything about Hillary Clinton they knew she was clueless enough to keep their employment culture intact so they made a decision to support her and to work against Donald Trump in every way possible to preserve their workplace culture. And that’s all the Robert Mueller investigation was ever going to be—a weight around the neck of the White House to keep bad people in jobs where they should be fired. In that regard the claims to ending the investigation have long matured. It’s a nothing case which is wasting millions of dollars to essentially overthrow an election in favor of the Democrats, and its their last real hope at maintaining power. No matter how anybody slices it, just by the act of the investigation they are doing far more harm to the American election process than the Russians could ever hope to. And as we speak that is coming unraveled by the moment revealing even more criminal conduct than any logical person would have ever imagined made possible with the election of a business guy who understands the real value of employment unlike anybody else who has ever been in the White House. And it’s about time.

Rich Hoffman

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Firing Andrew McCabe was a Great Thing: Restoring confidence away from a corrupt government for which he was just a part

It shouldn’t feel so good but it does. When it happened late Friday night on March 16, 2018 that Andrew McCabe was being fired from the FBI rather than just allowed to retire at the tender age of 49 years with a multimillion dollar pension, there was a sense of justice that flowed across our nation like a nice warm blanket on a snow filled afternoon. This is just another great reason for the election of Donald Trump and is what it looks like when a guy like him hits his stride in understanding how things work in Washington D.C.–or at least have worked. Of course, not everyone in the FBI was crooked, but due to the nature of such powerful employment positions it is clear from the love stuck text messages of FBI agents Lisa Page and Peter Strzok who worked directly under McCabe, who then worked directly under James Comey that the tax payer funded FBI had become radicalized toward a certain type of political party. I’m not going to say that their idea candidates were liberals like Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren, but the FBI idea of conservatives were people like the Bush family and John McCain—people they could control as an institution.

There was a time only a few years ago that the word RINO was denied to even exist among the voting public. But after the election of Donald Trump they are now very obvious. In local southern Ohio politics people who are obvious Democrats like Lee Wong who is running for county commissioner within Butler County as a Republican, are reacting to the national trend set by Trump. Lee wants to join the former Democrat Don Dixon there who is a politician that had to move to the political right to have a career as a politician—both of those guys are what could be termed RINOs because they are truly Republican In Name Only, because they know they could never win an election in those conservative areas unless they showed themselves more politically conservative than they were. And that was clearly the case with the young man elected in Pennsylvania this past week, Conor Lamb who essentially ran as a Republican only he called himself a Democrat which pulled the party in that direction to win against an entrenched Republican. The proper definitions for behavior has been put to the test and this has caused very positive consternation at the highest political levels. What was once covered in secrecy is now well out in the open and people can finally see the true nature of these political candidates for what they’ve always been. And in many ways the FBI was able to hide a lot of bad political radicalism behind a similar veil.

As the gun debate has raged over the last several months while liberals tried to use the usual tricks to spark emotions toward gun confiscation, we have learned why we really need to take guns in the opposite direction. We know that the top members of most of our government institutions have become radicalized against the type of life that formed in America, the yearning for freedom and independence that tend to be the foundations of Republican government. Only even under Republican government, there was an unquestioned trust in government officials that they would always do the right thing, even though it was incredibly obvious that they didn’t. Lois Lerner at the IRS was one of the first obvious signs of what was poisoning the well in Washington D.C. People in general were too busy to care that Lois Lerner had weaponized the IRS to work against political groups, and she was caught and plead the 5th, doing just what McCabe had tried to do, retire and escape into the background with a healthy government pension taking the crimes they committed for the “greater good” to the grave. Only that “greater good” had nothing to do with the American people, it was all about the collective entity of the various institutions they represented. Lerner with the IRS or McCabe with the FBI.

Then came the report also this week that involves the acting FBI deputy director David Bowdich testifying that the Dept. of Justice (headed by former AG Loretta Lynch) forced the FBI to delete over half a million fugitives from the gun background check system. Why you might ask? Well so that criminals could get a hold of guns who clearly shouldn’t have had them so that gun violence would occur, and the Obama administration could then use those deaths politically to advocate for gun removal from society. This was the type of FBI that Andrew McCabe and James Comey were running under the direction of Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder. And it was this kind of justification of resources that put the might of the FBI behind Hillary Clinton with all guns literally blazing. A corrupt government had put all their bets on the house winning the 2016 election and the house lost for a change exposing them all. That house didn’t care who it had to kill or harm to preserve itself, and it had been functioning that way for many years. Only the election of Donald Trump forced it out into the open. Who could count the amount of lives destroyed by the FBI over a long period of time who attack people like General Flynn when the government organization themselves were guilty of far worst, and many times over.

What good is a FBI background check on firearms if an attorney general like Lorretta Lynch, under the direction of a president of the United States can manipulate the way the FBI does its background check in order to inspire more violence killing untold thousands of people with guns, so that they as a collective administration can move the political needle more to the left? If such a thing can happen on little things it can certainly happen on big things, like tampering with the election of an American president by the people who wanted a change from this behavior. And McCabe got caught, as did James Comey—and they were both fired. Comey was fired early by Trump himself. McCabe only when the evidence became so grotesquely obvious that action had to be made. To let McCabe ride off into the sunset the way Lois Lerner did would be a crime in and of itself. Without bringing justice to these obvious law breakers we could never hope to restore our trust into role the FBI was supposed to play in our government.

In regard to gun control, how can we even propose reasonable measures when it is clear that our government was running away from the American people and serving a tyrannical administration as activists? It is just against those types of corrupt elements that the 2nd Amendment was designed to protect us from them. We gave the FBI enormous power, and once that power was abused as it obviously was under James Comey then what is the next step? When the FBI can be directed to put guns in the hands of criminals so that gun violence can increase creating political pressure to confiscate guns as a societal norm, then how can there ever be trust? Then those same people tried to attack a president that half the country wanted as a solution to this mess using all the mechanisms of power to create a scandal—and they expected to get away with it because all their people controlled the power they used to commit those corrupt acts—and what did they think would happen if they were caught?

Years of service are meaningless of during those years a government employee becomes so out of touch that they can be used as extensions of criminal conduct by the hands of power in Washington D.C. The moment however long ago that McCabe and Comey allowed themselves to be instruments of manipulation by political power players they made their service to the FBI worthless. They certainly weren’t “serving” the needs of you and I dear reader, they served the instruments of political power which is why they felt justified in attacking the Trump administration with illegally obtained FISA warrants, illegal surveillance, and a network of fake news generation that was born out of their gun control methods of creating negative stories designed to move the political needle. McCabe was one big part of a weaponized FBI that was only stopped because of an election. If the election had not worked then many Americans would have been forced to entrench themselves in their homes with the Second Amendment as their last line of defense against an out of control government. Because as the FBI was under Comey and McCabe, it was clearly abusive, weaponized, and dangerous. The firing of Andrew McCabe felt good because it showed everyone that justice wasn’t out of the question for such abuses restoring some confidence that our system of checks and balances still work. Which was something that everyone who pays attention to such things needed to see.

Rich Hoffman

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Tomb Raider: How little things can and often do add up to big things

My daughter is still young, she’s not even thirty years of age and she’s literally already been all over the world. To say she travels a lot would be an understatement. She and her husband just returned from Banff in Canada where they went on a nice little holiday for the fun of it. She’s a professional photographer so that trip was to get some nice portfolio shots. But that for them was just a little trip. They’ve been to Europe, Iceland, New York, Chicago and out west just over the last half of a year or so and every other week it seems they are going on a new journey. But while she had a free moment she wanted to see the new Tomb Raider movie with me and her mom. Tomb Raider was something I introduced her to as a little girl. I always knew how much she loved the character but I was reminded of just how much when this new film starring Alicia Vikander as the newest Tomb Raider action star taking over for what used to be the sacred ground of Angelina Jolie, came out. Of course, the movie was fabulous, I thought it would be, but was even better than I originally considered. Even more than that it was a reminder for me just how little bitty things can really have an impact on kids which shape them into adults. My daughter in every respect as viewed by other people on the outside world has everything, and they wonder how she got that way often. Sometimes it can be the smallest thing that inspires someone to step into greatness and for my daughter it was the inspiration of Lara Croft.

It’s always been my policy personally, and I passed that on to my children, that if the adults around you let you down that its good and even healthy to find fictional characters to invest in so to set the bar high on personal behavior. I always had good people around me growing up from an adult perspective, people who were positive to emulate, but they fell short of my personal goals. They didn’t reach as far as I would have like to have seen them, so I looked to big characters in movies to shape many of the personality traits I have today. And it worked, But I had an interesting challenge raising my own children, I had two girls and the world didn’t offer them much by way of cool inspirational characters who knew how to embrace their femininity yet strove to push the limits of themselves through the world in a positive way.

It was literally twenty years ago when I was working on a project for an early fulfillment center building conveyor systems. I was working second shift with a lot of other young people who were struggling with the long hard hours and trying to maintain good lives with wives and girlfriends even while we worked 12 hours a day six-day a week for well over a year. I helped a lot of people get through that tough period and when it came Christmas time, I received a lot of gifts from appreciative people who had come to depend on my encouragement. One guy actually gave me a samurai sword because I had talked him out of suicide once he found out his girlfriend had left him compounding a series of other problems in his life largely due to the long hours we were working. He listened to my advice and within six months he went from trying to kill himself to become wonderfully successful. So he presented me that Christmas with a very nice samurai sword. Another guy gave me a copy of the famous Japanese book, The Book of Five Rings because he said that I spoke like the author of that book and that he hoped I would see that and do great things with my talent. Then another guy gave me a copy of the new Tomb Raider III video game, which I had never played but had thought about trying.

My daughter told me the story while we waited for the new Tomb Raider movie to begin at Cinebistro in Liberty Township of how I came home the day I received that old Tomb Raider video game and pretended to shoot up our house with fake guns. She apparently had never forgotten the energy of that moment. I told her at the time that I thought she might like this game because the action hero in it was a girl named Lara Croft, which was like a modern Indiana Jones. She and I went to playing it over the long Holiday weekend and we had one of those daddy, daughter moments that has lasted now for two decades. My daughter liked the game so much that she has spent all that time reading every comic and novel that has been produced about Lara Croft and playing every new video game. When the previous Tomb Raider movies came out back in the 2000s with Angelina Jolie starring as Lara Croft I built those times up and we went to see them as a family together and had a great time which she soaked up. And like I said she has built her life up as her own person but it is amazing how much those influences pushed her to live a quite extraordinary life of her own.

She’s seen more of the world than most people do in an entire lifetime, she’s been married for ten years already and they have a nice house in Liberty Township with a respectable amount of land in what is one of the hottest real estate areas in the United States. And she has a child of her own now as well as a growing client list that is willing to pay her a lot of money for the unique way that she takes pictures. Yet a lot of it was born in just one weekend long ago when she was only around seven years old and we played that Tomb Raider game together during that one memorable Christmas. You just never really know what kids will latch onto as a parent so it’s good to try lots of things. But even what may seem like very small things at the time can lead to big life changing elements, for good or bad. In the case of my daughter her experience with Lara Croft was very positive and it let her set her own personal objectives very high which has led her to a wonderful life so far.

To make it even better the new Tomb Raider was a very good movie. It was not disappointing at all, which was a concern of mine going to see it. My daughter and I had a wonderful time. It’s not often that she gets to go to the movies with just me and her mom these days, because she has a life of her own now and her time is in high demand. Her client list keeps her busy almost every week so getting a window to do something together is pretty rare. I was thinking about it while we were seeing Tomb Raider. There might be four or five times like this over our entire lives so I was determined to make the best of it, and we did. But what was best for me was that I thought of all the other little girls out there who could watch this new Tomb Raider and have such a positive experience that it might inspire them the way it did my daughter. And that made it truly a special event. One that many people including myself will never forget.

Rich Hoffman

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Why More Guns are Needed: Students breaking the law to help gun grabbing politicians cover their ineptness

Watching all those kids walk out of their government schools and into an anti-gun rally was fascinating. Then to watch the liberal politicians in Washington D.C. make fools of themselves by using those brain washed masses to grab for guns—it was appalling. It was a circus of clowns selling a point that was as divisive, and improbable as anything proposed in many years. Gun control is not on the table for me. In fact, given the sheer stupidity of the government in the years past, in making terrible concessions with hostile nations—like Syria, Iran, North Korea, Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela—on and on, and on, and on, and running up our national debt, expanding the welfare state, letting radical government unions leverage themselves against the tax payers, allowing American intelligence agencies to become radicalized against conservatives—such as the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, the IRS—then to have these same idiots tell us that we need to get rid of our guns and to trust them implicitly with our lives and private property—somebody is smoking crack. I’m not going to surrender my security to those idiots. We may put our trust in them to do jobs given to them on our behalf as Americans, but we need a fail safe so that when those types of people fail but fall in love with the power we gave them, we still have a means to take our government away from them. We need that leverage so they can’t use our own police and military against the people paying for all this activity. The boss (the American people) need a way to fire those who prove themselves incompetent. That’s what the Second Amendment is all about. It’s certainly not for sport—although that can be a nice byproduct.

I had to write the article I did before this one, CLICK HERE to read it for review—to provide context to this article. Essentially what Democrats and gun grabbers want is for the people of the herd to remain grouped, so they can be easily controlled. The people who want to control you are the people demanding gun control. The kids in the public schools sucking up to their authority figures have been programmed since pre-school to take an anti-gun stance politically on guns—because they are products of their environment—the government schools run by politicians who want to stay in power even if they prove themselves to be incompetent. In that respect the gun grabbing politics of this matter isn’t about saving lives—its about saving the jobs of people who haven’t done a very well in politics, yet they control our law enforcement methods. While the police and military may be working quite fine under the Trump administration, they could be used as weapons under a radical president like Obama. So when politicians abuse their authority and we are faced with a state power that can destroy our lives at the whim of a politician, we have to be able to counter that activity with our own force.

As I explained in that previous article there really are two kinds of people, people who are in the herd mentality, and those who are the hunters. It’s not the fault of people born small, or of a different sex, or even without strength on the battlefield to live in the mentality of the herd if they decide they don’t want to. America was founded by people who wanted to hunt, not to be hunted and that was the drive to fill up North America with the type of personalities who would gladly trade the comfort of European government for the toils of owning land and working it against the elements of nature and threat of Indian attack. This was only made possible with the invention of the gun. As guns became more a part of individual lives the idea of a self-governing people become more expressed. Finally, if people didn’t want to be in the herd, they had a choice of using the gun as an equalizer to become one of the hunters.

Being a hunter doesn’t mean you go around killing people, but what it does mean is that you are free not to function within the confines of the herd mentality. The people demonstrating against guns at the many little rallies around the country that featured law breaking in its own way—students leaving class to participate in a progressive political position of strengthening the herd while discouraging the hunters. What progressive politicians are really after are to remove the tools that keep people from acclimating into the herd of people they control intellectually, and physically. So long as guns are free to use in America the kind of liberal policies that come out of our government schools can’t propel themselves unchallenged into the next generation. Once guns are removed from society the same liberals protesting gun ownership with government school walkouts will be the same people showing up on our doorsteps demanding our food, our energy, even our cars—because as a group they have a need and they can then assemble the masses to take what they want. This is the dream of socialists, to let the herds rule the hunters by essentially declawing the nature of the predators to allow the herd to flock about in the safety of a managed society. Only the herd finds out too late—every time that the politicians they thought they could trust turn out to be the wolf in the little Red Riding Hood story. “My grandma, what big teeth you have.”

If you know your history it is shocking compared to what we know today, at how many politicians in Europe and even in America were putting their bets that Hitler would unite the world under a common socialism. Even FDR in the United States was playing both sides in the expansion of Germany in Europe. Most of the English parliament were pro-Hitler even though the people under their authority were not. There was great pressure to let socialism expand under Hitler to unite the world under a common political philosophy and to hell what the common people thought. After all, the aristocrats at the time thought everyone to be a timid part of the herd and they would do what they were told. The entire decade of the 1930s was this way and the start of World War II happened because of the lead-up politics which imposed itself everywhere. The primary reason there was never an invasion of American soil was that it was one of the few places where virtually every home had personal firearms to protect the occupants. That wasn’t that long ago, so don’t think it couldn’t happen again. When governments propose that their citizens give up their guns and trust them completely with the fate of their civilization, what they are really after is to protect them from you. They want you part of the herd so they can steer you where they desire. They don’t want you as a hunter who can stop their plans cold just through the possession of a firearm.

It’s not just the power of owning a gun that harnesses the thrill of the purchase. It’s what it gives the owner. If governments think voters are members of a democratic herd, the gun makes every potential voter a member of the hunting class, a self-destined individual who can decide for themselves what they value and what they do with it. In a self-governing society, the gun is the key to such an ambition. That’s why buying a gun always feels so good, because the purchase isn’t just about purchasing a powerful weapon, it’s an actual philosophic position to self-determine oneself out of the herd mentality and into that of a hunter. Not a literal hunter, but a person who can live by one’s own accord and as a member of self-determination instead of a passive participant in the world affairs of mankind. Owning a gun is to decide not to trust those in power blindly. We all hope they will be successful in running governments, but if they decide to align themselves with future Hitlers or other terrorist organizations, such as radical Islam—then there is a ground defense in America that is a failsafe against the legislative bureaucrats who fall short of the tasks we’ve assigned them as elected officials.

Removing guns from American society with any kind of gun control is off the table. The debate should actually be going the other way, that average Americans should have the ability to equally withstand anything the military might be able to throw at us. While today things are good and mostly peaceful, one of the best ways to keep it that way is to keep the politicians honest and have the weapons that offset their intents at aggression. Whenever anybody starts talking about the value of life and how they hope to legislate a utopia of prosperity, the roots of a future Hitler are emerging, and they should be feared, not respected. It’s not that such ambitions are not worthy of contemplation, but it is ignoring the basic values of trust that exist between human beings. Fearful members of the herd cannot be trusted. But hunters and people of self-determination can be. And the gun makes people who way—self determined. That makes guns the foundation philosophically to a great society. And anybody who says otherwise has other ideas.

Rich Hoffman

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