Tides Foundation’s Story Of Stuff


I watched this video from the Tides Foundation, the Story of Stuff.  It is inescapable that it is communist propaganda.

How Stuff Works, Communist Theory

This video shows exactly why our school systems are broken and is being shown to classrooms across the country using our tax dollars to do it. 

In the very fine book A Patriots History of the United States it is easy to see that when the Cold War started between the United States and the Soviet Union, the Soviet’s spent a great deal of effort through espionage to infiltrate the American way of life.  They did this through their spy network and specifically through propaganda.  This has given rise to the Communist Party of America, and other organizations that use the protection of the First Amendment to attack the very Constitution which built the principles of the United States in the first place. 

Hind-sight shows it is apparent that the cold war strategies of the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s, all the way up to the 80’s have had their affect.  The American family was collapsed starting with our public education system where traditional roles were question, men marginalized, and women encouraged to take on different social roles.  It didn’t happen quickly, but over a 40 year span with the most radical developments occurring during the 1960’s.  

And at the center of that propaganda strategy was public education, as a way to change the way we see American life. 

So for those who proudly proclaim that their child must have certain grades in a high school so they can go to college and be taught by a college system that is very friendly to socialist principles, consider that you are participating in a system initiated through war, to allow the spread of the Communist Soviet Union to defeat their arch rival, The United States. 

So as the levy issues come up for your local school systems, consider not what the cost to your home value will be if the levy fails.  Consider what the money is spent on, and the over-all damage to our culture as a result. 

I was against these videos before Beck brought it up, but I agree with Glenn Beck entirely in this case.

Rich Hoffman


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