The Impact of Free Will

The Impact of Free Will

A topic that always comes up regarding what role the individual plays in a social context against the responsibility of government is the idea of what free will is by definition. There is always a lot of debate on what government should do for the people, which we will hear a lot about during this coming political season. But none of them seem to grasp all aspects of the argument. And to do that, one has to go down the Rabbit Hole a bit. Politicians in general are unequipped to contemplate anything much beyond the law because they are generally, classically trained, and unable to see much beyond the field of their specializations. And the public often looks to politicians incorrectly as their leaders. So the true natures of things don’t often get discussed.

So let’s discuss free will.

What if we take the explanation from the film, What the Bleep, Down the Rabbit Hole where they explore the quantum nature of a particle and compare that to the larger concept of the nature of choice, or otherwise, free will? In What the Bleep, a very good and informative film, they used a basketball player to describe the multiple tangents of the shooter tossing the ball in the basket. In that situation, all variations of the actions of the player exist simultaneously most of them involving the ball missing the basket, however only one or two of all those simultaneous possibilities involve the ball going into the basket.

I am using a basket ball here because that was the example used in the film. I tend to think about these types of issues while practicing bull whips, which bring about the same types of conclusions. Anyone that aims at a target will experience these types of ideas.

So given that thought, it is determined that all those potentialities will occur. But it is free will that chooses the one that involves the ball going through the basket. Now to grasp that thought, one has to accept that there are simultaneous realities occurring at any given moment for every object in existence and the way those objects interact with other objects is mathematically infinite for the sake of discussion. Such concepts are part of quantum theory, and just because it is difficult to accept such a thing, it is foolish to discard the theory. It’s like saying radio waves don’t exist because we can’t see them. In fact they always existed, all through time, and we were unable to detect them until we invented the radio.

So back to our issue of tossing a basketball into a basket, the entity making the choice is the one shooting the ball into the basket.

This brings up the idea of what an enlightened society is. Is it a society that does not have war, but yet has a social hierarchy where everyone understands their peeking order? Is it a society where nobody acts out of self interest or aggression? Or is a society where everyone climbs into bed together without care of gender or social pact, such as in marriage, where thoughts of property are the center piece of such a covenant and abandoned in favor of community property. Or is it to mimic nature, where the strong survive and lift up the weak by example and peer pressure? Where an occasional forest fire destroys all but the most robust plant life and the killing of a thing is done by the one that eats it, and not shared as a social burden? Many politicians pick one of the above as their platform, and all of them lack a true understanding of the total situation.

I would argue that all forms of social engineering are subject to corruption, because governments don’t understand all the mechanisms at work. They function from a vantage point where each individual soul thinks itself to be a bodhisattva on their own kingdom lotus petal. And no enlightened society will ever occur with laws, but with the proper understanding of one’s own ego in relation to the universe. And we have a long way to go on that path. Each individual is the ruler of their own existence. It is each and every person that moment by moment must chose the correct choice among the countless possibilities in the shared timeline of collective existence.

I personally think the world the way human beings truly want it now most exists in Key West, Florida. There, under the protection of the United States, that tiny island has no dictators, or power hungry politicians. Mallory Square nightly and without organization of any kind has performers breathing fire and escaping from coffins of nails like Houdini, but the heart of much of the island gathering there is to watch the sun set. There are many different ideologies co-existing in Key West within a fairly confined space.

Now some of that bothers me, in that much of the interest in such a place is to be free of inhibitions. But, it does provide a good window into the kind of world humans would make for themselves if left alone, without politics. There is virtually no crime in Key West, and people for the most part leave other people to live the way they want. It says to me, that it is politics and the politician needing bloc voting, and for people to always be in conflict that causes most of the trouble in a society.

A drive down US 1 will show this tendency very well. I had the fortune to make the trip to Key West by motorcycle last year with my wife, and I can say from the back of that steel horse, I could see the subtle change island by island as politics from Miami, and the United States in general gradually fell away more and more the closer we got to Key West.

I would say that is one of the best examples in the world of such a society, because there aren’t many places that have a nice road that takes you 160 miles into the middle of the ocean away from the mainland of a country. And the people there have decided for themselves how they want to live.

So I would argue that as a bench mark, Key West is the reference of what humans want from a Republic. And it is one of the best examples on planet earth of what free will in a collective society will chose as each person navigates their own decisions along with every object they come in contact with. Everyone must choose wisely for themselves in order for all life to flourish.
There isn’t a single politician alive that is capable of shooting the ball for you. They can’t even see the ball. Just a metaphor, but hopefully, you get the point.

Rich Hoffman