War Against our Constitution

Before the calendar this year turned to 2010, I couldn’t have told anybody much about the 10th Amendment. The Tenth Amendment states clearly, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”
That essentially means that the States are to govern themselves in most every circumstance, and beyond that, to the people specifically.

The Liberty Twp Tea Party prepared the short documentary below, to display the Tenth Amendment.

In Arizona, the situation is very obvious why the 10th Amendment is needed. What we have is a situation where illegal immigration is a powerful voting bloc for the Democratic Party, and is part of the progressive movement’s overall re-distribution of wealth policy. So at a Federal level, there is much desire to control Arizona from enacting laws to cut back on the illegal immigration going on there, and all the related crimes that come with it.

Without question, there is much abuse and power grabbing going on at the Federal level. And the 10th Amendment and the 2nd Amendment are there specifically to protect us from attempts to rise to power, any particular group or organization which seeks to dominate government policies. State Sovereignty prevents a monopoly of power from a central source. That’s why it is so important.

There really isn’t any debate on the matter. The Constitution is not an evolving document. The only evolving part of it is the amendment process. Otherwise, it is law. Any politician that takes a contrary position is seeking to advance a power position that is not American in nature, and this is unacceptable.

I heard an ACLU definition that had been argued before the Supreme Court recently of the Second Amendment, where they interpreted that the state is what creates militias, so the freedom to bear arms is not an “individual” right. I have heard the “Supremacy Clause” pitched around from the original Constitution Article 4 Clause 2, which lawyers use to supersede everything in the constitution, even though the Bill or Rights were created to fix any holes left in the interpretation of the Constitution. And at the same time, the ACLU will use the 1st Amendment to protect obviously destructive organizations such as NAMBLA, (the National Association of the Man Boy Love Association.) The whole process has become a joke to anyone with half a mind.

And I am guilty of having more than half a mind. And the joke is so obvious it’s no longer funny from a perspective of frustrated ridicule. The 10th Amendment has been abused and ignored, when it should be one of the prevailing laws of the land.

 Rich Hoffman


28 thoughts on “War Against our Constitution

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