Haughty Hoffman’s Philosophy

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My opinions and logic have been forged in the mines of experience. I’ve continued my education far beyond the requirements of a college degree and I’ve lived every day as though it were my last day on earth. I have also developed many interests which claw at me for attention like children. Some of those many interests are philosophy, psychology, archeology, cyrptozoology, paranormal research, mythology, comparative religion, motorcycle riding, old cars, and political science. And most of the time reading is the best way to explore all those topics.

With that in mind, it may be detected in some of my writing, that I am frustrated with words like “masses,” “institutions,” and “government.” It is my sincere wish that I could share with others some of the experiences I’ve been fortunate to survive long enough to experience. And the wisdom that comes from that experience is invaluable.

And what I’m all about can best be summed up in this video.


But it is true; I have little respect for people that live in a box like existence. I have no respect for people that walk in the rain with an umbrella, accept at face value the information they get off TV and the newspapers, and haven’t read a book for a period longer than 6 months between them. So those that get angry at my comments about politics, and the funding of schools, or any other contemporary issue, believe me; I sleep well at night.

I don’t really like to be haughty, even if it comes across that way. But I am proud of the many barriers thrown my way that I’ve survived or overcome to tell another story, and see another day. And I do find myself laughing at those who point from their shackles and judge that people should be like them, slaves of their own making.

It is fashionable to not strive for perfection. I find that statement disgusting. While imperfection is what often happens, to not strive for it in a person’s dealings is a crime. But to say that nobody is perfect is another way of saying that life is too hard and not worth putting forth any extra effort. And I’m not new to this thinking. I’ve always pushed the barriers to the limit even when I was dirt poor.

This was trick or treat at the first home my wife and I had when we were a newly married couple in our early twenties. I’m the one in the monster mask sitting in the chair.

I always thought there should at least be one house that gave kids a trick instead of just lazily handing out candy. Halloween has been a great tradition at our house ever since.

This next video was about 8 years later, after a few children of our own were added to the mix.

And then a few years after that, my family went ghost hunting:

And when I tried out for the Survivor TV show:

And this was just a few months ago, with my son in law and wife. My kids had to work that weekend.

And this is how we celebrate football Sunday at my family’s house.

There are of course many, many events that I can’t include here, but for the sake of showing consistency over several decades, I want to demonstrate that the common theme is family and how much potential there is for a family to be a great and wonderful thing, that will provide everyone in it with an enriched life.
And I could lose every material possession I have and still be wealthy for the experiences I’ve had. And because of that, I shake my head at those that proclaim that money will fix a problem in schools, or politicians try to prop themselves up with increased taxes. If those people weren’t so arrogant in believing they are superior to the rest of us, I would feel sorry for them. But as it stands, I laugh at them, so my presentation comes across as haughty.

When it comes to kids, get in the floor and play with them. Teach them to question their teachers. And take them to a museum sometime. Go on a ghost hunt. Do whatever, but do something. Because nothing will fill your soul as well as experiences with people you care about.

Good times with friends and family is all that really matters.

Rich Hoffman


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