Review of The Restoring Honor Rally, An American Necessity

On the eve of the Restoring Honor Rally in Washington DC, I’d like to give a review of the success of this event. I can say such a thing with confidence the day before it even occurs, and without even being there because the essence and permeations created by it will resonate through history in a predictable, and positive manner. That alone makes it a smashing success to see such a thing taking place. And it is a glorious triumph of American values.

Watching Glenn Beck on 8/26 I had to laugh at the kinds of comments coming at him, like “what do you expect to get out of this.” And “you’re not qualified to do this rally.” Comments like that tell the whole story. Our culture is as bad as I suspected it was.

I’m not saying America is bad. It’s great. But the people that inhabit it are the victims of a dumbing down process instituted through our education process. A process where it costs too much and the kids are learning all the wrong things. It’s a goal based system where you learn the dates of history, memorize the words of a foreign language, and do cliff notes on the great literary classics, but don’t learn anything because the goal of institutional learning is to get a good grade and to achieve. Not to learn and become wise.

This is why the kinds of questions coming at Beck sound so brainless, because it is completely foreign to most reporters why someone would do something without having a selfish goal at the end of it.

But a whole segment of the population understands that there is more to things than what we hear on TV, and consumer ads. There is a desire to dig into the spirit of things and most of these people in the press are looking at the Restoring Honor Rally and trying to put it in terms they understand, because they can’t. Because they don’t even know what honor is. So how could they even begin to understand how to explain it? And the people going to this event don’t fit neatly in a spreadsheet analysis that reporters have learned to form stories around. So reporters are baffled. And their ignorance and lack of spirituality makes them sound completely foolish when they try to explain the event. They are clinging to infantile terms like racism, or nostalgia, as if history somehow stopped in time when Martin Luther King spoke, and everything that happens thereafter is trivial.

I am proud to see the people that went. It is a strong message to everyone that works in Washington who the real boss is, while those power clambering buffoons watch the huge crowds as they cower in uncertainty behind their office doors. I don’t take my hat off in salute to just anyone or anything, but I do salute everyone that made the Restoring Honor Rally the success it was. Nice job!

Rich Hoffman

13 thoughts on “Review of The Restoring Honor Rally, An American Necessity

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