American Light in the Darkness of Humanity

President Obama is completely wrong when he says in this speech that Europe has a leading role in the world that America has failed to appreciate. 

Obama is naive in his musings.  While he does discuss that Europe looks at America with animosity, it is with similar eyes that a parent looks to a child that has grown up and away and achieved much success on their own, that jealousy corrupts Europe’s judgment. 

Europe is a land where conflict abounds in continued droves of manipulated factions.  In America, our success has always been greatest when the people were not hindered by useless government and the factions connected to it. 

Such a dramatic example of the European model was out in full force when Al Sharpton held his rally at the same time as the Glenn Beck Restoring Honor speech in Washington. 

In this case, if Al wanted to truly take that next step, he would have taken all the people at his rally over to Becks rally and asked Glenn if his rally could be a part of the festivities.  And without a doubt, Glenn would have incorporated them into the Restoring Honor Rally. 

But Al is all about divisiveness.  All his power comes from the conflict of black against white.  He has no desire to truly succeed at a world where white and black work together for a strong America. 

And such is the relationship between Europe and the United States.  Europe will never admit that America has developed a supreme self government that has allowed for fantastic technological advancements and a robust economy.  And this is the reason for the naiveté of the president’s speech to Europe. 

The Restoring Honor Rally at Washington was all about fixing what it means to be American, then seeking to replace the corruption that we’ve allowed to fester in our government like termites in a home, because we allowed ourselves to look to other countries for guidance when the answer has always been within ourselves.  But such a society does not want leaders, because each individual is a leader of their own lives.  And Europe will never go for that.  They’ve been at war with each other since the Neanderthal painted a cave painting in France.  Actually, probably much longer than that, but you get the point. 

And even on the day after, there is much debate over how many people actually showed up.  Was it 100,000, or 500,000?  Such a focus on things like this show how trivial the media is, and why there is a need to discuss spiritualism in American culture, and remind people what it says at the top of the Washington Monument. 

What matters is that we serve as an example of what works, and to not extend a hand out to a corrupt system of government.  But before we can do that, we have to know what it is that we are.  And to consider that, remember that America was founded with voracity to escape Europe’s philosophies.  And the pain of that is reflected in Chief Seattle’s Speech from 1854.

Chief Seattle talks about our Time of Decay, and that is where we are.  And if one wants to truly preserve the Native American, we will make the conflict with them a worthy one, and allow for one country on the face of this planet to serve as a beacon of freedom and perpetuator of goodness for all the world, because we sit in a similar place as the Red Man of Chief Seattle.  Europe is at our doorstep, corrupting us with their divisiveness and corruption, with their greed and quest for power.  And what we do with that will decide the fate of humanity.

Rich Hoffman

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