A Whip Trick to Save America

It was the conclusion of a particularly difficult week when I read on The Blaze.com  that a group had formed to watch out for hostile Tea Party Members, this coming on the heels of the 8/28 Rally, which may have been one of the most peaceful gatherings of such a large crowd to ever migrate to Washington. Locally, I had several colorful debates with a number of individuals regarding a school levy, which is the second attempt in less than 6 months. The article in The Blaze hit a nerve with me because as I looked into the group that was performing this “Watchdog” of the Tea Party, and saw what they considered to be “hostile, or extremist” behavior, it was apparent to me that I fell in that extremist category just by breathing air. And that the problem wasn’t in some far away land, but the same rhetoric was being applied by local union members and dedicated parents to create the same PR campaign against opponents of a school levy.

I was thinking about all these topics a few months ago also, when I sat down for a steak dinner with some of my friends after the Annie Oakley Western Showcase at the Darke County Fairgrounds, hosted by Gery Deer. Chris Camp had taught me a trick that he was doing for his shows all over the country that I wanted to try, so as I have been working on that trick, these other political problems stayed at the front of my mind, leaving me to come up with a thesis of sorts, which culminated into this video.

Enough said.

After my initial post of this, I am honored that the hottest thing regarding internet news The Blaze did a feature of this video once they heard about it.


Hope those guys keep up the great work, because I am seeing them publish stories quickly, and of a large array of topics that are hard-hitting and to the point.  Too bad the rest of the media hasn’t been doing this kind of work all along, because America wouldn’t have slipped into this propaganda war that we are currently in.

UPDATE —  see the latest version of this trick called A Whip Trick to Save Lakota.  CLICK HERE.  

Rich Hoffman


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