A Journey through Progressive Philosophy

What is the Progressive Philosophy and why it’s a misguided and naive journey that millions of good Americans have fallen to?

What follows is a video journey of progressive ideology. The below video is a clip from Angeles in America.  You will recognize Meryl Streep and Al Pacino, both of whom I think are fantastic actors.  But you have to remember, they are actors, and their thoughts generally come from a writer, which makes them perfect pitchmen of political philosophy.  They often don’t investigate matters too deeply, the same as everybody else in every workplace.  Because the money in Hollywood goes to projects and people who embrace progressive thought, naturally successful actors will reflect that philosophy.  That’s how they stay in work. 

This is the platform:

This is the implementation:

This is the reality:

The Warning from 1946.

The hope to stop the Snake oil salesman that have dominated our political system.

The War:

What are the weapons and when did they strike hardest………sex:

This in 2003

And this in 2004

After these events, sex officially became mainstream on public air waves. Films then had to take the next step, and the pornographic industry had to turn up the marketing blitz. And during this great distraction, which is so very easy and seductive, progressive ideas have grown deeper roots.

With this information, do what you will with it. But don’t be gullible in thinking that this is not an organized insurrection from foreign powers no different than mankind has always experienced. For all those literature buffs out there, read Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus, one of my all time favorite plays. The motives from then are the same as now.

My advice, don’t buy the snake oil.

Rich Hoffman