What Keeps America Free?

What keeps America free?

Two things:

First, it’s an educated and thoughtful public. Obviously, Americans have become lazy over the years, and this has opened the door for propaganda to penetrate our culture.

The second thing is journalism. For my money Bill O’Reilly is the best reporter of our modern age. He’s really the only one I can think of in mainstream media that does the job the way it’s designed to be done. There’s a reason he’s so popular. It’s because he’s done the work and people know he’s doing the job with his heart behind it.

Who could say that Bill O’Reilly doesn’t work hard or care?

A journalist or reporter isn’t supposed to be friendly, or even liked. They are supposed to be the watchdogs of our society. Not instruments of propaganda.

Those that say Fox News is the right hand of the Republican Party are part of that first point; they are lazy in that they just buy into what people tell them because they are too lethargic to find things out for themselves.

Reporters are supposed to be confrontational. They are supposed to dig out the truth.

More and more however, in this non-confrontational society, reporters are afraid that they’ll miss the scoop if they tick off those in powerful positions. That too is because they are lazy. They are waiting for someone to tell them something, instead of doing the digging themselves. Again, this is why Bill O’Reilly does such a great job.

I’ve watched local newspaper reporters totally fold to school board members because they spend so much time with the elements of the stories they write, that they form friendships and become lap dogs. So inadvertently, they don’t do their jobs correctly either because they are closer to the story than the people they are presenting the story to.

So before proclaiming that one network or one reporter or another is part of an agenda, just look at their work ethic. Reporters that work hard for the news are not likely to be a lap dog for powerful interest. And I’ll trust a hard working reporter every time, because I value what they tell me no matter what the material they worked hard to get, says.

I think a lot of you Bill. Keep up the great work!

Rich Hoffman


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