Pro Lakota Group Threaten WLW Radio

Pro Lakota Group Threaten WLW Radio

In the video below Pam Perrino and others of the Pro Lakota Levy campaign threaten WLW radio for putting me on the air during the last week of September, 2010. Their goal seems to be to shut down all resistance to their proposed tax increase of the Lakota School Levy. Pam had in fact been on the previous week after Dan and I did our show. But she still harassed the radio station for putting us on the air making false claims and legal threats. This video is a bit long, but worth listening to. At the end, I found the clip where she had in fact been on the previous week, right after Dan and I left the station.

I find it appalling that Pam participated in this activity. Being against this school levy, we have every right to express our views on the No Lakota Levy side. But the Pro Side shows their arrogance in this display and threats of boycotting the station, its methods like this which have created the situation that all of education is in. The threats and intimidation create one sided debates, and over the years have allowed for the imbalance we are witnessing.

The people against this levy that I know want to see the costs of education brought down to sustainable levels. We don’t care what other schools are doing. We’re not going to play the game anymore. And these irritating displays by angry mothers and teachers are not acceptable. Nobody in their right mind would want to spend money on this type of mentality.
It’s a shame that we’re all guilty of throwing money at people like this just to shut them up.

And on top of this activity, every single yard sign the No Levy Group put out were stolen over the first weekend of October. Again, the mentality is an attempt to eliminate the opposition. This is not how elections are supposed to be conducted. One would expect this kind of behavior in places like Cuba, Iran, or North Korea. Not in West Chester, Ohio!

Rich Hoffman

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  2. Is there any way to subscribe to this post? I’d like to be updated on the comments here as they come in. I’ve always been somewhat of a debater and I’d like to hear other’s opinions on this issue.


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