Bullwhip Economics: Pubic versus Private Sector (The Lakota School System)

It has been an interesting debate over this last month regarding the Lakota School Levy, and what has emerged is a philosophic difference. There is a portion of the population that is either working for the public sector in some form or another, or there are people who don’t. Among those that don’t there are some that wish they did, because the benefits are so good.

For a guy like me though I would never want a public sector job. The idea of being paid by the tax payer is an abomination that cuts to my core beliefs of self-reliance.

When my Whip Trick to Save America did so well at the start of the No Levy Campaign, I received a lot of requests to make another video using my bullwhips to explain some of the complicated budget issues that center around public versus private sector jobs.

Most of the video my wife and lovely assistant holds targets in her mouth while I cut them out explaining how it relates to the economics of public versus private sector jobs.

At the end of the video I do more whip work in slow motion while Scott Sloan of WLW Radio reads the Lakota Teachers Contract to a member of the Pro Levy Group. The discussion is valuable because it helps put the mindset of public sector sympathizers into the proper framework.

They are a fascinating species these public sector oriented employees. The bottom line is it’s easy to spend money that isn’t yours. Public officials have been over spending for a long time, which has made public jobs too lucrative, actually putting our country on the verge of bankruptcy. So now we have to fix it. And fixing it starts with local issues like school levies, and city government. I hope this video inspires everyone to pay attention to the small stuff, and to vote on November 2nd, 2010.

Rich Hoffman