The Lakota School Board Meeting, 3 weeks Before the Election

There was a School Board meeting for the Lakota’s Administration on Monday, October 11th. Normally, three weeks before a major election, there is a lot of emotion and many people show up for these things to voice their opinion. Many of us from the No Lakota Group spoke. There were a few that spoke in favor of Issue 2, but overwhelmingly, the voices came out against the levy.
Since none of the papers covered this overwhelming discrepancy, I invite you to view the speeches here. The public portion of the meeting begins at the74 minute mark. I am the second speaker of many that spoke out against the Lakota School Levy.

Enjoy the speeches and remember to VOTE NO on Issue 2 on November 2nd.  Click on the below link to see them.

Rich Hoffman

9 thoughts on “The Lakota School Board Meeting, 3 weeks Before the Election

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