I Want Your Money Film Review

I Want Your Money:

I Want Your Money is an ambitious documentary from filmmaker Ray Griggs that my family and I caught at Newport on the Levee in downtown Cincinnati. I have to say I am grateful to the AMC Theaters for offering this film on its opening night.

It is wonderful to see that on the same day, two films were released, Waiting for Superman, and I Want Your Money. We have all grown tired of the documentaries that feature a leftist slant particularly Michael Moore.

I enjoyed Moore’s Roger and Me, but since then, he has progressively moved in the direction of Sir Thomas More’s Utopia, which was written in the 1500’s. Michael Moore’s last film about capitalism was a far cry from his sincere attempts in Roger and Me. He has become corrupted by his media star power, and therefore lost to ideology. Such a concept as utopia is an infantile and unproven theory. And it has been infuriating that so many movements have emerged to embrace these silly ideologies like a utopian society, socialism, and Marxism and wrapping all these ideas into a political philosophy called progressivism.

Watching I Want Your Money took me back to the 7th grade when I helped campaign for Ronald Regan by giving a speech defending his military spending proposals in my school history class. And watching Regan and his speeches again in not only real footage, but also appearing as a cartoon character that is trying to teach Barack Obama how to be a good president took me back to the 80’s and reminded me just how powerful and positive that time period had been.

I had forgotten just how messed up Jimmy Carter and all the previous administrations had left our country. When Regan became president, it was a time of Clint Eastwood movies, Arnold Schwarzenegger was still a tough guy, before he became beat up and abused by the unions of California, which was covered in the film, and Bruce Willis was a rising star. Men were still proud to be men in the movies. And that’s why it was appropriate that a cowboy actor was president.

Watching Regan’s speeches were almost surreal. Since Regan left office in 1988, there has been so much said about how slow, dimwitted, and uninterested he was in government. Now, with years to assist my experience, I understand why those comments emerged. They were to suppress the memory of what Regan did.

It is those same elitist voices that are proclaiming that the Tea Party are a bunch of “hicks” or any number of adjectives used in a derogatory manner toward those that do not share the warped philosophy of Thomas More. I’ve personally heard it all my life.

I started wearing a cowboy hat in the fifth grade. It was because Clint Eastwood, and Burt Reynolds wore them, and those were my favorite actors at the time. Reynolds wore one in Smokey and the Bandit, one of my all time favorite films, and Eastwood wore them in many films, particularly the spaghetti westerns he’s so well known for. So I have heard plenty of public ridicule for my love of cowboy hats. Most people just look funny at you. Not many say anything, especially when they know you are confident in your appearance. But many people just don’t understand the significance. Those are the types of people that have bought into all the crazy leftist stuff. And being comfortable in your manhood is not something leftists like. And they don’t just target men. If you’re a woman, and you like being a woman, their wrath comes at you as well. That’s because progressives need to point out what’s imperfect because they need society to attempt to achieve philosophical perfection, which they offer. But all they have to stand on are half-baked ideas by half baked philosophers.

So it was really refreshing and it really took me back to the cowboy hat wearing Ronald Regan when much of the film was set at his ranch. There was a great scene of Regan signing his massive tax cuts on a foggy day at the range dressed coolly informal in a jean jacket. It makes you wonder why more people have missed the magic of Regan up to now.

But this great documentary captures the essence of where the United States is now. And it does a great job of capturing the meaning of the Tea Party. It does a great job of explaining the debt. And it successfully shows how foolish many of the progressive philosophies are, and how they’ve virtually ruined everything they’ve ever touched.

So if you can, see this movie. Support filmmakers like this with a ticket bought. Don’t wait to see it on DVD. If this film does well, more films will be produced like this. Hollywood is watching. So vote by going to see this film at the theater.

And yes, the progressives are upset: Take a listen.

Rich Hoffman


9 thoughts on “I Want Your Money Film Review

  1. Levy after levy is just another indication of the lowest level government (the schools) spending other people’s money as though it is limitless.

    The schools and their union have convinced people to vote for these levies so that they can negotiate for the largess to line their own pockets. When the double-dipping information was reported across the state, more and more people finally opened their eyes to the theft. Never ever for the children.


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  3. I was chatting with my friend on MSN about this and I’ve got to say that I completely agree with the poster near the beginning. And on a side note, I really like the colors you used for your blog. What theme is this?


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