Why Tampa Bay Buccaneer Football is the Best

I love Tampa Bay Buccaneer football!

When I was a kid, I didn’t like the social structure of the whole business. I never liked being told what to do so I didn’t like coaches. I never liked the class structure football created either. And I never liked how weak kneed grown adults got over star athletes that were half their age. That always seem weak to me.

I played soccer instead when I was a kid, and was so aggressive that my nickname was “The Animal.” Years later I realized that I probably should have played football, because to be honest, I love war.

Football is a war game, pure and simple. It’s about ground gained, ground defended, and winning.

And with that said, my favorite football team is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


I used to be a Cincinnati Bengal fan. I relate much more to the coaches and owners than I do players. And I saw a lot of myself in Sam Wyche. Sam made me appreciate football for the war game that it is.

When Paul Brown died, his son Mike wasn’t quite the same kind of man, and he didn’t like Sam Wyche. So he ran Sam out of town. And my loyalty went where Sam ended up?

Tampa Bay.

After the owner of The Tampa Bay Buccaneers died in 1995, the Glazer family took over, and brought a whole new level of attitude to football. They let Sam go which I wasn’t happy about. Wyche brought in great names like Warren Sapp, John Lynch, Mike Alstott, just to name a few, but hadn’t been able to win consistently. They sometimes won dramatically yes, but not consistently. The Glazer’s hired Tony Dungy and defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin which were a couple of people that I admired and was curious about. And between those two men, and a fantastic new football stadium, they changed the NFL.

To this day, there are more head coaches from the Tampa Bay Buccaneer organization than any other team in the NFL. Lovie Smith of the Chicago Bears, Monte Kiffin who is the defensive coordinator for USC working with his son there, Mike Tomlin of the Pittsburg Steelers, and Raheem Morris who is the current Buc coach. Those are all active coaches, not to mention the retired Tony Dungy who went on to Indianapolis to achieve more than he did in even Tampa Bay, and Rod Marinelli who didn’t have a very good time with the Detroit Lions. So they are doing many things right in that great football town.

This is my idea of an intro video to a football game.

First touchdown at the new Raymond James Stadium. I LOOOOOVE the Pirate Ship!

Always a fighting spirit.

I like the Bucs because of Tony Dungy.

I like the Bucs because of Gruden.

I Love the Bucs because of the Pirate Ship.

Redemption Awaits 2007

This is Buccaneer Football!!!!

Tampa puts everything they have into every aspect of the business.

The Announcer Gene Deckerhoff!

And I will never forget the night my wife and I were at Raymond James Stadium the night the Devil Rays went to the World Series. Glad we were there!

This video was a couple hours after the Buc game with Seattle and the tribute to Mike Alstott. It was a really exciting evening.

And this is how I bring the magic to my house every Sunday that the Buccaneers play! I enjoy the games even when they lose. Because the Bucs are always fun to watch.

With all the changes over the years, the ownership never lost their identity. Players come and go. Coaches come and go. But the owners of this team understand how to keep a good product on the field.

It’s all about passion, hard hitting, and resiliency. And not being afraid of doing the hard things to keep winning.

That’s why I love the Tampa Bay Buccaneers!

Rich Hoffman


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