My “Little” Problem: Progressive Public Affairs Consultant Openly Lies to the Media

A story of manipulation from David P. Little.

The below press release is a typical campaign assassination attempt that has led our nation into bankruptcy. People like David P. Little make their entire livelihoods manipulating the facts and shaping the opinions of the voting public. In this letter Little shows how “little” he truly knows. For instance, and I’ll go into greater detail at the end of this essay, he denigrates tea party types as using simplistic language, where in reality, most tea party types are more sophisticated and currently read much more than the typical public employee. So to use terms to attempt to reduce public perception of tea party types is to confuse his own political opinions with facts which he presents below as truth, when in fact they are only the opinions of a man with limited understanding.

So without any further delay, enjoy the below Press Release from David P Little.  You can listen to Darryl Parks reading the press release along with my appearance on his show by clicking on the video below. 



Sent: Friday, October 22, 2010 9:24 AM
To: David P. Little
Subject: Bullwhipping Quality Education in Butler County

Dear Friend of Public Education,

Every year opponents of adequate funding for public education become more vocal and hostile to the historic mission of public education in America. Each election season our schools are reduced to pleading for support from constituencies that are being told that we should abandon our traditional system of public education and institute more private or unregulated for-profit charter schools without elected boards or genuine accountability to the citizenry.

It is clear that the simplistic language and tactics of tea party type enthusiasts are now being utilized in these battles; this is reason enough for their efforts to be strongly and consistently opposed. So I write to invite you to join us—now.

This year these perennial battles feature a wealthy businessman in the Lakota School District of Butler County who is intent on bullwhipping our educational system by withholding all financial support and making hostages of the students and staff in these institutions.

Pretending he is Buffalo Bill while flailing with dueling enflamed leather whips, Lakota levy opponent leader, Rich Hoffman, a wealthy businessman and anti-government activist, is leading the attack on a school system which is the envy of many across the region, widely known for opportunity and excellence.

Using hostile talk radio and YouTube video as vehicles, Hoffman and other levy opponents are intent on bullwhipping the administration, teachers, and the thousands of students and family members that depend of the Lakota Public Schools. While pretending that he inhabits a wild west show, steeped in pioneer values and individualism, Hoffman presents Confederate battle flags in his videos and ignores the fact that public education was among the very first accomplishments of all frontier settlements in the United States and remains the steadfast goal and anchor of all quality communities.

Please review the links below for additional information and details of how you can assist in the fight against opponents of quality education in our region. Battles such as this impact the success of public education in all of our communities and disinformation of this variety must be opposed with energy equal to the task.

Thank you,

David P. Little

David P. Little
Public Affairs/Political Consultant
207 Woolper Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45220
Cellular: 513.477.2651

Now Mr. Little, its time for some facts about your note; public education was not “organized” during the foundation of the country. We had public education, but the organized portion of public education started with 4 employees during 1847 in Ohio. The OEA officially formed in the early 1900’s ahead of the NEA. You are confused when you assume that public education must involve organized labor. The fact that you associate those two issues together means you cannot understand how to solve the problem. Frontier towns made the teacher a central part of the town’s foundation, as they should be. But organized collective bargaining is an entirely different matter. This is the problem since you need help understanding the difference.

I’m not pretending to be Buffalo Bill. He had a beard. Do I have a beard? I’m Rich Hoffman, and there’s only one of me. Buffalo Bill was Buffalo Bill. Do you understand that? Or is it too difficult?  I’ll make it easy for you.  Buffalo Bill is in the old photo.  I put my wife in the one with me in it.  That way you can see the difference.  (I was chewing my food)

You mention that I use confederate flags in my videos. You use that term in a plural sense, when in fact confederate flags appear in only one of my videos, one that was shot at a Wild West Arts event, where confederate flags, pirate flags, and American flags are very common. In those events, the confederate flag does not represent slavery the way people like you that have perpetuated as progressive ideas that have moved through our culture. In the Wild West groups, those flags celebrate history, and the Civil War is important in reflection because our country grew as a result. But in my video, the flags are flying in the wind on one of the vendors booths at the site. Confederate Flags are quite common in Gatlinburg, Tennessee as well, and are part of southern culture which I happen to like. But saying that doesn’t automatically mean I’d ever endorse slavery, quite the opposite. If slavery existed today in the United States, I’d be against it with the same voracity that I protest school levies. The trouble with you is that you are seeking to make an issue of that, as if it somehow reflects racism, which is a typical progressive strategy. When they can’t win an argument, they just call people names and hope it sticks. It’s kind of like throwing darts in the dark and hoping they hit a target. So you completely misrepresented that one video, and there certainly aren’t any plural videos.

You used the word pretending twice. I’m not doing any pretending, David. I have video of some of the Wild West Events I’ve been in. And they are steeped in pioneer values and individualism. There’s no pretending about it. Or maybe you don’t understand what the word pretend means.

Is this pretending?

And it’s not always western arts. Sometimes it’s just doing stunt work, or stand in work for contemporary films.

Hey, and the firewhips are specially made with Kevlar. If they were leather, they’d burn, and I couldn’t reuse them. But I’ll give you a pass on that. Doing so much desk work like you have, I wouldn’t expect you to know that.

And I, or none of the people I know who are against tax levies want to withhold all support and hold students and staff hostage. The trouble is, organized labor has attached itself to our children and it is difficult to remove those elements because the organized labor is a radical system that threatens to destroy our children if we don’t give them more money. That is why one of the first cuts is busing in order to pass a levy. In Lakota they have a budget of over $160 million dollars. So that is not withholding all funds as you’ve stated above.

Now you had a six paragraph letter, and you told 4 complete fabrications of the truth in the whole body of that document. The only reality of those statements is in your own mind, but yet you wrote them down and sent that information out to many important people as though it was truth. Very, very, very irresponsible. And what disinformation specifically have we pointed out in the No Campaign? And what action are you calling for in that letter? Violence? You said the word fight. That means violence to me. And none of us are against quality education. We’re businessmen. We expect results, and we expect quality. But we are against the way organized labor has driven the budget to the level it currently is. We see it as the fault of your clients and your personal philosophy that has irresponsibly spent themselves into crises. And we also blame the same for hiding that irresponsibility behind our children. These radical slanders from your side will not be tolerated unchecked.

And let me take issue with your very first paragraph. You say, and I quote “Each election season our schools are reduced to pleading for support from constituencies.” Excuse me? These are public employees. They have to make a case for their existence. Yes. That’s a fact of life. But you’re term about being reduced to pleading states that you believe the people you represent are somehow entitled, and are therefore above the taxpayer. You forget who your boss is. And David, because you do so much work for politicians, you also work for the taxpayer.

I did a little checking on you.

David Little’s Experience
Strategist & Communications
DPL Political Consulting Services
(Public Relations and Communications industry)
January 1993 — Present (17 years 10 months)
Public Policy/Political Consultant
David P. Little, Consulting Services
(Public Relations and Communications industry)
March 1987 — Present (23 years 8 months)

• Regional Director Statewide Campaigns /Media Consultant; Four Ohio constitutional offices including Governor, Attorney General, Auditor, and Secretary of State

• Five U. S. Congressional Campaigns; Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky; Campaign Director and/or strategist; Responsible for strategic planning, issue briefing and development, press relations, issue development, opposition research, campaign publications, select speech writing and intensive debate coaching

• Reform Ohio Now Campaign, Southern Ohio Director Constitutional Ballot Initiative; Managed regional office and activities, volunteer staff, and media relations as part of a statewide seven million dollar ballot initiative to reform elections, redistricting, and campaign financing in Ohio

• Natural Resources Defense Council; Washington, D.C. (2008) Year long legislative climate change/global warming assignments in conjunction with M+R Strategic Consultants, New York & Cleveland, Ohio

• Alliance of American Insurers, Chicago, Illinois; Developed and implemented rapid-response media strategy and maintained political/legislative relations in New York, New Jersey, & Pennsylvania

•, Columbus, Ohio; Three year staff retainer with numerous press spokesperson assignments, State Capitol and statewide media events for environmental, social justice, multiple other clients

• Americans United for Change; Washington, D.C. Statewide press events & public Issue development political education efforts in Ohio (2006) AFL-CIO & related organizational financing of assignments

• Healthcare Leadership Council; Washington, D.C.; Midwest Field Director; Represented coalition of 50 healthcare industry CEO’s on national healthcare legislation. Created and maintained relations with Governors, Congress, business allies, editorial boards, and U.S. Senatorial tours

So what do you mean by fight, David P. Little? I’m just a guy that doesn’t want to see taxes increased. I see you, and your side with a hand out, with a lack of business understanding, and with a political agenda that I’d consider dangerous to the country I live in. And you better think hard about whether or not you want a fight with me.

Rich Hoffman

22 thoughts on “My “Little” Problem: Progressive Public Affairs Consultant Openly Lies to the Media

  1. Rich, everyone needs to see this and the videos to understand what taxpayers are up against. Too many have the idea that voting AGAINST the school levy is a vote against our kids and grandchildren. No. It’s a vote FOR fiscal responsibility and fairness. We can’t keep raising taxes. The goose is already sick, and dying. Tax increases are killing the goose, that can no longer lay any eggs, let alone golden eggs. When school kids talk about the waste in the schools, it must be BAD. When did kids ever notice waste, unless it is really BAD. Keep up the good work. Illegitimus non carborundum. Don’t let the bastards wear you down.


  2. You nailed the guy in every way. I don’t know if he is intellectually able to comprehend your essay. He is just one of the people that are part of the national problem. Seems that he may work for the unions. I suggest that every patriot would be wise to read “Shakedown.” We have to stop the unions from their control over our elected representatives.

    School boards are hand picked to by the union. Rarely
    does a person get elected that is willing to check into the finances. I doubt that anyone on the Lakota Board has the time or inclination to check out
    the financial reports. They are taught at the OSBA
    that they are on a team and that they “TRUST” the treasurer and superintendent. See where that gets
    the taxpayers.


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