How Much has Lakota Spent on Passing the Levy

Because David Little was contacted to perform services against the No Lakota Levy campaign, and me personally, I had to see if Lakota was involved in hiring him. So we pulled the finance reports for the campaign of the Pro Levy Campaign.

What I found out was shocking. Lakota had managed to produce through fundraising over $51,000, and as of Oct 21st, they had $31,000 to use on campaigning.

I can say that on the No Levy Levy campaign side of things we are still under $10,000. We’ve had to work really hard to get our message out and we’ve done a great job with only a fraction of the money spent. But that’s a story for another day.

Here is how the Pro Lakota Levy finance report sheet looks:

Previous money $12,545.99
Contributions $36,999.00
Other $ 1.46
Expenses $20,243.63
Fundraising $1,558.00

Total $51,644.81
Minus expenses $31,401.18

Available income for campaign as of Oct 21st $31,401.18

I was of course curious who the largest contributors were. There were a lot of private citizens. I haven’t yet had a chance to see how many of the private contributors are actually teachers at Lakota, and how many are parents behind the Pro Levy movement. But what surprised me was how many organizations directly attached to the school system there are, and how much money they contributed. The teachers union, The Lakota Education Association contributed $2,398 which isn’t surprising. But it must be remembered that the teachers union gets all its money from the tax payer, if indirectly from teacher contributions. It must be pointed out that the money indirectly is coming back against the very same tax payers. What did surprise me was the unified front from organizations of the various PTSO’s, PTO’s, and PTA’s that gave money. Have a look.

Largest contributors

Turner Construction $ 5,000.00
Lakota Education Association $ 2,000.00
Lakota Education Association $ 398.00
Petermann $ 2,500.00
Lakota East Athletic Boosters Club $ 1,000.00
Frost Brown Todd LLC $ 500.00
Lakota East Football Camp $ 150.00
Union Elementary PTSO $ 250.00
Lakota West High School PTSO $ 250.00
Shawnee Early Childhood Center PTA $ 250.00
Liberty Junior PTSO $ 825.00
Lakota East PTSO $ 250.00
Vangorden Elementary PTA $ 500.00
Information Design, Inc $ 100.00
Liberty Early Childhood School PTA $ 250.00
Freedom Parent Council $ 400.00
Lakota West Upbeat Club $ 500.00
Phelan Insurance Agency, Inc $ 250.00
Woodlan Elementary PTA $ 250.00
Hopewell Junior PTSO $ 250.00
Lakota Ridge PTO $ 200.00
Lakota Performing Arts 08-07 $ 500.00
Lakota Performing Arts 08-07 $ 500.00
Independence Elementary PTA $ 250.00
Wyandot Elementary School PTO $ 250.00
Endeavor Elementary PTO $ 250.00
Cherokee Elementary PTA $ 250.00
Green Acres Landscaping and Nursery, Inc $ 100.00
Valley Janitor Supply Co. $ 300.00
Heritage Elementary PTA $ 250.00

Large contributors
Total $ 18,723.00

All the rest of the contributors $51,644.81

And this is what they spent the money on so far, a week before the election. Of note are 4000 signs from Patriot Signage at over $6000, over a $1000 for a Pro Levy call service, almost $6000 for mass mailing, and over $3000 on graphic design services. Those are the biggest parts of their campaign, not to mention the newspaper ads.

What have they spent their money on?

Westwood Virtual Associates Newsletter $ 200.00
Key Bank Imaged items with statement charge $ 3.50
Patriot Signage Yard signs $ 3,540.40
Bethart Printing Solutions Label $ 232.00
Westwood Virtual Associates Created Facebook tab $ 100.00
Liberty Township Charitable Fund Fall Festival Booth Contract $ 25.00
Cheryl Conway Nelson Sept. Constant Contact $ 50.00
Butler Mailing Services, Inc Saturation mail $ 5,972.05
One Call Now Levy Calls $ 1,060.30
Patriot Signage Yard signs $ 3,169.40
Donna Leslie Postage $ 220.00
Bethart Printing Solutions Label $ 347.74
Key Bank Imaged items with statement charge $ 3.50
Cox Publishing Pulse Journal Ad $ 868.50
Bethart Printing Solutions Labels $ 541.16
PrintManagement, LLC Levy Case Study, art design, and changes $ 3,138.02
Cheryl Conway Nelson Oct. Constant Contact $ 170.00
Kathy Cook Levy Supplies $ 100.00
Jamie Green Levy Supplies $ 479.90
Butler Mailing Services, Inc Saturation mail $ 70.37
Kelly Casper Levy Supplies $ 59.64

Total $20,351.48

Total from expense sheet $27,322.68

It’s good to see how the message gets delivered and how much everything costs. But what’s most important is to notice that the funds didn’t come from donations all over the community. It comes from people who stand to profit off the levy.

So keep that in mind.

The levy is big business, for construction, for printers, for unions, and for the school to keep everything status quo. If you want to know the truth, always follow the money.

And as far as who hired David Little. It wasn’t Lakota. It was either the teacher’s union or the Democratic Party. How does that make you feel, to know that those two organizations are directly attached to your school system?

You can voice your opinion by voting November 2nd.

Rich Hoffman

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