The Villainy of Teacher Unions: A cancer cell in the body of society

The Villainy of Teachers Unions: A cancer cell in the body of society

We’re dealing with our share of trouble in Ohio. But this is a national problem. Listen to Governor Chris Christie introduce the content of the video now known as Teachers Gone Wild.

Now, here are the videos that make up the New Jersey Teachers Gone Wild. Enjoy, and don’t kid yourself that the same attitude isn’t going on in your own back yard.

And based on what you just saw here is some video from a proposed teacher strike at the Lakota School System where the average teacher makes over $60,000 per year.

What can you do? Become a killer cell.

And your weapon is to vote.

Rich Hoffman

29 thoughts on “The Villainy of Teacher Unions: A cancer cell in the body of society

  1. Send a message, vote NO!

    Gov. Christie says that the teachers exhibit: “arrogance, greed and self interest.”

    Every operating levy is to pay for raises and benefits for the union staff. With a 165 page contract, that the board agreed to, the union truly has put the board in a cut-throat bind. If I remember correctly, the taxpayers never had a representative on the negotiating team. The board was not allowed to say a word and the OEA negotiator
    got everything she asked for.

    If you vote for a school levy, “you’re stupid.”


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