The Day After

It’s hardly a victory to have defeated the Lakota School Levy. It’s more like surviving a round of chemotherapy.

Lakota is drowning in the weight of its collective bargaining agreement from the OEA, and the policies started by these large PAC organizations across the county is putting the United States in this position.

There was a lot of emotion prior to the election.

Lakota spent more than $20,000 on this campaign, and they gained approximately 10% of the vote to the just over $7000 that we spent.  I am very disappointed that it ended up so close, because that will be an indication to the school system to bring it to the tax payers again.  You can see that the strategy is to gradually wear out the voters till they say yes.   I suppose that’s not too bad considering all the avenues Lakota has to get their message out.   

It is hardly an occasion to celebrate, when you find out that you get to keep the tax money you started the day with at the end of the day.  Yet, because the advocates of such a tax that we had to endure with this Lakota Tax Levy overspent their budget, then hid the crime behind our children, it is a great relief to see that voters saw through the smoke to the true facts and stood their ground in the face of the unpopular position of standing against a school levy.

Those of us on the No Lakota Levy Campaign have already been hard at work on the next Lakota Levy attempt for weeks now, and we are ready for action when the school board makes the announcement that will inevitably come.  The school districts next move will be to cut valued services to the community, such as busing, so to twist the arm of the tax payers that voted with their hearts in this election, and force them to vote with their wallet in the next attempt.  And it is my position that such a strategy, in the face of this second attempt is a travesty to the trust of the residents in the Lakota School District.   

It would be hoped that the teachers union would volunteer on their own, to come to the table and meet with the school board, and work diligently with them to reduce the costs to Lakota so not to force layoffs, and the other cuts, but as we’ve stated, this levy was about money, and they will now embark on a strategy against those of us that denied the funds they requested. 

This issue is far from over. 

The real trouble starts with their teacher’s contract. Hear the high points of the contract here.

And now we must prepare more than ever for the onslaught of organized labor that will use it’s tactics against the Lakota School System and our kids.

So get ready everyone for another fight, and this one will be much more brutal than the previous one was.

Stay tuned………………………….

Rich Hoffman

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