Being Good and Being Right

One thing you’ll find, whether it’s Arnold Engle of Fairfield, or Jennifer Miller from Mason, if you speak out against a school levy, you will be labeled and ridiculed to no end. This is exclusively due to a process of manipulation invented by Saul Alinsky’s Delphi Technique which is used by large organizations such as teachers unions to manipulate a community’s desire to the goals of the union leadership. They may not call it The Delphi Technique officially, but may only be some variation of it. But the strategy is just the same.
Now most people, such as Tony ‘Ambrosio and Leslie Renneker who addressed me in the Pulse Journal directly, are obviously only concerned about their individual situations. People like them want naturally what’s best for their children, and their neighborhood. They don’t look too deeply into things and are quiet happy to keep it that way.

When this Levy started at Lakota, I had no real intention of saying much. I do have my value system, and I think the public education system doesn’t do enough. I see it as vastly insufficient to producing American citizens. But I generally leave it to the public to make up their own minds in the election. However, I was reading the forums on The Pulse Journal web site, and noticed that a “facilitator” or “change agent” was working the board on behalf of the Pro Levy Campaign, as far back as August. When I left a comment that I thought was thoughtful and constructive the facilitator called  directly attacked me calling me pathetic for my comment.  Now I didn’t bring up the car issue.  Somone else did.  People never use their real names for these things, so who knows.  I do, but for some reason people feel they can only have courage when their discreet.  Anyway, all I did was point out that people were sensitive, and that the pro side should take that into consideration.    I highlighted my comments in bold.

It was on that day that I decided to call up Mark and the rest of the people from the last campaign and join forces with them. Because I realized that if there were people like “think” working these forums, they were doing the same thing to voters in other ways as well. And that sent my blood boiling. It was the very next day after my last comment on this forum that The No Lakota Levy group was officially formed. And it was one month later that we went on WLW with the wage release information.

So as far as me looking for a fight, this fight found me. And when a fight comes to me, and I see clearly that there are people being hurt, and manipulated, and lied to, I will stand up to meet that fight.
I already had my commercial activities with bullwhips, books, and a few film projects here and there before any of this started. And this activity has been distracting from my usual passions. But the more you dig into it, the more wrong you find.

Read below how the Pro Levy Group was working in August, and if left unchecked, they would have continued with the intimidation and name calling because that is the way The Delphi Technique works. Pay particular attention to the posts left by “THINK.” There are other “professional” facilitator’s on these posts and they are obvious as well.  Their goal is to control the flow of the discussion.  If you speak against them, they resort to name calling in an attempt to keep those opinions off the board.  It’s that simple. 

11:35 PM, 8/18/2010
NO-VEMBER. Vote no on tax levy issue. NO-VEMBER. For those who want a private education, go pay for one. Lakota is a fine public school being run like a university. Go back to the basics and regroup. Lakota needs to cut like many families are doing throughout the country. Cuts always smart, but today requires it.
Daniel Moorman

2:07 PM, 8/27/2010
Still looking for a good deal on a house. Mark or Carlos are too busy with all the foreclosures that they are getting to fool with a peon like me. They want to deal with “professional” types. Don’t they know that they are the ones losing their homes and crying over 700 extra a year in taxes. Mark and Carlos are going to be making big money again….it is just a lucrative cycle for them.

9:41 PM, 8/28/2010
I noticed the girls golf coach at LE driving aroung in a nice red Jag. Must be nice!

But the all one 

2:54 PM, 8/29/2010

Are you really worrying about what car teachers/coaches are driving? LOL…is your life that pathetic and full of jealousy? What is her thermostat set on in her house? Does she shop at Wal-mart or Macy’s? Please go ahead and vote no, but stop showing how ignorant your thoughts are!
Are you kidding?

3:03 PM, 8/29/2010
Is the jealousy so rampant in West Chester that they are looking at what kind of car teachers drive? I think that is so typical of the snooty people that are in reality just getting by in the “Chester.” Maybe they should cut back on their own spending and then they wouldn’t be so jealous when they see others doing OKAY. For the record I know a teacher that drives a ten year old Jag that is worth about 4 grand….What should she drive?

6:24 PM, 8/29/2010
Of course people are looking at what kind of cars teachers are driving. Most people have been on a wage freeze for over a year now. And many would love to average 51K a year. Tenured teachers are pretty secure in their jobs, unlike many of the voters out there, people will be jealous….of course.

Shame the kids suffer because of politics. Out of space, read more here:…
Rich Hoffman

9:24 PM, 8/29/2010
Hey Rich, I was going to eat at Wendy’s and guess what I saw? I saw a teacher going in to eat at APPLEBEE’S! Can you believe that? I think they were driving a 2010 Chevy. I could not believe it. How many of us out here in West Chester would love to be able to eat at Applebee’s? Teacher’s should be ashamed for flaunting their wealth in our faces. Some think you are pathetic Rich, but I admire you for standing up for us beaten down West Chesters!

12:27 PM, 8/31/2010
What parking lot have you been stalking today Rich? You see any expensive cars in the lot? Did they belong to teachers, administrators or parents? Let us know what you find out. I thought Bob was pathetic but I think you might give him a run for the title.
Where you at Rich?

1:05 PM, 8/31/2010
Pathetic…..there’s that word again. Name calling? Intimidation?

4:00 PM, 9/1/2010

All I did was point out that it was logical that people would draw conclusions about the type of car people drive. If you can’t handle that, you are out of touch. No wonder things cost so much money if you can’t understand that basic concept.

I can see what we are dealing with. Bad move on your part……..

I was very happy to have a civil debate and let the public decide. You decided to make it personal.
Rich Hoffman

7:19 PM, 8/31/2010
And to those of you that think calling someone pathetic will somehow make money magically appear from thin air, and maintain the status quo, I prepared this little blog just for you.…

Look at your own life and then consider if you have a right to call anyone names because they don’t agree with you, or simply brought up a valid point.

Pathetic……..????? That’s cute.
Rich Hoffman

Rich, I don’t think pathetic was a proper term to call someone, but I think it is sad if you think it is “mature” to bring up what kind of car a teacher/coach drives. What does that have to do with anything? Pathetic? No! Sad? Yes! Just my opinion, but everyone has their own likes, and I don’t give a hoot what someone drives. Not sure why is would bother you. Oh and Rich I am not a teacher, but I do drive an Audi TT, hope that is alright and acceptable.

11:28 PM, 9/1/2010

Went to the “manwarrior” site and wasn’t too imressed…lol. My two cents would be that if you think it is appropiate to make commments about what type of car a teachers drives then I would have to agree that you have a big problem. It seems pretty silly with all the problems going on in the world. Hey what would I know though, because I am not a “manwarrior”? Whatever that is?…..Vote your conscience and if it is NO, then so be it….life will go on.


You have very slow reaction time since my note to Brenda was sent a long time ago. You must be getting old…go back to your rocking chair on the porch and stop yelling at the kids for walking across your yard.

9:16 AM, 9/2/2010

First of all, many would argue that SS and Medicare are not American. I’m not in that camp: yet, I think it is arrogant to suggest you shouldn’t have to pay taxes to support the kids because your kids are no longer participating and out of the other side of your mouth say pay for my SS and medicare.

Do your part! Own up to your responsibilities. If you can’t afford it, get a job!
9:11 AM, 9/2/2010

1:19 PM, 9/2/2010

What poor Brenda doesn’t get is that it’s not the government that will give her the 3% increase in her SS check, it’s not her too low past contributions either, it’s me!

She want’s everything for herself; but, somehow thinks its unfair that she has to pay into school taxes. If she can’t afford it, she needs to get a job to make up for her poor planning.
4:37 PM, 9/4/2010

Would it be right to say, “I never call the fire department…set a user fee up for that. I never drive on Tylersville road…set up a toll booth”?

What do you think? I don’t believe there are any state mandates for local roads or fire departments. Let’s go back to the old days…if you want to buy fire department insurance so be it. If you don’t so be it.

Geeze you guys are stupid

11:00 AM, 9/5/2010
Most people already have their minds made up and some have been made up my lies that were told on blogs like this. That is okay because that is why this country is so great. Freedom! So let’s get the vote on and if it is no, that is fine, because the majority will decide. I will continue to call out liars as I see them.
Minds Made up!

10:39 AM, 9/7/2010

My dear “Making Stuff Up”….

My view of government’s purpose and yours are vastly different.

You try to draw a comparason between basic government services…. roads(infrastructure), police & fire, etc…. and having the property owners pay for extra-cirricular activities for little Johnny.

That assinine approach is why your side is behind 75% – 25% .(based on your side’s own polling)

10:41 AM, 9/7/2010
Dear below average,

Your view of basic government services that we should “all” pay for encompasses services that “you” use. As a society we’ve greatly expanded the services you consider “basic”. You don’t have to look that far back into our history to find that these services were considered private responsibility.

2:16 PM, 9/7/2010

Dear below average,

Our country/community has a long tradition of considering sports programs as a part of the education system. Only now those such as yourself who’ve squandered your savings and haven’t planned for your future are crying poor. You are rejects from the 60’s me gen. who only think of yourselves. You might wish to change your name to “below average loser”.

Why should we eliminate these basic services that encourage kids development now? Because you are a loser? NO.

4:55 PM, 9/7/2010
Below average,

That’s how you end up with a below average community filled with below average people.

Who wants to move to a backward place like what we’ll likely end up being? Answer…you and your loser family/friends.

I’m embarrassed for our community. How is it that Mason seems to be able to support their kids? The difference is in the make up of the community. We have too many losers here.

Avg Taxpayer
8:07 PM, 9/7/2010
Thinky Boy….
My company told the workforce…15% are going to be laid of (fired), the remainder of you, in order for you to keep your job and for us to stay in business, have to work harder for less money.
I have yet to hear that from ANYONE at Lakota. All I hear is that the teachers have have bigger classroom rosters…

Translated… they need to work harder and they don’t like it. And before you hand me that “it’s all about education” garbage…….

If it was really about educating the kids, no teacher would ever consider walking a picket line.



Your favorite Loser…..

P.S. when you are out of facts, always call your opponent names… works every time….

It may seem like a small comment to send the word “pathetic” in my direction, but I know it means more than just a name.
And that’s the problem with the people that end up standing against school levies, like Engle, Mrs. Miller and Sharon Poe. They get labeled as radical because they bring up a valid point. And because they may in their private lives be history buffs, or avid readers of various subjects, they are aware that something isn’t right, and they fight back.
Here’s my buddy Jennifer from Mason. I like her fighting attitude.

When a person tries to help, and they get involved, they are singled out as a threat. It happens in every organization. Think of Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer if it helps. Only people like Mr. Engle, and Mrs. Miller along with myself don’t require peer acceptance, so peer pressure doesn’t work, much to the frustration of those that wish to keep the status quo in line.
Here’s Jennifer again after she had been ridiculed by teachers and other members of the board trying to defend herself.

The reason for me that peer pressure doesn’t work is that my best friends in the whole world are my wife, my kids and my books, in that order. As long as I can read, I could care less what the rest of the world thinks of me. And that leaves me free to think about a subject without caring of whether people will judge me poorly.

Here’s my other buddy Sharon Poe also from Mason

It isn’t my fault if people like Mr. D’Ambrosio can’t understand the larger game going on. They just want their home values to stay stable, and for their kids to have decent lives. Before I ever became involved in Lakota’s issues, my research had led me to a place of understanding that many people would feel uncomfortable with. But without question, there are elements to public education that are undesirable for the proper assistance of teaching American boys and girls to become American men and women. And much of this happened because people like D’Ambrosio are too busy paying attention to the values of society instead of thinking about the world around them.

Most people like D’Ambrosio wouldn’t think much about these videos. I see this as radical. But to most, this is normal.

I like the song, but if that was my daughter in that crowd there’d be big trouble for her. Again, this is considered in our society as normal.

My wife and I have been to Cancun. I see this kind of thing and I simply don’t get it. I felt like I was from some other planet. But again, to many people, this is normal behavior.

This is how I spend my time with my family. And this is what is “normal” to me. All the videos below were done by my daughters. Because as a parent, you are judged by the kids you raise. And I’m proud of them. They have brains, and tons of guts.

This is my oldest daughter, and her then fiancé, along with her younger sister an best friend as I drug them all over the United States going to whip shows.

This is my family stuck at home during a heavy snow storm.

And here was a ghost hunt in the rugged hills of Ohio and West Virginia.

Becoming a pilot, at 16.

And this is from my youngest daughter

We spend a lot of time talking about paranormal stuff. But she has never lost her perspective on reality. Science is always first.

The reason I put all these videos up here are because I have never left it to a teacher, or an institution to do what is my responsibility as a parent. And I do look at people who do so with sad contempt at what they are missing. I leave it to society to make decisions in life for themselves. But don’t ask me to pay extraordinary amounts of money for a social experiment that doesn’t live up to my personal standards, which I admit are very high, too high for most people to be comfortable with. Just don’t try and scam me with smoke screens, and intimidation. That will make me very angry, very, very angry.
Because whether you want to admit it or not, this is what has happened in public education.

So before you guys try to paint me as some radical have a look in the mirror and the life you’re living. I’m living my life and I love every day of it. And that love of life gets passed on to the people around me especially my children. I have no sympathy to most of the parents that are using public education as a day care, and wanting the public to help foot the bill, because you’re not trying to teach your child. You’re hiring a teacher to do what you should be doing while you pursue a selfish agenda of your own. So judge me, and you’ll get it right back. If you ask me for money, you’re going to get the wrath of my questions and judgment.

Get used to it.
Rich Hoffman

16 thoughts on “Being Good and Being Right

  1. My husband just told me about your site. He saved it on the computer so I could look at it and I must say you’ve got some awesome stuff here. Sorry I don’t have much more to contribute, but I just wanted to offer up some encouragement.


  2. I just found your website on Google and I must say, I’m impressed. I frequent a lot of blogs and yours is by far one of the best I’ve come across. The information you have here is concise and accurate and you have a very good writing style. Perhaps you should consider writing a book?


  3. I just found your website on Google and I must say, I’m impressed. I frequent a lot of blogs and yours is by far one of the best I’ve come across. The information you have here is concise and accurate and you have a very good writing style. Perhaps you should consider writing a book?


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