Government Spending is on Everyone’s Mind: I’m not the only one talking about it.

I’m not the only one saying that government is spending too easy the money that we gave them as tax payers. It’s far too easy to spend other people’s money.

I can’t think of a time in my lifetime when this many different people spoke about the spending problems of government. The problem is at all levels and its each and every person’s responsibility, if you’re a teacher, it’s time to start rearranging your life to something more manageable, because things will not stay the way they have forever. If you’re a superintendent, you need to do the same. In fact if you work for the government in any fashion, you need to make those adjustments now. Get your financial obligations down so you can endure the change.

The tax payers want to pay you well for the service you provide. But the days of blind foolish spending are gone.
Rich Hoffman

8 thoughts on “Government Spending is on Everyone’s Mind: I’m not the only one talking about it.

  1. Cutting spending will increase unemployment. Republicans can’t name any major spending cuts they’re willing to make and they didn’t cut any spending when they had control of all branches of government, so that’s not going to happen any time soon.

    Right now we need to roll back the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. After the economy recovers, then we can roll back the rest of the Bush tax cuts and cut spending to get our deficit under control, and maybe some day pay down the debt.


  2. They have no choice this time. They either do, or they are done as a party. You’re right, cutting spending will increase unemployement, unfortunately. That is because government got into the business of creating jobs, which it shouldn’t be doing. So it will be painful in the short run. But healthy over time.

    As to the debt. That needs to be paid down now. The economy may not recover to what it was, so now is the time for action. We’re not the only world power anymore, unlike the situation after the fall of the Soviet Union.


  3. I agree, it is a lot easier spending other people’s money, especially on things that don’t need funding. Tax payers would gladly pay tax if the money were going towards something more needy, such as schools. The budget cuts have had horrible impact on education. Students don’t have enough supplies. I even read that some schools have a shoratge of toilet paper!! That’s right, the budget cuts have hurt funding for sanitation. Disgusting isn’t it? Sure cuts on spending can decrease unemployment, but more funding for schools can increase employment. Due to the budget cuts, teachers have been laid off, and classroooms are crowded. Therefore, with more funding for schools, employment levels will increase. I guess it depends on what the government is spending the money on. In this case, spending is a good idea!


  4. If you take away what the Union worker ( collective bargaining ) pays into the tax revenue, what is the total of that loss and then how much would the ” tax payer ” have to pick up on raised taxes and what not to make up for that lost tax revenue ? How would it effect the State, City level and County levels on thier revenues ? Remember, we also pay taxes … somethging you all seem to forget in mentioning.


    1. I have thought about that, but nobody is taking away your money, or your job. You’ll still be working and the revenue will be in relation to that tax bracket. The trouble is, if you want to shrink the size of government, and many of us do, those jobs that feed off that government need to be managed in a different way anyway. Competition is scary, but does provide the best results, and for society to get its best value for tax dollars spent, we need more freedom on allocating funds so obtaining them is a reward, not an expectation.


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