Lakota Cuts Busing: As Predicted

Lakota Cuts Busing: Announcement made at Monday’s School Board meeting.

Completely on queue and as predictable as tears at a funeral, the school board announced that it was going to cut busing to students grades 9 through 12 including private and parochial schools, and students kindergarten through eighth-grade who live within a two-mile driving distance. This will affect 9,100 students and will put a serious burden on parents all across the district.

Parents showed up at the board meeting and expressed their concerns about the safety of their children, but they might as well of saved their breath. The wheels were already in motion, because cutting busing is one of the OSBA’s methods of getting a levy passed.

Mike Taylor announced that “Transportation is something that we have offered beyond state requirements, and we can’t afford it any longer.”

Oh……………….but you know what they can afford, teachers that make over $85,000 a year. Click here to see how much teachers are making at Lakota.

The No Lakota Group demonstrated how Lakota could work within their budget without hurting parents. See that plan here.

Cutting busing will only save $800,000 for the duration of the school year of 2011, and 2.8 million next year. Lakota is spending over $31 million dollars on teachers and administrators making over $65K per year. Yet, instead of making reductions at the top of their pay scale, like most companies would, they resort to the relatively small amounts of money that will put the community at an inconvenience and actually put the children in danger.

So this isn’t a cut to save money. This is a cut purely based on politics and protecting the top wage earners. It is nothing more than that.

How does that make you feel as a resident? See the history of the last levy attempt and follow the pattern.  Cutting busing is part of the politics of the next levy attempt.  It’s all about money and greed.  Nothing else, otherwise the union would come to the table and offer to help instead of putting children in danger and parents under duress. 

For perspective, here is some real numbers by one of our No Lakota people.  This has been sent to the school board, so they have this information. 

What this shows is that the financial situation does not show a need to cut busing, and in fact does not require such drastic measures until next year. 

I will post more on this to show what a poor decision this is. 

Rich Hoffman