Glenn Beck, George Soros, and My Explosive Announcement

Two stories on The this week put my mind into overdrive. There was the collection of comments from George Soros which exposed his true intentions toward the United States in favor of his global pursuits, and then there were the clips from the Comedy Central Daily Show where Jon Stewart made fun of Glenn Beck for pointing out how Soros manipulates those around him to realize his vision.

While we’re in a season of Thanksgiving, I give my thanks to Glenn Beck for holding strong in the face of all the opposition, and continuing to provide insight into the dark exploits of the very rich, very corrupt, and the many, many people that will sell their lives away for a good income, who make themselves willing pawns to people like George Soros.  That’s not to take away from my own family or good fortune.  But we all need a country to raise our  families in, and I am thankful that Beck has put the issues threatening the country on the table for all to see, so we can take steps as Americans to do something about it. 

Soros indirectly has had an influence on Hollywood, which Beck hasn’t spent much time covering. His money and those like him are heavily sought after to bankroll films. Anyone that knows the film industry a little knows that Robert Redford’s Sundance film festival is the premier film festival in the country and studios watch it closely for new talent. And, George Soros has contributed a lot of money to the Sundance Institute. Soros is financing the film Better This World which is about the left wing terrorists that plotted to kill republicans at the 2008 GOP convention. And with other money being either directly or indirectly funded to film projects it is no wonder why Hollywood has moved in a radically left political direction. And I personally blame people like Soros for why Hollywood no longer knows how to produce a good western, and why the symbols of American individualism, the cowboy, have been reduced in the minds of the public to drunken fools abusing Indians.

One of the best books I’ve ever read is The Frontiersman. This is something that every kid in grade school should have to read as part of their understanding of history. But, it doesn’t fit with the progressive platform, and is therefore not encouraged as reading material. Dances with Wolves, although a good movie is not a typical western, but does embrace the progressive platform. A book like The Frontiersman does not, so it is ignored by the media outlets, even though the book is a far superior novel, it will never be made into a film while progressives control the funding structure in Hollywood.

Soros recently donated 1 million dollars to Proposition 19 in California to legalize Marijuana use, and I found that absolutely appalling. Many of the talking points about being able to collect taxes off the legalized use, and cost savings of decriminalization were very similar to the campaign I was involved in with education reform in Ohio and that was terrible. So there is no question as to Soros motivations. Proposition 19 is another progressive platform icon, which thankfully failed.

So how do we combat people like Soros and his attempts to undermine American Culture? Well, you do it the way he’s done it, except you turn it back on them. Beck has done that to some extent. The money he has made off his books and various enterprises, he has spent on research into the kind of activity he’s been reporting. Money can flow in the other direction if people are willing to put their money where their mouth like Glenn Beck has done, and because of the urgency of the situation, I am too.

In 2004 I wrote a book called The Symposium of Justice. Starting on November 1st of this year, any profit I get from the sale of this book will go to reforms in education, which the teachers unions are against, and spend a great deal of money preventing. The connection between teacher unions and Soros is that they both spend their money on democratic candidates to implement their desires. So I plan to use the money generated by The Symposium of Justice to combat that influence.

If you’re looking for a hot new gift for Christmas or someone’s birthday, or to read for yourself, the profit I receive will go to a good cause and I can promise you I will create explosive results.

The book is available at or by request at your local book store. And remember, as is the motto of The Symposium of Justice, “Justice comes with the crack of a whip.”

As to Beck’s visit to Wilmington, I will be there for sure.  It’s practically just down the road for me.  I know Wilmington extremely well.  I missed 8/28 due to a wedding.  I won’t miss this one!

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

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