How To Make Government Smaller: Look to Nature

The discussion that TSA employees were thinking of organizing under a union occurred during the week leading up to the weekend of November 20th. Also during the week Rep Charlie Rangel of the house was found guilty of 11 ethics violations. There was a lot of discussion in the news as to whether or not the house would extend the Bush tax cuts. All this was on my mind while I was rappelling in the mountains with my family.

During one particular decent on a particular rock face that was covered with algae, some apparent similarities became very obvious to me in relation to politics. Algae is a unique form of plant life in that it is a photosynthetic organism that mainly lives in water, and is similar to seaweed. Algae differ from other plants in that they don’t have true leaves, roots or stems. That description sort of reminds me of the typical politician.

If you want to make government smaller, or get control of the out of control costs of your school system, all you have to do is cut the funding that is feeding those systems. It’s that simple. Your tax dollars are the water that feeds the parasites that cling to the rock face of our countries foundations. And the growth of these prevents the kind of sure-footing we all need in running our country.

In school system politics, we’ve seen how schools all across Ohio have developed trouble for themselves. Their collective bargaining has put teaching wages too high, at an unsustainable level. And the teacher’s unions refuse to take steps back now that it is obvious that the wage levels are simply too high. Their wages in some cases rival the wages of those in congress and governing of states. Schools are a good model for the rest of government, because we still have some control over the spending levels in schools. So as I was thinking of all this rappelling down the rock, it came to me that the reason the algae grows is because the sun shines on it intensely as that particular cliff faced south, and water ran pretty freely down that portion of the rock face, giving the algae the opportunity to grow.

Forget the protests, the signs, and the letters to legislatures for more laws. If you want to get control of the out-of-control government spending that we are seeing, cut the funding that allows the government to grow. Nature will force government to become smaller and more manageable. Cut the money that feeds the growth of the politician. And deny the attention from society toward the panicky politicians that seek the funding.

Metaphor KEY:

Algae = Political motivations and political body of government
Sun Light = The public attention on a given political topic.

Sum of the two = Control both aspects, and government will be forced to become smaller as a by-product.

If you want the answers to life’s complicated problems, nature always provides it.

And that is precisely why John Locke used so many natural comparisons in his Second Treaties of Government, which deeply inspired Thomas Jefferson and the Anti-Federalist movement of the 1780’s.

I would argue that just such a position is much-needed with the current problems populating our news broadcasts. What they all have in common is the need for your tax dollars to fund their activity. Cut their funding, and they will have to find some other rock to grow on, preferably in some other country.

Rich Hoffman

9 thoughts on “How To Make Government Smaller: Look to Nature

  1. I have a problem with the overall premise of your article but I still think its really informative. I really like your other posts. Keep up the great work. If you can add more video and pictures can be much better. Because they help much clear understanding. 🙂 thanks Feijunlong.


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