A Street Car of No Desire

The streetcar slated to be built-in Cincinnati is receiving a $35 million dollar grant from the federal government. The reason this is a problem is because once you take the money, you are obligated to fulfill the requirements of taking that money, much like the issue regarding the high-speed rail where the Federal government dangled $400 million in grants at Ohio to commit us to build the rail system. It is important for Ohio, and for Cincinnati not to take federal money when it can avoid it.


Because there is a small item in the Constitution called the 10th Amendment. When a city or state takes federal money, it is expanding the growth of government at the federal level in exchange for the small return on the investment. In the case of these streetcars and trains, who is really going to use them? I won’t. And nobody I know will. I’d use a car or a motorcycle to get where I want to go. If I lived downtown, I’d ride a bicycle. I would never ride a streetcar. Relatively speaking, it is a very small percent of the population that will ride these transportation devices.

But……when the money is taken, suddenly the federal government has a right to dictate mandates. This is how congress has exercised many power grabs over the last century. So when you ask the question how we arrived at this point in time, where the government is out of control and growing rapidly, and local politicians look at us glass-eyed like zombies and proceed against our best interest, it’s because they sold our rights away for the prospect of free money.

I put together this video to explain the process. Watch it here:

When the federal government does this, it’s no different from when a credit card company sends you a new credit card offer. Politicians are always looking for something to attach their names to so their legacies will live on in history, and free money helps them build such monuments to themselves. And they sell us all out in the process, and leave us obligated to a giant centralized government for years there-after.

All in the name of power.

The trains have nothing to do with convenience, and everything to do with reducing the effectiveness of the 10th Amendment. Just be sure you understand that as the news proceeds forward from a mayor that has been to China twice in 6 months during 2010, and a former governor that has been in the hip pocket of President Obama, who is in the hip pocket of powerful unions, SEIU to be specific.

The State of Ohio needs to get in the habit of living off its own revenue. Once that happens, we can tell congress where to put their power grabs, and we will be free to regulate our own interests locally, the way the Constitution of the United States intended it.

Rich Hoffman

6 thoughts on “A Street Car of No Desire

  1. COAST representative was on “Willie” today and said that the City of Cincinnati is obligated to maintain the “streetcar of no desire” for thirty years. Once the city accepts the federal funds voila! the feds will control the funds of the city. That is because the project is doomed to failure and the receipts will never even pay the interest. Mallory and company
    will be long gone – probably to China.

    Good question is, why is Mallory going to China? Never an explanation on that one.


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