The Real Evil in the World

When the United States of America is called racist, unfair, evil, and other poor diatribes of foolishness, the audacity of such statements defies logic. I accept the reason for the nonsense, even if the popular current wishes to go down that swift stream full of undertows that dump out into a massive whirlpool of doom.

To let you know what I’m thinking, there is a massive river coming from Niagara Falls that runs down some swift rapids for several miles before making a sharp right turn toward Lake Ontario. Anyone that has seen that whirlpool would not want to swim in it. The current is so swift, that anything in it is sure to sink.

That’s where our country is right now, stuck in that current. And the other countries, those grand members of the United Nations, our so called friends, have pushed America off the cliff in hopes that we’ll sink. They fantasize that life without the United States in the world will allow them to prosper and have a chance at being the best for once.

What the world doesn’t appreciate is the United States protects it from bullies, which will always exist no matter what form of government the world chooses. Those bullies call us names from their home countries, and in many cases they call it names from within. It’s all part of the process of pushing America into the swift water hoping we’ll drown.
Then you see how the rest of the world functions, and reality comes into sharp focus.

I saw this woman from the Sudan being publicly punished, and the petty criticisms of the United States seem ridiculous.

American society is not perfect, but it is far superior to anything that has ever been attempted on the face of planet earth, and I am tired of the criticism and self-doubt leveled at American society. The United States is the greatest light of hope the world has.

The below pictures are other terrible instances of violence against women committed by the beliefs of “other” countries, outside of American influence.

And I won’t put the really bad ones up here. If you want to see much, much worse click here:

When you hear people say the United States isn’t a “fair” place, consider the motive of the accusation. For while we are busy being touchy, feely, sensitive creatures just trying to keep our heads about the swift water, the bullies are doing the real violence to poor innocent victims that need the valiant strength of the United States of America.

It’s time to sink or swim, and the world needs us to survive.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

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