Meet Francis Fox Piven: another radical old hippie and current college professor

Let’s start off the New Year with yet another college professor, and former hippie radical that is helping to shape the world we live in today.

Meet Frances Fox Pivan, in her own words.

Here she talks about Glenn Beck. What’s interesting is that she admits that the progressive process was already a larger plan by the late 60’s.

Piven is all about subversion and undermining the power structure that exists in favor of a more level society. That’s called socialism. It’s easy for her to point at people who are calling her out on the issue and pretend surprise. But she has a long history of supporting that leveling of the playing field and revealing that the strategy of undoing America as a world power is the overall objective.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

9 thoughts on “Meet Francis Fox Piven: another radical old hippie and current college professor

  1. Piven is another “red diaper baby” that David Horowitz tries valiently to warn us about. Everyone needs to read his book “Radical Son.” (In the first interview she states that her parents migrated to Canada from an “Eastern European” country.)

    All of her views are from a solid foundation of Marx. She has moved past Marx in her philosophy and admits that freely. She advocates that we become more like the Scandanavian countries. She neglects to mention that they are all “cradle to grave” communist countries. All are on the verge of bankruptcy. All have destroyed human iniative. People are paid whether they work or not. They choose. Where are the scientific discoveries coming forth in these countries? I believe they gave the Nobel Prize to an individual from this country that has accomplished zero.
    The Pilgrims found out early that when you take away the incentive of reward from an individual’s labor, they are content to sit and watch the productive work. Eventually the working people decide to stop working for nothing. At that point we all starve.
    Piven calls the productive “greedy.” Her views are full of holes, but none of the people who interview her are willing to challenge her ideas. Why? Because they are of the same view. Communists!


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