Think Big! Think Star Wars!

I’ve said more than once, that Star Wars is an excellent study in political science, and is much more sophisticated than just a simple childhood entertainment.

I am extremely pleased to learn that my nephew, who is 6, just received his first toy Millennium Falcon for Christmas.
It’s great for young people, but it’s good for adults too. When you have an imagination without limits, there are few playgrounds for the mind than what you can find in Star Wars. As far as my personal thoughts and philosophy, the clip of Mace Windu below, reflects most accurately my essential foundations.

The politics in Star Wars is sophisticated and worth watching just for the interesting problems that are addressed. But the combat is always entertaining and visually pleasing to look at.
Here is a scene from one of my favorite Star Wars games. This is EPIC!

This TV show is keeping Star Wars alive for a whole new generation. GREAT STUFF!

A lot of people are asking me to run for office. Others are asking me to join their company to help them get their finances in line. But to be honest, I am thinking of retiring when this game comes out. My wife and I are planning to play this together for thousands and thousands of hours!

Star Wars is a great escape when you need it. But its themes are more valuable than just escape, and to me, this scene is the greatest scene of any movie in the history of film.

While it may seem like a lot of information to follow, the topics I have covered on this site, it really is only complicated in relation to other adults that have allowed their minds to be clouded with routine, golf games, shopping and other unnecessary burdens. Star Wars is something my entire family enjoys together, and places our minds on subjects much larger than the silly grip of power that a local trustee or city council member pursues. And because I value the fictional world of Star Wars more than the communist musings of the modern world looking for just an “average” existence that ends in some eventless death, it is easy to see the error many of these small minded politicians pursue. I would rather spend a minute with a deep seated Star Wars nerd than a whole afternoon with a powerful politician, if that tells you anything. Because the Star Wars nerd is spending their time thinking big, where the politician is on the silly little aspects of human achievement that a developing species, in their infantile beginnings, is limited to.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

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