John Kasich and the Cusp of Renewal: A plan for solving Ohio’s Problems

Want to know what a politician should sound like; listen to this interview of John Kasich from Bill Cunningham of 700 WLW?

The Governor was very explicit in that interview that he does not intend to take a public job to get another public job. He mentioned a bill to prevent unions from being able to strike against public organizations and he spoke about balancing the budget and bring jobs back to Ohio by taking away the restrictions that drive business away.

All too often politicians stick their fingers to the wind and check public opinion before taking action. That is the problem. People like Kasich are successful without politics. He doesn’t need the small wage of what an Ohio Governor makes. It’s not important to him to see his name on the signs welcoming people to the state, because he’s in the job to do the job. Not to fill his ego.

Heads of companies tend to do the work of balancing the budget of companies without worrying about whether or not they make all the employees angry, because they are the boss. And a boss can’t get wrapped up in popularity. All that really matters is if the state remains financially stable so we can live our lives in the state, and it’s the governors job to make sure that happens.

If you’re the kind of person looking for the government to do something for you, then you won’t like Kasich, because you have misread the intention of government and have bought into the “great lie” of Progressives. But if you want government to get out of our way, so we can create jobs, live out our lives, and not have all the money that should go to savings going to a bunch of “air headedprogressive programs, it is with great relief to hear a governor on the edge of taking control of the state government, that professes the attitude that he’s here to do the job, not begin running for the next public office so he can get the benefits of inflated public entitlements.

That’s what you get when you put people who are independently successful in office, instead of some mindless parasites that are clueless as to how the world works!

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

11 thoughts on “John Kasich and the Cusp of Renewal: A plan for solving Ohio’s Problems

  1. Couldn’t haave said it better myself. Kasich is in there to do the job that Taft and Strickland would not do. Because both were unable to stand up to the unions Ohio is on the verge of bankruptcy.


  2. School Choice will create competition and competition is something the teacher’s union doesn’t understand. For those who really care about our children and the future of our country, I suggest that you call your state reps and senators and let them know that school levies should be a thing of the past. Let the money follow the child. Let the parents decide and not their postal zip code. Tenure, early retirement, free health benefits, and all of the other accouterments that spell poor schools needs to be stopped and stopped now. It is well documented that all of our government schools are not providing the education we are paying them to accomplish. This country pays more to educate our students than any other industrialized nation. The results can be compared to third world nations.

    The lowest paid teacher in Lebanon is paid $60,322 for just over six months of her time. (This is according to figures provided by the treasurer.) Anyone that believe teachers are underpaid better wake up. I’ve been told that this particular teacher is seen all over town during days when school is in session. Needless to say, she doesn’t punch a timeclock.


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