Arizona Shooter Wanted to “be a Woman Someday”

It is terribly sad that Clarence Dupnik and Keith Obermann quickly seized the shooting tragedy in Arizona to attempt to erode the progress of the conservative movement.

Hey…………….guys, the kid was a screwball. One of his favorite books was the Communist Manifesto! That’s as far from the Tea Party movement as you get. Look at his Facebook page. He worked for “Children Protective Services, and wanted to be a woman someday.” Does that sound like a conservative leaning, tea partier?

Yet while the poor victims were still on the operating table, these two irresponsible people chose to seize the opportunity to take a shot at those who want to see the county return to traditional American values.

Here is the Sheriff in Tucson, Clarence Dupnik.

And here is Keith Obermann jumping quickly to capitalize on the progressive position well before the facts were in, hoping to erode away the effects of the recent conservative gains in popularity.

Who confuses who? Listen to this Socialist in Ohio spewing confusing rhetoric that is intended for young people.

 This guy openly speaks of moving away from the American Constitution.

If the kid was confused, it’s because of the effect people like Bernadine Dorn, Bill Ayers, Francis Pivan and many, many others that have infected our schools like termites with leftist ideology that doesn’t hold much water when someone does some investigation into the truth of the matter. The kid was reading all the wrong stuff at a tender age where leftist rhetoric had obviously manipulated his reason. Not to mention the Daily Show. That could be equally to blame. It targets kids in his age group. Click here to see for yourself how young people are being manipulated by the left.

And in tragedy those same leftists try to assign blame away from them, quickly, onto a faction of society that is trying to help young people like this kid desire to do something more important with their lives than trying to become a woman. Don’t let the facts get in the way of your opinion.  I’ve been to a lot of Tea Party events and ALL of them are like this.  CLICK HERE!

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

7 thoughts on “Arizona Shooter Wanted to “be a Woman Someday”

  1. When evil strikes the mainstream media and the left immediately use the tragedy to blaspheme conservatives. After the truth of the beliefs and character of the perpetrator is revealed, the story is old and the media has already moved on to another story. The twenty-two year old gunman appears to have so many issues that the army rejected him. Maybe he thought the taxpayers could pay for his transgender surgery if he was in the military.

    Somewhere along the line this man opted for anti-social behavior. Too bad that so many people have to suffer because his family, his school and everyone that knew him, did not seek help for him.


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