“Warrior of the Week” Mr. John Meyer

Warrior of the Week: Mr. John Meyer.

There were many residents that spoke well at the Mason School Board meeting on February 8, 2011. But none spoke quite so well as Mr. John Meyer. Listen to him speak in the video below.

For that speech, I am dedicating this post to Mr. Meyer as the first official “Warrior of the Week.” If more people stood up and spoke like Mr. Meyer, we’d have a lot less corruption, manipulation, and scandalous behavior. It’s when the community sleeps that improprieties are committed by public officials. Now the community is wide awake, and I politely tip my hat to Mr. John Meyer for his bold and articulate speech that solidifies the temperament of the community.

John was on a media tour the following day which is captured here. Click to listen.

Thanks, John! Great job!

Rich Hoffman

10 thoughts on ““Warrior of the Week” Mr. John Meyer

  1. There are people in my life that move me. I mean…REALLY move me. They are few. My father, who gave me the tools to navigate through life..now and then as he was right when he said what I believe would waiver with experience. So right. My husband for letting me move in the direction that drives my heart and soul no matter what. Glenn Beck. Say what you may…he’s my people. He’s been saying what I’ve felt for years. Yes..I cry. All the time. And Rich, who has given strenghth and voice to those of us out there that share his passion and need for serious change on so many venues. We need you and those that stand by you in the fight for the simple morale and values we were taught to respect. I never thought in a million years I would be here. Last but not least…to John. Kudos to you for just handing it to them. I’m honored that you live in my county and Country. God Bless. You ARE a Warrior! Today..I am blessed.


    1. That is a nice comment. We are at war, there is no question about it. Not a war with guns and knives, but of words and ideas. And if we don’t do like John did at that school board meeting, we’ll find ourselves in much the same situation as we’re in today forever, where minorities rule because they are the squeeky wheel that gets the grease. And when I say “minorities” I’m not talking about color, but ideas. These strange weaklings on the left have distorted everything and taken advantage of the kindness of the American people and their generosity. So we have to balance things out, or we’ll lose it forever.


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