Progress Ohio Spin Machine Calls Senate Bill 5 Anti-Worker.

The following is from the Progress Ohio website, including the pictures. I will provide a short commentary afterward. I put it here in its entirety so more people can see how these types of people spin issues to suit their needs.  But one thing to notice as you read this, look how they assume that the reader of their comments are not very intelligent.  People who read a lot will notice right away the demeaning nature of the sentence structures.  But the members of these “public worker organizations” are typically not very motivated, and tend not to educate themselves with books.  They let “leaders” do their thinking for them.  So the press releases end up sounding like some trible council order from the village chief.   And anybody who understands the nature of the United States and it’s people, we don’t like to live in villages, and we don’t want leaders.  We want to lead ourselves.  Only the very lazy crave to surrender their freedom for the security of a “leader.”

COLUMBUS, OHIO – An overflow crowd of over 800 concerned Ohioans packed the halls of the Ohio Statehouse today in opposition of Senate Bill 5, a job-killing, anti-worker bill that would silence the voice of Ohio’s public servants. If passed by the Ohio legislature, Senate Bill 5 would eliminate collective bargaining for Ohio’s public employees and make it more difficult to attract and retain quality staff.

“Today, Senator Shannon Jones and her anti-worker allies jump-started their job-killing vendetta against Ohio’s middle class,” said Becky Williams, President of SEIU District 1199 which represents over 9,000 public sector workers in Ohio. “Reducing government, cutting taxes for the rich, and taking rights away from workers might sound good to Jones, but when you talk about taking safety forces off of our streets, educators out of our communities and leaving criminals unsupervised in our towns – it’s just not practical.”

While working under the misrepresented premise of “transparency” and “reducing the size and scope of government,” Jones openly admits that there will be no direct financial benefit to the taxpayers after her exhaustive one-year research of collective bargaining. To the contrary, a report published by Policy Matters Ohio found that “allowing public sector workers to bargain collectively reduces labor strife, reduce the likelihood of strikes and can lead to better training and higher productivity for public sector workers.”


This type of rhetoric is dangerous, and extremely misleading.  Their use of terminology such as Anti-worker and the such are manipulations of the basic facts.  I know many hard-working people who routinely work circles around public workers as far as quality and it angers me greatly to hear that union represented workers are “working families.”  It’s that kind of discussion that has created our bankrupt conditions that began 27 years ago. 

There will be a lot more on this later as the facts come in.  You can read more details from me that I’ve written so far at this link.

Notice how many people showed up for this event.  Those are your working families.  The reason their voices get heard and the “real” working families get ignored are because the real workers are working.  These people are just paid lobbyists.  Groups like the OEA, Progress Ohio and many others have their members take off work to participate in these lobby events, and that’s how things became so messed up to begin with. 

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

29 thoughts on “Progress Ohio Spin Machine Calls Senate Bill 5 Anti-Worker.

  1. Well, I guess we all know who supports the SEIU, the NEA and all the other unions that have had the taxpayers over the barrel for a long time. I grew up in Detroit and I can tell anyone that will listen that the UAW and all the rest ruined the auto industry. The fat cats made the money and the labor was just that LABOR.

    We can thank these unions for the state of our nation and for the incompetent “progress” that sits in the whitehouse. If the unions (community organizers) had not bused “voters” around the state from precinct to precinct we wouldn’t have the current man in our White House. I hope that all eyes and ears are wide open and will support Shannon Jones and Governor Kasich and get SB 5 passed without any changes. Don’t let the thugs scare you. We outnumber them, but we have to show up.


  2. Funny, I know a lot of “hard-working people” from both the public and the private sectors. They are all “taxpayers”. They are all Americans and Ohioans. Why is this country falling apart? It is the divisiveness that the political “parties” (old and new) perpetuate. If we could quit using terms like “evil” or “stupid” and understand that we need to come together to work out the problems this nation faces, including compromise from all sides, maybe we could make a better country for our kids and grandkids. At least one less hate-filled than it now appears to be.


  3. Very Nice comment. Here’s the problem in my opinion, when you have the leader of the free world calling the opposition “Enemies” on tv..your giving creedence to the people who look to him for inspiration, direction or believe what he says is gospel. Especially the impressionable youth of today that think he can do no wrong. This sets a presedence deep in the minds that follow him that this is ok. No matter if he apologized or not. The seed is planted. I remember discussing this with my neice. She said “I bet if President Bush had said that there would be anarchy in the streets”. Far fetched, but this is from the young mind of a voter. I surely don’t place all the bame on this example, but he has done nothing to bring us together. Especially early on when 2012 was so far away. A perfect example is him siding with the unions in this latest fight. He should just stay out of it and let “We The People” pave this road, be what it may. Just creating another rift in an already tense society seems wrong. If I am way off base…I wish someone would correct me.


  4. The union protesters in Columbus were there on our dime. They admittedly were taking a “personal” day off with full pay. A Columbus teacher was very vocal in her demands. She was getting paid to be there and the “children” that she professed to be worried about were left without her very “important” services. As a result, the district had to pay for a substitute and her salary. Notice that the demands are the same greedy and selfish ones that they always have. They don’t care if the state and the country goes bankrupt. That’s no concern of theirs.


  5. It would be nice if someone spoke factually instead of spouting short sighted opinions. The State of Ohio budget has an 8 billion dollar deficit. State employeee salaries account for 9% of the budget. The employees aren’t going to work for free. At most you’ll save 3%. Wow we saved a whole 240 million. Meanwhile the Ohio Governor managed to give his entire staff a raises. Way to kill the middle class…


    1. There are multiple facts at this site. You’re doing the union bullet points again. And as stated, this is only 9% of the budget, there will be more cuts to come. This is just the start.

      And the union is not the middle class. They are just a segment of it. The middle class will live on fine.


  6. John Q – I don’t know where you get your facts, but “education” alone is one half of the state budget. Check out the pie chart? Human Services is about 40% and so that leaves 10% for everything else. The quote of an $8 billion deficit is a conservative estimate. The deficit in Ohio is closer to $10 billion. We can’t sustain these deficits no matter what they are. This state is going down the tubes. Most school districts have taxed the property owners beyond their abiltiy to pay. Close to 85% of most school budgets is for benefits and salaries. The unions refuse to give up one cent. That is a fact. The unions contribute to the levy campaigns and to the campaigns of elected officials. Reps give the unions what they want in return. Read the Ohio Revised Code in the 3313 section. Many of the laws were actually enacted totally to benefit the union. Tenure, class size, school year, personal days, sick days all law. All bought and paid for by the union. Time to shut down these bad laws with SB 5.


    1. Wow. Apparently, none of you are teachers. These comments you continue to make really make me think you have no clue how valuable well-qualified teachers are. Most of the teachers in the state of Ohio have as much education and continuing ed hours as some of the highest paid surgeons. Do you really believe that salaries in the high teens to low thirties are what they deserve. And please, don’t make a bigger fool of yourself by throwing in the “summers off” reasoning. Ignorance is so unbecoming.

      I just hope you don’t need a police officer or fire department after all of this. Now who will want those jobs?


      1. I hire people with college, and most of the time I have to completly re-train them because of what they learned from your education system that puts more attention on socialogy, than practical application. For comments like the one you left above, please educate yourself with this article.

        If you choose to obtain those degrees, fine. Enjoy yourself. I’d say from my own experience and observation that it’s a huge waste of money. So don’t ask me to pay for it.

        I do a lot of the work that police and fire departments do for free anyway in my community. And I know many people that would do the same. Having paid officials to do the work is a luxury. And as you know, or should know, in tough times, it’s the luxuries that we have to give up. And we’re in tough times. If those professions want to make themselves irrelevant, keep protesting. Because someone else will do the job. Trust me.

        And as for your comment about being a “fool” that is laughable. I could care less about summers off. If I had it my way I’d reduce all teachers by 60 to 70 percent and give kids a computer to do most of the actual learning. I’d completly reform the education system to something more like life, which is 24 hours a day, all months of the year so kids learn how to live in that world. Your teacher contracts are in the way of innovative education. See this article.

        The only fool here is people like you that are protesting, and chaining yourselves to a sinking ship, instead of working with everyone to step into the 21st century.

        If you want to teach, we’ll hire you, especially if you’re qualified, and it sounds like you are. But drop the attitude. I don’t want to do the work in the future of having to re-teach the kids that come out of your classroom because you taught them all the wrong things. And don’t over-charge for your service. Many of you are, and know it.


  7. Lori, are you really serious? Comparing teachers to surgeons. PLEASE! That is just too much to swollow. You might want to check out the transcripts of the Lebanon superintendent. He had “F’s” in math.
    Now he is managing a $100 million budget, without much success, I might say.

    We all know that most of the people that go into education because the degree consists of the easiest requirements. It is easy enough to check out the requirements on line for any university.

    The very audacity to compare yourselves to doctors and surgeons is beyond belief. Just think for one moment what does it take to teach any elementary school subject? Homeschoolers perform the highest on all tests, win national spelling bees and overall are more successfull. They are taught by their parents. I know you just hate that comparison.


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