Warrior of the Week: Senator Shannon Jones

With the introduction of Senate Bill 5 last week and the debate that will ensue during the week of Valentines Day as spring time weather provides some much-needed relief from what has been a brutal winter, an important step in the history of Ohio is underway.

The beginning of the end regarding collective bargaining, a law that has crippled the state since it’s inception in 1983, Ohio has a fighting chance of getting the states finances under control, and the responsibility of that epic move falls on the shoulders of Senator Shannon Jones, who sponsored that controversial bill, and because of that bold act, it has earned her Warrior of the Week.

Listen to Senator Jones explain the bill to Doc Thompson of 700 WLW. But after her interview, stick around and listen to the rest of the program because several union leaders called in to reveal their strategy, a strategy that worked well for print media and television, but it falls apart under the scrutiny of talk radio. This provoked me to call in at the end of the program to set some things straight about the bill, which had been distorted by the emotional testimony of union leaders.

Talk radio, and professionals like Doc Thompson who read several papers a day, watches countless hours of C-Span, browses every relevant article on the internet, and spends three hours a day actually talking to people and is not easily fooled by such shallow tag words as, “it’s for the kids,” or “it’s all about safety,” will argue the facts for hours, which is to the detriment of those protectionists of the status quo, because their arguments cannot support facts, only emotion. The frustration of the union leaders is understandable. This is a scary time for them and nobody wants to see them scared. But we need to put control of management issues back in control of management, and not allow tag lines to make management the enemy just to protect collective bargaining agreements.

My point all along in defending the levy requests at Lakota is that the greed of unions to implement “step increases” did not show responsibility on their part, and are in fact driving up teaching contracts in a manner that school boards cannot control their costs. S.B.5 gives school boards the ability to eliminate those increases, and if the current board members won’t do it, members of the community can elect representatives that will do the job as it needs to be done. No longer will local cost increases be out of the control of local administration.

That’s why Senate Bill 5 is one of the boldest legislative moves ever to hit the state house of Ohio. And that’s why Senator Shannon Jones deserves to be commended for her courage, and ability to gaze into the future and be proactive for a change, instead of the typical reactivity that we’ve been accustomed to in elected officials.

It is sad to see so many union workers upset, but their behavior is only relative to the artificial security they’ve been afforded as public workers that society can’t, and never could afford. Competition is scary, but does provide the best results, and for society to get its best value for tax dollars spent, we need more freedom on allocating funds so obtaining those funds is a reward, not an expectation.

Rich Hoffman



52 thoughts on “Warrior of the Week: Senator Shannon Jones

    1. I would just like a straight answer to this question. How much do union retirement and insurance cost the state, and how much will it save the state by passing sb5. I am a law enforcement officer and it would be easier to understand the overall “benefit” for Ohioans if ppl would stop giving opions and start showing facts. If someone knows of a site or can indicate where I can go to locate that information it would be helpful to show reason to either side.


      1. I believe you can get that info at the Buckey Institute. I’d have to check myself, but I’m pretty sure they have that number broke down for people to look at. That is just one issue however. One of the problems with all this is that “step increases” especially amoung teachers are crushing community budgets that are trying to pay for all this with property taxes. When the housing markets crashed, it strapped many people and their ability to increase their taxes. That’s just one big thing to consider.


      2. Concerned Union Member,
        Never mind Rich Hoffman. He’s never been able to win a seat in government (he only garnered 30% of the vote in one election) and the Republican party won’t even support him or fund him. So he’s not worth engaging in a dialogue with. Don’t waste your time. As you can see from his writing, he also isn’t very well educated. He has some serious issues with grammar and proper spelling, which leads me to believe that he wasn’t very successful in school – thus his hatred for teachers and authority figures.


      3. Oh, Amy. That is soooo cute. I’ve never ran for a seat so you’re facts are the same as the rest of your dismal assessment. It’s also cute that you think you have some inside track on the funding from the Republican Party. And as to my writing, you base your statement on your own voluminous writing and thoughts?

        You are the perfect example of, those who can’t do…..teach. I’ve been successful at everything I’ve ever attached myself to. You can’t say the same.


      4. Government employees should never, ever be allowed to organize. The need for a union comes down to this question: Do you have a boss who wants you to work harder for less money? In the private sector, the answer is yes. In the public sector, the answer is a big, fat NO. Taxpayers are broke and we can longer afford the entitlements so freely given to them!


  1. I just finished the podcast of yesterdays show. That was by far his best show to date here in Cincy…and for me for a few years. I learned quite a bit in that 3 hours. I heard your call and I also was blind to step-increases before my “awakening” 3 weeks ago. It’s mind-bending the info you can aquire thru a few google strokes. The more I got educated…the angrier I became. If more folks felt that sickening feeling and the pit in their gut when they heard of a new levy in Lebanon..or ANY levy, we wouldn’t be here again.
    I hope you can attend Rich. We need you to provide the truth to how this will go down.


  2. SCHOOL CHOICE and the demise of UNION control of our government schools is the answer for efficiency and academic success. As a former board member, I can state, unequivocally, that currently almost all boards are controled by the union. It was the case when I was on the board. It went so far as that when the state audit of our district had negative citations nothing was done. It was up to the board to enforce those recommendations. With a four to one or three to two vote, nothing was ever done. At one point I went to the county prosecutor and asked for help. His statement to me was, “it is up to the board to remedy the problems.” The board did nothing.

    Remember, the superintendents are all former teachers. Therefore, former union members. Most handpick their board members. They usually provide some sort of incentive for people taking the position. After the selection, the teachers provide the campaign rhetoric. Usually in the classroom. “If Mrs. So and so is elected we won’t have a band, we won’t have a football team etc. etc.”

    Often the board members are teachers in another district or a retired teacher. You can see any person running for the board with the interests of the students and the taxpayers doesn’t have much of a chance. We must run good candidates and get out the voters. Recently a school district passed a levy because only 15% of the registered voters bothered to get out and vote. They have no right to complain about higher taxes if they don’t bother to vote. It is so easy to vote absentee these days.


  3. HELP!!! My friend who is an OSCEA Union member in Ohio and fighting Senate Bill 5 swears that “not $1.00 of her union dues are appled to a political agenda”. I and WE all know better! But, where can I find ‘evidence’ to present her and back my case???


    1. David, I have this information somewhere and will find it for you. Give me a few days as I am fighting a levy here in Lebanon.

      Go to our website: lebanonschoolfacts.com


    2. That depends on what you mean by a “political agenda.” Our dues may not be used to contribute to certain things. For example, if we want to make a contribution to a PAC, we have to write a separate check to that PAC – none of our union dues can be dedicated to it. However, our union does take political stances, endorse candidates and lobby for teachers. All unions do this.


      1. Why shouldn’t unions be involved in politics? Individuals are. Corporations are. Have you never heard of lobbyists? Can you outline just one good reason why unions should not be involved in politics?

        And I’ve never heard of you before today. Anyone can create a blog. Anyone can get on the radio. It doesn’t take any particular talent. I have a BA in Political Science. I also have a Master’s degree. What is your educational background? Just curious.

        It doesn’t take a “voluminous” amount of writing to gauge intelligence. Besides proper grammar, your writing lacks organization, cohesion and facts. You do not give any facts or cite any references anywhere.


      2. I recite plenty of references, and I more than explain my educational background here. It’s not my problem if you didn’t take the time to read it. It’s also not my problem that you are a linear thinker. I see that as a severe limitation. It’s sad that you brag about it like a strength.

        And I know very well what a lobbyist is. Public unions pay for lobbyists with my money and that isn’t ok with me. Never has been. I have a choice if I give money to an individual or a corporation. I don’t have a choice with a public union. There’s one. For more, read the other posts up here. As for talent, again, what have you done with your life? I already know the answer by your comments. But I want to hear you justify it.


      3. Oh, and academics are terribly insecure people. When they write books they use a lot of references so they can show that other people agree with them. references are important to validate facts. But academics use them for a crutch because they typically lack the courage to forge an opinion on their own. It’s a safety in numbers thing, isn’t it? I already know that answer.

        It’s true a lot of people have blogs. It’s a new media form, and with new media forms new rules apply. When cubism came into the artistic scene in 1912 many of the establishment, like you, protested about how unprofessional and reckless it was as an art form. With a site like this, it’s more important to capture the creativity in an idea than to get hung up on the rules. It’s like giving a speech, and has to flow from authenticity. And that’s the real trick, isn’t it? Anyone can throw some words on a page, but what do those words mean and what is the picture they paint in the mind of the reader? The goal isn’t to make some academic stiff happy. Those people are lost and part of the problem to begin with. The real people that read these words care more for the texture of the words than the rules. And that’s the difference. Creativity is the first function. Everything else is second. That’s why you couldn’t do this. You could try, but you’d fail.


  4. Ms. Sparks, you need to get your facts straight before you lambaste someone with your vitriol. Perhaps you could simply agree to disagree, but instead you attack someone that you don’t know.
    For your information, Overmanwarrior has quite a loyal following, including millions of listeners to WLW. He does his research and verifies his facts.
    Something that you have not bothered to do.

    You sound like an officer in the teacher’s union.
    Maybe the Lakota teacher’s union. Wake up girl!
    Your little party is about to be exposed nation-
    wide. Today Glenn Beck factually tied the teacher’s union to the “progressives” that are tied to Van Jones, Bill Ayers and the rest of the communists that are trying to tear this country apart. He had film of the evil perpetrated by your colleagues in Wisconsin. Sean Hannity showed some similar scenes on his show. I know you probably wouldn’t watch
    FOX News, but you might get a better picture of what is happening, if you would take the time to view some real news coverage.

    it is sad that people like you have been indoctrinating our children for years – wearing them down day by day. Luckily for us, some of the more intelligent students, Overmanwarrior for example, decided to read on their own and get the facts.

    I thank God that there are still some intelligent people out there that can see what is happening to our country.


  5. Jealousy is really unbecoming to those that are reaching to save something so inherantly destructive. It’s quite clear that you’re so far down the progressive road that you are unable to either partake in constructive blogging or allow anyone else to. Rich allows you to post here and leaves your ramblings up for the sheer fact that it truly shows who lacks what. I welcome the fact that you are so bothered by him, yet here you are. It does speak volumes. I won’t even speak to the uneducated remark. You already did that perfectly. I know it’s tough as you thought we would just shut up and watch you libs destroy this great Republic. Yes…Republic. That must make your eyes bleed. Try not to get too stressed about him or his following…you have much bigger issues coming down the pike.


  6. Sandra,
    Both you and Mr. Hoffman are proof that our education system works for many people but clearly not all of them. Your writing also lacks organization, cohesion and facts. You claim that I don’t have my facts correct yet you yourself cite no facts nor references.
    You made several incorrect assumptions about who I am. I am not a union leader and I do not work at Lakota. I live north of Dayton.
    Can you tell me how, exactly, teachers indoctrinate children? Can you be more specific?How is this indoctrination conducted? What is said to children? Can you give me any examples?
    Your posts are filled with angry and emotion. You need to refrain from getting overly emotional and stick to facts. One should also never cite Glenn Beck as a source. Glenn Beck is a former drug addict. By the way, Shepard Smith of Fox News said today that Wisconsin’s budget troubles should not be used as an excuse for an attempt to break the unions. Look it up.
    I have a BA in Political Science as well as a Master’s degree. I’d like to know what your educational qualifications are. Judging by your writing, I suspect you are not a college graduate. In which case, you are beneath my intellectual status and, consequently, not worthy of engaging in discourse with.


    1. I’ll ask you again. What have you done with your life except pay for an education? What have you achieved? Because I’ve achieved quite a bit.

      I know a lot of people with vast amounts of education that are lost in academia, and you show all the signs of that type of person.


  7. Cyd,
    I’d like for you to look up the definition of “Republic.” The United States is not a Republic. In addition, the words “Republican” and “Republic” are not ideologically connected. You lack knowledge of basic political definitions. I’d suggest you educate yourself further before posting comments.


  8. Sandra,
    One of your statements just caught me eye. Board Members are elected by the residents in the school district. The Superintendent does not hire them or choose them. They run independently. Also, during contract negotiations, the Board negotiates with the teachers in conjunction with the Supetintendent. The Superintendent is the private sector equivalent of “upper management” and they serve at the leisure of the Board. Their job, among other things, is to contain costs. If they can’t contain costs and keep the school district solvent, they lose their jobs. The State takes over when a school goes bankrupt and the first people to go is the Administration (since they control the purse strings).
    I’ve gone several years with 0% raises and I’ve never had a cost-of-living increase. My benefits have been cut. I paid for my Master’s degree out of my own picket. I have second hand furniture and all of my dishes came from Goodwill. I bought a used car 8 years ago and I hope it lasts another 2 years at least. So, if you think I’m just a “greedy teacher,” then I cordially invite you to my home to see how I live and judge for yourself whether or not I’m spoiled. Teachers are also taxpayers and most are good stewards of taxpayer money. My union and school district have a NON binding arbitration agreement. Not everyone has binding arbitration. In any case, binding arbitration IS fair. Both sides present their arguments and facts to a neutral third party who then makes a decision based on those facts. In addition, both parties go into the arbitration fully aware that it’s binding. Collective bargaining does a lot of things. One of the best things it does is ensure that women are paid the same as men for the same work. It also allows us to negotiate for cheaper health insurance -which saves tax payer money. In Ohio, we do contribute to our retirement and healthcare. I realize this is not true in all states. But it is true in Ohio. We all contribute the same percentage towards retirement but the amount we contribute towards healthcare varies by district. In my district, we pay for 15%. In New Jersey, teachers pay only 1.2% towards healthcare. I do not know what percentage they contribute towards their retirement.
    Finally, I’d welcome a vote on this matter. That would be the fairest and simplest way to settle this so that we can all move on and do the important work of educating our kids, protecting law-abiding citizens and creating jobs.


  9. You haven’t outlined anything you’ve done or listed any of the signs that someone is “lost in academia” What does that mean, exactly? Can you describe it or provide an example of someone who is “lost in academia?”
    These are the types of phrases people use when they aren’t on the same educational par as the person they are attempting to debate.
    And you still haven’t outlined your educational qualifications or your background. I’ll be waiting for you to outline your numerous achievements.


  10. We are supposed to be a Republic? According to who? The Founding Fathers? The Republican Party? You? Can you cite any sources that say we are supposed to be a Republic? I’m not sure you know what the terms “Republic” or “Republican” mean, exactly. Can you provide definitions of these words, either in your own words or from a dictionary?
    The words “Republic” and “Republican” are not conjoined, ideologically speaking. Nor are those who consider themselves Republicans today similar to Republicans 100 years ago. The platform of the party has changed many times over the last 200 years.
    Again, I suggest that this matter be voted upon by the People. That would be the fairest and most logical way to settle this matter. We voted on public smoking and casinos, why not public sector unions?


  11. Where, exactly, are you sources cited? Are they on another page? A different website? Because I can’t find them.
    I have a Master’s degree. Do you? That is just one accomplishment of mine that you don’t have. I also have the ability to spell correctly, use proper grammar and put together a cohesive paragraph. That’s a second accomplishment I have that you clearly do not.
    I am a mother to a brilliant kid. That is my greatest accomplishment. Do you have any children? Do they attend public school?
    Oh, I get it. You were bullied and picked on in school so now you have a bad taste in your mouth. You need to let go of all that. It’s unbecoming to be so angry all the time.


    1. I have plenty of college, but I don’t have a Master’s. There was money to be made, so more classes were slowing me down. I don’t see the value in it. I’ve had to re-educate many of the people I’ve hired that have too much college. I have kids, raised them, and they’re on their way. As far as your accomplishments, you didn’t answer the question. You seem unemployed to me. Maybe I should hire you to edit this site. You’re the only one that’s ever complained, and it’s not because of a lack of traffic. Feel free to give me an edit and I’ll see if it’s acceptable, if you need money. Raising children is just one thing I’ve done. What else have you done? Ran any companies? Wrote any books? Made any films, worked as a stunt person? Maintainted a marriage for over 20 years to the same person. I’ve done all that and more. You just confirm my belief that people like you are out of touch. And I was never bullied. I just don’t like thinking in a box, and people like you live in them. That’s where the anger comes from.


  12. What in my posts gives you the idea that I am a “linear thinker”? Can you explain?
    And we don’t “recite” sources. We “cite” them. We “recite” poetry, songs, etc.


  13. One last question, Mr. Hoffman: if education doesn’t matter, then why do so many people strive to go to college?
    Teachers must be paid somehow. And you get what you pay for. When many other countries around the world are outpacing us both educationally and economically, now is not the time to fight over what amounts to pennies compared to military expenditures, tax cuts for those who make $250k and bank and auto bailouts. Cutting education is the guaranteed way to leave the US far behind our competitors. You should probably start learning to speak Chinese. We can’t keep up with them as it is and without a good education, we will become their slaves. In fact, I have a student from China in my 2nd grade class who spoke zero English at the beginning of the year. He is now surpassing his American counterparts who have spoken English all their lives. It’s a real eye-opener. He will be the boss of many of his American classmates someday. Why? Because he sits on sacks of rice in the restaurant his parents own and studies after school instead of sitting in front of the TV and playing video games. His parents understand the value and power of a good education.


  14. Lol. Having a blog doesn’t take any particular talent. I could create one in 10 minutes.
    Citing sources does not just happen to prove or back up your opinion. Citing sources and facts is the agreed upon basis which opinions are formed and proven (or disproven, whatever the case may be). If you have no sources or facts, you won’t be taken seriously. If you wrote for a magazine or newspaper, they would never publish your work without verifiable facts. People use facts every day to make informed decisions. Fox News uses facts to their advantage every day. Are they simply using sources and facts to back up their own point of view or opinion? Using your argument, their opinions and point of view would be invalid, just because they used a source to back themselves up.
    Citing sources is a societal norm. It is an acceptable and established practice. The fact that you don’t recognize or acknowledge it’s importance is a sign that you don’t have a higher education degree.


    1. Then do it. It’s easy to be an arm chair quarterback. Harder to create, or have an idea of your own. All I hear you doing is hen pecking and “citing” union press releases. I’ll argue with you all night long because I enjoy it. I will pull these statements for a future post to exhibit the behavior you display for proof of what a failure our education system is. Being overly specialized is not a thing to be proud of. Yet you are.


  15. I don’t get any entitlements. I get up every day at 5:40 and go to work for my salary and benefits. I’ve only taken 2 days off this school year due to illness. I am a workaholic. I would love it if schools were year-round but teachers don’t decide that. I have almost 100 sick days accumulated because I don’t take “mental health days.” I went back to work one week after having my daughter against medical advice. I figured I had plenty of time off during the year to take care of her so my mother-in-law lived with us to take care of her. I am now divorced but I do not get child support by choice (out of pride). I bought my used car 8 years ago and paid it off early. I’m hoping it lasts 2 more years. The A/C broke and the passenger side window does not work but it still gets me from point A to point B. I paid for my Master’s degree in cash. No loans. I have secondhand furniture in the house I bought for 75k. My dishes came from Goodwill. What more can I do? I understand the need to cut back but I’ve already made concession after concession. I do not complain about what little I have. This is the life I chose and I accept it. But don’t give the rich a tax break and then turn around and tell me to give more. Anyone is welcome to come to my home to see for themselves what little I have. People think teachers have it good because most of them are married and have a second income to live on. In addition, a lot of teachers, like most Americans, do not live within their means. I do live within my means. I have no credit cards. I pay cash. I am a master at delayed gratification because debt feels like slavery to me and I hate owing people money. I realize I am the exception to the rule. But don’t punish me for the mistakes of the majority.


  16. I also worked while I went to college. I am working on a book right now but I’ve never published a book. My world basically consists of my daughter and my job. That’s it. I watch C-SPAN and other political shows. I watch everything from Fox to CNN to MSNBC. Knowledge is armor. Obviously, I am a Democrat but that doesn’t mean I don’t listen to other sides. Knowing how the “opposition” thinks helps me to refine my own thinking. Challenges also help me refine and grow.
    I am a spelling and grammar hawk because my dad was an English teacher and I had to sit for hours at the kitchen table correcting the smallest mistakes. So yes, the smallest errors pop out at me like a huge red flag, LOL.
    Admittedly, and I don’t admit this easily, as a single mother who gets no support I fear for my daughter’s future. I fear getting fired or let go for a dumb reason and not being able to provide for her. That’s why I oppose this. It’s not about me. It’s about her. My entire wardrobe fits into one small closet and I wear my shoes until they are worn out. My house needs a new roof. Most nights I eat cereal for dinner. I do it for her. This is only being told in confidence and I’ll deny it all if it gets out. LOL. But, I don’t want pity. I just want a job and a little security. SB5 strips me of that security. I’m content with what I make. I’ve never complained. I chose this. And I don’t hate the rich. I have wealthy family members and friends who are lovely people. Good for them. But don’t punish me for my chosen job.
    I am just as frustrated with the way things are as anyone else. I’m irritated with how things have been done. The free spending without a thought sickens me. I had nothing to do with that wreckless spending but I’m paying the price. More importantly, my daughter will pay the price. I’d gladly give up any future wealth and happiness in my life and pass it on to her.
    What about the salaries our Congress makes? I don’t begrudge them of it but where are their concessions? How about a pay freeze? Anything? They make more than double what the average American makes. How can they relate?

    In any case, I’ve gotta get to sleep. I apologize to you and anyone else I may have offended. But please remember that I am only human. I am doing the best I can and the rug’s been pulled out from under me. I am normally an easy-natured person but when it comes to my kid and my ability to provide for her, I get upset. I’m sure any parent can understand that. I am also very sympathtic and always have been for anyone who has lost their job during these tough economic times. I’ve thought about these people often and felt for them kept them in my thoughts because I can put myself in their shoes. I wouldn’t wish job loss on anyone.

    Lastly, congratulations on your 20 years of marriage. That’s an accomplishment these days. Just because I’m a liberal doesn’t mean I don’t believe in traditions and marriage. And just because it didn’t work out for me doesn’t mean I’m anti-men or anti-marriage.


    1. I think congress should make less than the average of most Americans. It should be a volunteer kind of thing. I know I would not take a dime if I went to congress. It’s a service, not a job.

      It’s good to have a real conversation as opposed to just anger. Stay with the book. Those are the things that you feel good about in the end. Just write the book and then figure out how to get it out there. Let me know when you finish.


  17. Amy:
    There is a great deal of false propaganda floating around about SB 5. It is not the intent of the bill to slash salaries and benefits as is being tossed around but rather to seek some balance in the negotiation process. It provides some boundaries and limitations that are necessary. The real problem is that for a number of years, contracts have be settled via arbitration at levels beyond what school boards can afford to pay. Arbitrators did not factor in the ability to pay in their decisions and simply said you’ll have to go to the voters. Well, we know how that worked. Then, to make things worse, property values have fallen like a rock so revenues have dropped sharply. So far, the unions haven’t a clue how to deal with this, they just want to dump it off on school boards. Bottom line, there isn’t enough money to cover pay at present levels. We can either cut staffing or renegotiate. Which do you think is the better solution?”


  18. I pledge allegiance to the flag
    Of the United States of America
    And to the REPUBLIC
    For which it stands.

    There are many reasons the Founders wanted a republican form of government rather than a democracy. Theoretically, a democracy requires the full participation of the masses of the people in the legislative or decision-making processes of government. This has NEVER worked because the people become so occupied with their daily tasks that they will not properly study the issues, nor will they take the time to participate in extensive hearings before the vote is taken. The Greeks tried to use democratic mass-participation in the government of their city-states and each time it ended in tyranny.

    Tyranny is where we are headed.

    James Madison wrote:

    Democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths.

    A republic, by which I mean a government in which the scheme of representation takes place, opens a different prospect and promises the cure for which we are seeking. (Federalist Papers, No. 10)


  19. I agree that spending needs to be reigned in. I am extremely frugal myself and consider myself a Blue Dog Democrat. But I’m one of the few Americans who lives well within my means. I believe work comes before play. I don’t believe anyone is entitled to an expensive vacation every year. I don’t think people are entitled to a Mercedes. I bought my house for 75k even though I qualified for almost twice that amount. Now I feel like my efforts to be conservative and grateful for all I have have been for nothing.
    With SB5 I can be fired for specious reasons. I can be fired for being too expensive. That is what concerns me. There are several ways to save money. One way is to reduce the number of sick days teachers can cash out at retirement. Right now teachers can accumulate and cash out 275 sick days at retirement. I am not sure how much they get per sick day but it is a good chunk of money. I think the number of sick days you can accumulate and cash out should be
    reduced. I am not certain of the numbers because I’m so far from retirement it’s not something I think about – plus it can and probably will change before I retire. We can also save money by raising the retirement age. This would not bother me. I plan on working until I simply can’t work anymore. I enjoy working. I like to be mentally active and interact with people. I’d make a terrible housewife. Even if I ended up marrying a multi-millionaire, I’d still work. My work is who I am. It defines me. Pathetic, I know. But it runs in my family.
    I also feel that working in Congress should be a service job. I would have to be paid to do it since I am not independently wealthy and I have no other source of income. But I would ask for a salary reduction and forgo my housing allowance. My sister lives in DC so I’d stay with her. I wouldn’t accept gifts, lunches or vacations from lobbyists. It’s a job you should do out of love and service – not wealth or privilege.
    In any case, my only wish is that people would see union workers as real people, not as a faceless mob.
    By the way, I’m reading a book right now called Practically Radical by William C. Taylor. Just started it this morning so I’m only in the first chapter but so far it’s pretty good. Got it at the library. Might want to check it out.


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