Freaks, Losers, and Malcontents: Radical Union Leaders Launch Mindless Fools to Attack Taxpayers

In Ohio we are seeing plenty of these radicals show their inability to think for themselves in protest of Senate Bill 5.  Listen to Brian Thomas of 55 KRC interview Senator Shannon Jones and Mike Wilson of the Cincinnati Tea Party discuss the merit of S.B.5.

Unions think collective bargaining reform is about revenge, or it’s some conservative conspiracy.  Yet this is what the union opposition say is happening.  A guy sent me this comment while I was writing this article.

I listen to Doc’s show on 700; he is clueless on Labor and the issues that surround labor. Unions and collective bargaining have built the middle class in this country. What you’re seeing is big corporate interest trying to tear it down. Fire, Police, Teachers and all public workers should be getting a big thank you everyday for the job’s they perform. When you have a Gov that is bought and paid for by Wall ST. this is what you get.

What does Wall Street have to do with any of this?  I’m not part of big corporate interests and I want this bill. I don’t want my tax money going to union activity. End of story. These people live in a bubble their union leaders have created for them and they all say the same thing which has no basis in reality. Unions have used extortion tactics, such as strikes, marches, protests and other radical behavior to drive up the cost of their services, and people are sick of their act. This has nothing to do with the big Republican machine. These radicals have been pointing in that direction for years, and they simply don’t get it.

But we know what they’re about, because everywhere they use the same strategy.

Look at the Teacher’s unions in Mexico this week.

This is what they are doing in Wisconsin:

And this is what they were doing in Ohio:

Listen to this guy insult Tea Party people. Is this the cop, fireman, or teacher you want living next to you?

Here’s the problem with these people. They have no ideas, little financial knowledge or common sence. They only think that if they yell loud enough, like children, they’ll get their way, because that worked in the past.

But to all you malcontents, and radicals, I have news for you. The Tea Party isn’t going away. If the Republicans like you try to blame for this does not vote on bills like S.B.5., we will replace them with people who will do the job. So you can scream, cry, stomp your feet and carry your signs, because it won’t matter. We’re awake, and we’re not going back to sleep.

This is what we’re going to be doing from now on in every state in the union.

Get used to it!

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

15 thoughts on “Freaks, Losers, and Malcontents: Radical Union Leaders Launch Mindless Fools to Attack Taxpayers

  1. I find this whole thing fascinating and moreover, the exteme difference of the perception of what this REALLY comes down to. No pay cuts, nothing of the sort. It baffles me that asking the teachers to contribute just 6% of their pay to their pensions and healhcare and is recieved so angrily just speaks to the divide between public and private sectors and just how entitlement has become status quo. Watching these protesters seems odd. Preaching to the choir of like-minded people seems ingenuine. Change really comes from those of us that are much more in charge of our emotions, yet vocal through contacting those who we elect and have the power to set those changes in place. We are the silent majority.


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