The Hive Colony: Union Protests Ignore Rational Warnings

On this site are literally hundreds of hours of radio broadcasts not just from one host, but multiple hosts, and not always from the same station, although primarily from 700 WLW. Why? Well, I’ve been a “working man” all of my life. I’ve been on all sides of the labor issue, read many, many books and newspapers, but WLW has always been a good source of information. I’ve listened to WLW for three decades and most of the time they are right on. It’s not some right-winged conspiracy. They talk about the topics that people want to hear about, so if you want to know what society thinks about something, talk radio is a great finger on the pulse of modern civilization.

Listen below to Darryl Parks covering the S.B.5 Bill.

When these organized elements usually represented by unions and democrats express anger at talk radio, and Tea Party type people, they are showing their vast ignorance, and it is embarrassing to know those people actually vote. The reason I say that is they have an obligation to American Society to learn about the world around them, yet they don’t do it. They tend not to read books, or newspapers, unless its for the sports stats, and they are easily manipulated by corrupt union bosses that are bent in a socialist direction.

Tea Party types, conservatives, and people over the age of 30 unless they are working for a powerful public sector unions, tend to read other pages of the newspaper besides the sports page, they read books, they watch Fox News because Fox News represents their world outlook, and they probably listen to talk radio during part of their day.

I’m aware, because my stats show it, that there are thousands and thousands of people looking at this site every day, and half of those people agree with me, and the other half are scanning my work to see if they can poke holes in what I post. For those people I put up all these radio broadcasts and video. There are well over a thousand videos on this site and I’ve watched every single one of them at least once. I’ve read more books than a whole lawn full of protestors, and for the hundreds of thousands of words I’ve written here, I’ve researched millions of words to get to the content. So I have no sympathy for ignorance.

While these union protestors drive around listening to FM radio and following the current pop culture music trends, and watching popular TV shows like Two and a Half Men and laughing like fools at the adolescent humor of that show, they are ignoring the vast wealth of evidence that has emerged about the unsustainable path that America is on, and which they are participating in by practicing open extortion.

Many of my friends, some of them are seen in these pictures taken at the Rally at the State House on February 17, 2011, read a lot too. That’s why we’re friends because we enjoy learning things and we spend our spare time talking about the things we learn. My friends in the Tea Party are informed, speak for themselves, and are generally grounded people. The reason the Tea Party does not have a leader, is because that is not what the Tea Party is. America does not have leaders! The Tea Party does not have a leader!

Unions do. When I look at union leadership it disgusts me because it’s too much like a “hive” mentality. Europe functioned for centuries with that same type of “hive” mentality, where there’s a king or queen, then nobility, then the workers. Union members tend to behave just like bees. Watching the union protests in Columbus reminded me of my observations of a bee colony, only the bees are much, much harder working. But the social structure is similar as well as the mentality.

The Tea Party Movement has been born because the people that don’t think with a “hive” mentality have been getting “stung” for years by the working bee union types that just keep scooping up the nectar of tax money and “coughing” it up for the queen, or whoever is their union leader. That money has then been used to buy political power that works against those original tax payers, so many of us have caught on to the scam.

American society was never intended to be a “hive” of any kind. It was supposed to be as the Tea Party is taking things, which is a society of individuals free of any queens or kings or leaders that are drunk on power.

That’s where the ignorance from those who love the “hive” mentality are perplexed, and call the Tea Party a bunch of “Tea Baggers.” They wonder how a leaderless society could function. Who initiates policy, creates law, and protects the poor?

Self-reliance is a gift we give ourselves. It’s the best feeling in the world in fact, to do for yourself and if you have something left over to help your neighbor, kids or friends. Leaders are not needed because there is a right way to do things and there is a wrong way to do things. If you know the difference, you don’t need someone to instruct you. If everyone does the right thing, like what you see in the Tea Party Movement, where everyone is generally good, non-violent, avid readers and up-to-date on current events, they might even be committed to a religion so they are spiritually grounded. What sets them apart from everyone else is that they know the difference between right and wrong, and they don’t need government to instruct them how to behave.

The welfare culture however took our nation into a “hive” like civilization and it weakened the sociology of America, much to the disgust of lovers of self-reliance. But because self-reliant people are good, and non-violent, they took a back seat.

For decades, and decades these “hive” lovers continued to ask for more, and more to where we currently are, and that’s financially strained. I can speak for myself, and I know my thoughts are shared by thousands of others, I’m sick of it. I’m sick of corruption. I’m sick of being lied to in politics. I’m tired of Public Relations Firms spinning situations against the tax payers. I’m completely sick of knowing more than the people around me and allowing the “hive” to rule, because they don’t know what they’re doing.

So the Tea Party isn’t going away folks. If you are one of those “hive” workers, I’d advise you to use this site to your advantage. Listen to the radio broadcasts, read the material, watch the videos. I put them here to help you learn how to be self-reliant. I’m offering to help you break away from a “hive” mentality to save you from yourself. You’d be advised to use the material to your advantage.

But if you want to continue to be in the “hive” because you think there’s safety in numbers, you are betting on the wrong horse.

Let me put it this way. If you saw a colony of bees building a hive on the corner of your house what would you do about it? You’d knock it down so it wouldn’t have the opportunity to sting you or your family. It’s not the bees fault though. They are just trying to live their lives and their commitment to their queen. Suddenly you come along and knock down their hive and everything they’ve worked for is destroyed, and they’ll want to sting you, of course. But you, as owner of the home, and caretakers of your family can’t allow the bees to sting your family. So you may feel bad about it, but you’d have to destroy the hive to protect your family.

That’s where we are in America. We cannot let the “hives” that have built their colonies on the house of our Constitution to continue. The humane thing is to help them become self-reliant people so they can survive on their own merits. But the hive is coming down, and there won’t be any queen bees in America’s future. We’ve given the hive a chance to live peacefully with the rest of American society and they always try to take over the house and sting anyone that gets too close. And it has to stop.

The first step to removing the hive is to remove the nectar that feeds it, and that’s tax money.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

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