The Need for Leadership: The trial of Arnold Schwarzenegger

This move by Republicans in Ohio and Wisconsin to end collective bargaining is not a new issue. It’s certainly not revenge. That’s the way union leaders position their argument because they can’t argue actual facts.

Back in 2004 Arnold Schwarzenegger was the shining star of the Republican Party. Listen to his speech here.

But over his entire 8 year term, with all his celebrity, power, ability to reach across the aisle to Democrats, public sector unions blocked every attempt to get the escalating costs of California under control. Unions and state workers in general showed no desire at all to budge on any budget issues. Even small issues were “epic” battles.

This is the result to California.

This is a fantastic, closer look at California’s trouble.

Here is a closer, ground level look at California’s trouble. Look at the culture that has emerged there. You can see this in any state in the union.

Here’s what’s going on now, on February 19, 2011. This isn’t about Republican revenge on all the money Democrats have used to defeat Republican candidates with funds gained from public sector union dues. That’s a small minded analysis. The reason there are so many Republicans in office in State Houses like Ohio, and Wisconsin, and now at the Federal level, is because the entire country has watched our action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger fail to stop the bleeding in California. And the other states do not want to follow the path of California.

That is why there are collective bargaining reforms now after the last election. The ONLY reason union leaders want to negotiate now is because they know there are majorities in Ohio and Wisconsin that can actually eliminate these unions, and now they are scared. But they have showed NO sign of negotiating until we arrived at this point. They certainly didn’t look at the economic situation and offer ANY leadership.

The residents of these states put Republicans in office to get the costs under control. Nobody wants to become the next California, and we all will, if we don’t make major changes now. Those are the facts.

The original sin in all this is when President Kennedy signed through executive order to make public unions legal in the first place. Click here to read the history for yourself. That was a major mistake, and now must be undone, if we are to survive as an economically viable country in the marketplace of tomorrow.

So drop the emotion and get on board. There’s room for all of us. But we can’t afford public sector unions. They bankrupt states because it is not possible to always increase taxes to justify public union demands. So the whole concept has to be erased and rebuilt once the country regains the ability to control its own destiny, which it currently does not have.

If Arnold couldn’t make any ground in negotiations, there isn’t hope for anybody to. That is why Governors like Chris Christie, John Kasich and Governor Walker have emerged, because the public needs those types of people now, before it’s too late.

It’s much bigger than just politics. It’s about survival.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

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