Teachers Cheat in Wisconsin: Lying about why they’re off work

During school levy campaigns, it doesn’t matter if it’s Lakota, Mason, Little Miami, Lebanon, just name the Ohio district and you’ll find a multitude of accusations of impropriety on behalf of the teachers. Teachers through their unions have learned how to “game” the system, and they’ll do whatever they can do to achieve results for themselves. This has been most obvious to those of us that work on anti-levy campaigns where State Revised Code prohibits school officials and administrators to use school resources to work on campaigns for levy requests, but they do it anyway.

Teachers and administrators participate openly in extortion tactics such as cutting busing to make transportation inconvenient on parents of the district, and other cosmetic cuts imposed for much the same reason. There is a level of arrogance in these school systems that you might experience from organized crime elements, yet we send our kids to these institutions and pay the tolls because we don’t have much choice. It’s easy for us to turn away from the crime because much of it is done in the gray areas of the law.

You can learn a lot by observing people while under duress, and now that there are protests in two states over legislation that is seeking to end collective bargaining, there’s a lot of duress from unions. The union rank and file is now out of their comfort zone and showing what they truly are, including President Obama, who has attached himself to the movement. And what we are seeing is much of what many of us feared in our deepest darkest anxieties. At the protests in Wisconsin teachers, the same people that we trust to teach our children are openly seeking doctor notes from physicians that have made themselves available to falsify documents to excuse those teachers while they protest.

Doc Thompson has some great sound bites with examples of this behavior which is extremely disgusting. He also has some great quotes from the testimony Jeff Berding who is a Democrat that has come out in support of the S.B.5. Jeff testified to collective bargaining abuses to Cincinnati’s personnel costs that are growing 18 percent annually. The city’s contract with police gives officers an average of $87 an hour for working holidays and can let workers retire with six-figure sums for unused leave, totaling $93 million. Listen to all that from Doc himself from the February 21, 2011 show.

If you really want to see what is behind this type of insidious behavior, look who emerged from his Clown Rally in Washington, Ed Schultz. It would seem that Ed couldn’t get a crowd to come to him, so he went to the crowd. Listening to these people says a lot about their mentality. What they are chanting has nothing to do with a middle class life style. What they want is essentially un-American. It is clearly socialist theories that people like Ed have been pushing for years. (That’s why the system is bankrupt, Eddie.)

It’s a good thing to know these things, because the next time these schools ask for a levy, people will know what is behind the numbers. So I encourage those protests to continue as they are and show us all what you’re made of. I’ve known for a long time. Now, it’s time the rest of America see it for themselves.

I wonder what the parents of those kids think? I’d be ashamed if my kid was participating in this vile, disgusting, hippie-like behavior. Maybe that’s why these kids are doing it, because their parents yearn for the radicalism of the 60’s. Maybe they get the ideas from MTV and through their music which again craves the radical 60’s. It’s probably a little bit of both those things topped off with the influence of radical teachers toeing the union line on a daily basis. My opinion is that nobody in the United States should behave like this. This behavior belongs in some third world country, because that’s what this behavior gets you. And to all you left winged hippie sympathizers, all you’re doing is proving Glenn Beck right. He called this behavior from you people over a year ago. If this is what education is all about these days, I want NONE of my money to go to it, because it’s not working.

Rich Hoffman

15 thoughts on “Teachers Cheat in Wisconsin: Lying about why they’re off work

  1. It is about time that the country emerged from their sleep and woke up to the fact that the unions have been infiltrated by communists forever. Unions are nothing more than strong armed bosses that own the lives of the people who join in order to have a job.

    From the day a peron joins the union, they are no long free. They are owned by a group of strong arm thugs. Again I say watch the movie “Hoffa.” He was a power hungry thug that had no respect for his member. Great movie for insiders view of mob rule.

    Same is true of SEIU, NEA, AFT and all of the other unions. It’s all about POWER and turning this country into a third world country via “one world government.” The president and his czars are a part of the movement. SB 5 is a start, but it is going to take even more to break up the evil that has perpetrated on the American people.


    1. You are such a disturbed and confused person. Your facts are based on what, McCarthyism from the 1950’s. Well, trust and believe if the unions go, your work experience or that of others you know will begin to erode-low-pay; bad working conditions and no voice as a worker.

      Don’t you know that the disparity between the rich and poor is widening, especially since the middle-class is disappearing. You truly believe the average American will fare better in the workplace without a voice and rights? Have you ever studied the history of the worker in this country?


      1. I hope you’re not indicating that I’m a “distrubed and confused person.” What would you base that on? That I disagree with people like you.

        Look, a cancer cell thinks it has a right to live in a body. And unions are a cancer cell to American life. You’re knowledge of American history is only 100 years old and is based on talking points. You can have a union, but don’t ask me to pay for it.

        I want government to be smaller. I want to pay less taxes. It is unions that stand in the way of making government smaller. So you and your kind are in my way. You can have a union same as you can have a little book club. Just don’t place it in my way of getting a smaller government and we’ll be fine with each other.


  2. I’m thoroughly disgusted with what I’m seeing. It bothers me that this isn’t a bigger deal in the drive by media…although not surprised. The sheer fact that these liars were being exposed live in the act and didn’t seem to be phased whatsoever really does speak to the thuggery of the unions. Are these our teachers? Looks like they have been indoctrinated as well. It’s the sad trickle down effect to even the children who don’t have a clue. Sick.


    1. It is a sad state. We’re all learning together what’s been hidden for a long time. It will be up to the county to decided if that’s what they want. It’s our job to put it on the table to look at.


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