Who is Rich Hoffman: Journey toward the Road of Death

Who is Rich Hoffman? That’s been the question I’ve been asked a lot lately from angry email senders that have looked over these pages and wondered of what authority I speak from. Well, I’ve so far lived a very full life, too much to sum up in a few paragraphs. But due to that full life, I learned a lot, and my world view reflects that.

The video below is something I put together for a project I’m working on. The trip I describe in that video is the kind of thing I consider to be successful. Success to me cannot be obtained in business, even though I’ve had plenty of success. Success is not in knowing celebrities, politicians or other powerful people. Success is in doing what is uniquely you.

I am working on a motorcycle journey from Alaska to the bottom of South America. It will cost a lot of money, so I have to find a way to assemble some investors and a documentary crew so there can be a return on the investment. But I’m planning the trip as a grand adventure of endurance. I assembled this video to show what a trip like that might look like, so I put a year of my life into a roughly 15 minute video.

The gun in that video is what I consider the greatest handgun in the world, the Smith and Weston .500 Magnum. And the tunnel my family was rappelling from is haunted and very spooky. Some of the pictures from that clip are in my description blog site. But as you can see, I spend a lot of time on motorcycles and hiking. I enjoy working with my friends in western arts, reading books, shooting with my wife and kids. I work with bullwhips because it’s good exercise and it helps me spiritually. So when Glenn Beck made his E4 Project announcement in Wilmington, I understood what he was talking about, and thought it was a good idea.

You see, that’s why I get so frustrated with this whole Progressive Movement, because those people are stuck psychologically and emotionally. When you get a taste of freedom, and enlightenment, it’s natural to want to share that with other people, but all too often you find out that people aren’t able to understand what you’re trying to tell them.

But you can’t help people who don’t know what they’re missing as they cleave to some ancient tradition which lacks some sense of spirituality and self-discovery. And that is the personal tragedy of progressivism and the primary failure of modern society. When you rob a person of their initiative, you rob them of a fulfilling life, and the entitlement culture created from progressivism has eroded initiative from millions of Americans, many of them seek refuge on the left of the political spectrum blind to the rest of the world.

I can state clearly that when I wake up in the morning and look at myself in the mirror, I love the person that looks back. And that is what success is. That success doesn’t come from the money given by a job, or a check issued by government. Success comes from saying yes to life and having the courage look in the mirror and liking what looks back.

Rich Hoffman


14 thoughts on “Who is Rich Hoffman: Journey toward the Road of Death

  1. Food for thought: for fun some time back when, i had decided to start playing with live streaming concepts… Video game servers were all running in the background at full capacity… So i threw up a radio server for players to log into and listen to music on… Today when i think of this fun activity i accomplished for such a brief period of time… I think of how usless it was. In your case, however, having done such a thing might have purpose… Toss the idea around… I can tweak the server to push audio from a microphone instead of streaming music. Overmanwarrior.hearmeroar.com =P


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