Who Had the Guts to Vote for S.B.5: and who didn’t

Enjoy the following video which describes the plight of the union worker.

Regarding the passage of S.B.5 in the Ohio State Senate these are the senators that voted for the bill.

1. Bacon
2. Beagle
3. Cates
4. Daniels
5. Faber
6. Gillmor
7. Hite
8. Jones
9. Jordan
10. LaRose
11. Lehner
12. Obhof
13. Schaffer
14. Stewart
15. Wagoner
16. Widener
17. Niehaus

Those who voted no to the bill were:

1. Brown
2. Cafaro
3. Grendell
4. Hughes
5. Kearney
6. Manning
7. Oelslager
8. Patton
9. Sawyer
10. Schiavoni
11. Seitz
12. Skindell
13. Smith
14. Tavares
15. Turner
16. Wilson

The 6 Republicans who voted against it: Jim Hughes, Tim Grendell, Bill Seitz, Scott Oelslager, Jim Hughes & Gayle Manning, surely had their reasons. But it will be remembered.

Rich Hoffman


4 thoughts on “Who Had the Guts to Vote for S.B.5: and who didn’t

    1. Typical lack of any real argument from a genius union Democrat. When you have nothing to say, call them names, marginalize the opposition.


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