Kevin Bright Leaves Mason Schools as LT. Gov. Mary Taylor Speaks to Thousands About School Choice

Mason’s superintendent Kevin Bright made the announcement this morning that he was resigning from the Mason School System to take a lesser job in another district. For those of you who don’t know, Kevin is one of the highest paid superintendents in Ohio and is an instructor at the OSBA conference in Columbus at Levy University which teaches school systems how to pass levies. This ironically occurred at the same time that Sharon Poe, who ran the anti-Mason Levy campaign was on 700 WLW talking about all the good reasons for School Choice with Doc Thompson.

It reminded me of when I was on WLW with Scott Sloan many months ago talking about teacher wages on the air which many people weren’t aware of how much teachers were making. In fact Kevin’s name came up as one of the examples of extremely high paid administrators and that the levies were a giant scam only used to increase wage rates for school system officials. That interview caused so much trouble in the Lakota School System that the radio station was threatened by pro levy forces and they flooded everyone involved with nasty emails. One week later Mike Taylor resigned effective in January 2011.

Does this make WLW bad or evil, or me, or Sharon bad or evil? Well, it does if you’re one of the people who openly lie and manipulate the public in order to secure tax dollars. Superintendents are breed and bought to get school levies passed. That is their soul purpose, which is wrong. They are supposed to run the district like a business. Not just continue to lobby for more money. I know that a trustee for West Chester gave the employee search firm looking for a new superintendent for Lakota my number. This search firm was asking the trustee what they were looking for in a superintendent, and the reply was someone that can run the district like a business. The next question was, well what sort of person is that? And the trustee gave the firm my phone number.

“Call Hoffman, he’ll tell you everything you need to know.”

Of course the call to my phone was never made. Because they weren’t interested in the kind of person I’d hire. They are looking for another suck-ass manipulator that will get a levy passed in a very reform minded Southern Ohio market. Notice they still haven’t found one. Because those people aren’t out there, and nobody like Kevin Bright, which is what the firm is looking for, wants to come here. Those types of people are leaving, not coming.

One of the problems here is that we’ve all allowed education to be tied to our property values. Real estate agents spend a lot of their time accommodating families looking for a good school district for their children, so home sales have been connected to school districts. And then school districts complain about the growth of the district in order to ask for more money. At Lakota during the last levy, it was reported that the growth of thousands of students had been placed into the system which was beyond their control, and their financial forecasts had to account for that type of continued growth. The reality however is that Lakota did post numbers of 400 to 600 new students a year until the housing bubble burst. The reality is that only 98 new students enrolled after 2009. It was the sharpest drop in the 18,500 student district since 1991, and this all occurred before a school levy ever failed in 2010. The numbers were deliberately inflated to manipulate the poor tax payer into voting for a tax increase that would even further hurt the housing market with unattractive tax rates.

See, these superintendents know they are scamming us. They’re not bad people, as I’ve pointed out in my article, The Old Hollow Tree. They are just doing what they are told to do, what they were trained to do in compliance with the OSBA.

And today at Columbus there is a large rally supporting School Choice, which is the most innovative program to hit education in this century. But the threat is that it creates competition and no longer will real estate values be able to be associated with the kind of manipulation that school districts attempt to hide behind.

By the way, look at all the people at this rally.

The superintendents are leaving the sinking ships because their true motives are revealed. They’ve always been about the money. They say it’s about the kids, but their actions speak otherwise. In Kevin Bright’s situation he still has the Stacy Schuler case that is coming his way and will be extremely embarrassing and he knows that once S.B.5 passes, the school board will be forced to make real cuts to the district, not cosmetic ones. There won’t be anymore levy increases, so he’s leaving to friendlier districts. What he doesn’t understand is that this movement that is occurring in Southern Ohio is growing north. He can hide from it, but he won’t escape.

In Lebanon they are doing some great work. I am very happy with the tenacity of my buddy Cyd, and Rich McPherson. They are calling it the way it is and going after the superintended of Lebanon, Mark North who went into executive session last week in a deal made with the unions to get their contracts passed before S.B.5 became law. And the Lebanon people were there to call him out on it. Check out their fantastic website here.

It would be wise for these school officials to come clean now, and stop hiding behind children, and real estate values and reveal their true intentions before things become even more embarrassing. And for those teachers and administrators that are gaming the system thinking of leaving these districts for some friendly place like Kevin Bright is doing, good luck, because soon we’ll be there too. Enjoy it while you can.

If you doubt for a second that there are people, like these superintendents that aren’t aware what they are doing to communities or don’t have a social agenda listen to this tape of a former SEIU official discuss how they think. These union trained officials apply these tactics on everything from education to finance and combine their thinking wherever they can. That’s why Mark North made a deal with the unions to pass their contract before S.B.5 was passed.

This behavior is not something the tax payer should be paying for. And when they get caught, they resign and move someplace else hoping people forget. The sad thing is some people do forget, or at least they used to. Listen to the Bull Dog blow his top over the amount of apathy citizens have toward their government.

Can you argue with him?

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

8 thoughts on “Kevin Bright Leaves Mason Schools as LT. Gov. Mary Taylor Speaks to Thousands About School Choice

  1. I pray we’ll give credit where credit is due come May. I am just one small voice in an ocean of stressed out and angry folks who are silent no more.
    “They” will hit the wall in a month. And when they recover from the crash, next time they’ll drive faster and have a bigger vehicle, but the wall will have many many more bricks and the morter will be inpeneterable.
    Congratulations to the fine people of Mason. You “get” it, and we’re a little jealous today.
    Also, if I’m permitted..A huge Thank You to my friends for bringing the big picture of School Choice to the forefront. The time is right and you have whole communities watching and learning. Time to put control where it belongs..with the parents. 😉


  2. One more side note to the school board of Lebanon and the super..What transpired on Monday night was beyond words for me. You have made it clear to the taxpayers of Lebanon Ohio that our voices are falling on deaf ears. If you can’t be creative or have the where-with-all to make serious and difficult choices to turn this ship around, then come to us. The citizens that put the food on your tables. We aren’t just a bunch of blithering idiots as you might think. We are more than willing to help you escape from the tunnel vision that binds you. We know you read here so I’m extending the hand that you so desperately need. But you won’t do that will you? This is the last heads up before we really make our voices heard. Best to save the last bit of esteem you have left. Your morals and values are at stake as the seed has already been planted in those that were sleeping. We saw what happened to the fighters in Lakota and we are prepared. We have nothing to lose and everything to lose. You publicly said “If you can’t put food on the table, then don’t vote for this levy”. That spoke volumes to the Ego$ that are running this district. I could barely process that statement. What about the fruit of one’s labor? Does that evade you? Call me old school, but I still believe it takes a village to raise our children, not a Union.


  3. I attended the Lebanon School Board meeting on Monday. Earlier in the day I printed the agenda from their on-line site. Nothing was mentioned about “negotiations” or signing a new contract with the unions. After all were seated, a sheet with an “addendum” – “To prepare for negotiations or bargaining sessions with public employees concerning their compensation or other terms and conditions of their employment and to consider the employment of a public employee” was placed on the table.

    Earlier in the day, at 3:23PM to be exact, The Dayton Daily News posted on line an article quoting Mark North. Headlines: LEBANON SCHOOL BOARD MAY VOTE TONIGHT ON NEW TEACHERS CONTRACT

    “Teachers, bus drivers, secretaries and other Lebanon school employees are expected to vote today on new agreements with the district.”

    “If the district’s three employee unions vote to ratify the new agreements, the school board is expected to vote tonight whether to approve the contracts, said Lebanon schools Superintendent Mark North.”

    “The move comes as state lawmakers debate Senate Bill 5, a proposal that would curtail collective bargaining rights for public employees.”

    “If the latest version of the bill is passed into law, changes won’t take effect until standing contracts between teachers’ unions and their districts expire. Other nearby school districts, including Carlisle, Franklin and Madison, recently agreed to new contracts with their teachers’ unions.”

    The timing of the article, the late posting of the “addendum” plus notices sent to the unions by the board and superintendent (earlier) advising them to get their agreements concluded before SB 5 went into effect, all point to the fact that the public was deliberately left out of the loop. The public is only a means of funding raises and high salaries. Every new levy provides more and more funds for raises in benefits and wages for the unions.

    I attended the School Choice rally in Columbus yesterday. It was wonderful to see so many parents with their children supporting School Choice. Parents deserve to choose the school that is best for their child. Competition will only serve to improve the way education is delivered.

    Many of us have been alerted to the fact that our schools are run by scam artists. The Lebanon School Board knew they would be voting on these contracts. They are not allowed, by law, to make decisions on the phone, by email or any other method except in an announced public meeting. Yet, they knew in advance and they denied this knowledge. TRANSPARENCY!!!! I think not.


    1. If you spend more than a couple of minutes with Mark North, you will see that he truly is not interested in the children and their well being. He is undeservingly arrogant and has no clue how to deal with real issues. His interpersonal skills are nonexistent and his knowledge base is quite lacking as well. People in the Lebanon District need to get involved, attend meetings and read the Board minutes. They give you great insight as to who is really running the district and it is NOT Mark North. He simply isn’t capable. I became involved when I discovered his lack of concern for students. It outraged me enough to continue looking and the findings were huge. I will not stop until he is gone! No individual should support anything endorsed by him. We need to picket with signs “North go South!” His lack of appropriate financial decisions and pro-union attitute are only a few of his pathetic qualities. There are many more to be exposed in the near future. Thank you and your website for assisting me in lighting the fire. You are a wealth of information and I will use it to educate those blinded by the misguided ideals of the Board and Administration in Lebanon.


      1. How long has he been like that? I don’t know the guy except what I read. I’m learning about him as will the rest of the community. One thing I can’t stand are inept managers of people put in positions of authority which they abuse. He is sounding like one of those types. If it were a private business and he was employeed in such a way, that’s the companies business. But with tax money and in charge of children, that’s a whole other story. Feel free to send me what you have as you get it and we’ll make sure it sees the light of day. Nothing slanderous, but facts that have been supressed.


  4. Rich, keep on these people. They need to continue to be exposed. Corruption in our government goes all the way down to our local people. So where do we get decent people to fill the spots needing GOOD politicians? Hard question to answer. If “they” are not corrupt when they arrive in politicoville, they normally soon will be.
    Time to write your book(s).


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