All I Want For My Birthday!

When S.B.5 was signed by Governor Kasich on Thursday March 31st I received one of the two gifts that I wanted more than anything for my birthday this year. S.B.5 because it showed me that there are people able to have courage and a backbone functioning at a political level committed to putting power back to the communities, to “decentralize” government. That’s what S.B.5 does. Darryl Parks of 700 WLW interviewed Mike Wilson of the Cincinnati Tea Party and Ohio Liberty Council about the multiple benefits of the S.B.5 Bill and the strategy of the referendum attempt. There are a lot of wonderful facts here that are worth listening to even after the Wilson interview.

The other thing I want for my birthday is for the government to shut down on April 8th, the day before my actual birthday. The reason? Because I want people to see how little the government actually does? I don’t want to see people’s lives be interrupted, but I do want to show that American life will continue without the government functioning. For those of us that want a smaller government, people need to see that the government is not essential to American life. In fact, it is a hindrance. And only a government shut-down will show that.

I want to see the Republicans hold a hard line to the budget, much like Kasich did in Ohio. The budget cuts proposed by the house, senate, and the president aren’t even in the ballpark as to what’s required. For the Democrats to only propose 8 or 10 billion isn’t even in the realm of reality. They are clueless parasites with that type of thinking. It’s not even worth discussion. One has to wonder if they didn’t land here from some other planet, because they are so out of touch. Again, listen to Darryl Parks of 700 WLW talk about just how much in debt the government truly is and how utterly ridiculous the cuts the current government is proposing.

I want to see Republicans do the right thing. To hell with the public relations, the public opinion, the traditional politics all together, those are the very things that have nearly ruined our society and they need to end.

I want the media to proclaim that the world will come to an end. I want Democrats to cry for all the dead and sick that will fill the streets, for the apocalypse that is sure to ensue. Then I want the American people to see what a lie the whole thing was. I want for my birthday to show the world that America doesn’t need a large government and that it can shut down, go on vacation, actually set up shop on the moon, and life will go on in America.

I already received one present. Now if I could just have the second.

Surprise me!

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

7 thoughts on “All I Want For My Birthday!

  1. Now I know you don’t partake in such things as drink, smoke, drug (that’s good), gamble, etc.
    But since it’s your birthday I’ll share my wish for you…something that a lifelong friend did for me years ago.
    Put the regement aside for just a moment or the whole day, and indulge in a Guilty Pleasure. Something that’s off the table any other day of the year for the most part. Birthday’s will always be interesting to say the least. I look forward to thumbing thru my old stack and picking one that wins. (massive amounts of chocolate comes to mind, and the only one I’ll admit to).
    If you are out, I’d let you borrow one of mine, but that wouldn’t be pretty. Besides, I only have a few left that I’m keeping in case of emergency.
    Just because it’s Guilty doesn’t mean it has to be naughty………or…. does it?




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