When you hear the progressive battle cry, that the rich are the enemy, tax them more; you are hearing an ignorant fool. A mindless, aimless, illiterate, unmitigated fool. You are hearing a person that has every aim to undo our civilization like a cancer cell in an otherwise healthy body. To illustrate that point clearly, here is a fantastic video that will give you everything you need to know about such foolish statements.

I have been beating the Atlas Shrugged drum for the primary reason discussed on this episode of Hannity.

In that story, Atlas Shrugged, government brought society to a complete stop in all the ways we are seeing today from those mindless, aimless, illiterate, unmitigated fools in politics that use the mask of public welfare to hide their own insecurities and grabs for power. Thus, it became the effort to confront that evil encroachment on mankind’s liberties, advancement, and it’s very soul by John Galt to draw a line in the sand and bring those parasites to their knees by removing the “men of the mind” from the social equation.

Here is part of John Galt’s speech to those parasites:

And with that I present to you one of the people close to the film version of Atlas Shrugged with a special message and task for all those who look at the progressive movement and feel helpless against it. This man has a challenge for you and a way for you to become a part of history.

I believe that once people who are intimidated by the length of the book, see the movie, they will become “enlightened” to what is now, and has been going on for quite some time, are the real motives of the progressive movement.

Take the challenge, read the book, and see the movie, many, many times. It’s important in so many ways. One of my passions is history, particularly archeology and anthropology along with comparative religion and mythology. I understand how important it is to discover relics from the past to help us comprehend our future. Atlas Shrugged is a relic from America’s past that is uniquely American. And by dusting it off and understanding it fully we can begin to identify finally and conclusively what being an “American” truly is. I can tell you what being an American isn’t, it’s not a white person, a black person, an Indian, a Jew, a Christian, or any hyphenated American term. An American is a thinker, an adventurer, a freedom craver among many things that are complete opposites of everything a progressive believes. It is now time to realize that in all of us is a little John Galt, and it’s time we awaken to that spirit.

Rich Hoffman


29 thoughts on ““I AM JOHN GALT”: Take Action Now–SEE THE MOVIE!

    1. Atlas Shrugged was written well before Fox News was ever thought of.

      Fox News didn’t create the increase of sales of 500,000 books last year. They simply reported the sales.


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