Pay Rate for the top 625 Teachers at Lakota Schools: Yes, the number grew!

Below is the 2011 Lakota Salary list, an update from the famous list exposed on 700 WLW just 6 months ago where everyone that heard the information was disgusted, upset, and compelled to take their anger to the voting booth. If you want to look at that list again and compare it with the one below click here. And remember, Lakota has not hired another superintendent as of this writing. So there is no superintendent on the new list.

What you will see will anger you much more than that. In fact, I have been paying close attention to this issue for over a year now and when I realized the severity of the issue I became furious.

A brief synopsis of the information is this. Last year I listed the top income recipients who made over 65K per year, which came out to 434 employees, which I thought was a lot. This year, even taking off the superintendent, who resigned one week after the original list came out, the amount of employees escalated 625 employees! That means that in just one year, when supposedly teachers took a pay freeze in August of 2010, 191 more employees broke past the 65K per year barrier and became a top wage earner just because of the step increases demanded by the union contract. Last year 120 million of Lakota’s operating budget of 160 million went to just salaries and wages. Of that 120 million $31,900,416.00 went to these wonderful employees making over 65K per year. I thought that was a lot. This year, that number exploded to $47,548,105.00! An increase in salary wages of $15,647,689.00. That does not include all increases in wages, just the wages for employees making more than 65K per year! The total amount of money saved in the emergency budget reductions for 2011 which is causing layoffs, busing cuts, elective elimination, pay for play sports, etc is $13 million. Lakota spent more money on the step increases on just the employees making over 65K per year than it will save cutting all the services mentioned to save a measly $13 million. If Lakota could have stopped the step increases they could have kept all the services, teachers would have still been paid well, and nobody would have lost their jobs. But that’s not what happened is it?

When a school district complains that it does not have enough money to operate the answer is not a tax increase to close the gap. In most cases, it is not the revenue that is declining, because the community is not taking its money away from a school system, unless they move out of the district and take their tax dollars with them. When the state, or federal government takes away their contributions, as they should, it should not be expected that a local district increase their taxes to cover the cost.

The expectation that such a thought is even a possibility is a serious flaw in the thinking of school districts that have turned education into their own “cash cow” business.

Any businessman looking at the budget of Lakota Schools would look at the operating budget of 155 million to 160 million dollars, see that the expenses are projecting higher than supplied revenue and would make the needed cuts to bring costs in line. And the very first thing that would be looked at is wages, because most often that is the greatest expense in a budget, especially in a service oriented business like education.

As I look at that list there are a few teachers that I think are worth 70K to 80k per year. But only a few. I would argue that a school district should be able to pay a few of their very best and most prestigious teachers a wage of this kind. But to pay EVERYONE with tenure that amount is ridiculously prohibitive, ignorant, reckless, selfish, and misguided.

Before any district asks for a levy from the community, they should reduce their wage costs. This does not allow those districts to perform at a lower level. A district must reflect the community it’s in, and in the land of Lakota, it is expected to be as excellent as the community that the school resides in. Unfortunately for the union personnel that have managed to extort these outrageous wage levels for their members, the community of Lakota, many of them run their own businesses, or manage businesses, and must make decisions as the school board is required to make.

The top wage earners shown here are what should be looked at before there is a levy of any kind. These positions should be consolidated eliminating personnel wherever possible. If it is decided that those personnel are absolutely essential to education operations, then these are the people who should take a 30% wage cut, because they are well above the average wage of residence of the affluent Lakota School District, and these amounts are just plain malicious.

Now, is there any question as to why we need Senate Bill 5? And is it not obvious what the unions are protecting?

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

44 thoughts on “Pay Rate for the top 625 Teachers at Lakota Schools: Yes, the number grew!

  1. I’m almost beyond a comment. I said almost. I can only surmise that when folks read this they will be far beyond furious. Never again can that board ever utter the words..”It’s for the children” with any validation.
    And I can’t even imagine they would have the kahuna’s to ask for another levy..ever! But they will.
    We here in Lebanon will be staring down the same barrel as the LEA contracts were just rushed through. Ah freeze but with step increases. Hellooooo??? Isn’t that the biggest oxymoron ever? The term “pay freeze” panders only to political public relations. And I don’t think they believe people even know what a step increase is.
    We’ll be reading and watching the reaction.


  2. Lebanon is predicting a $33 million dollar deficit by 2015 if the property owners don’t cough up more money. There are no negotiations between the board, superintendent and union. The union asks and the union gets. It’s as simple as that. The OEA rep sometimes makes and appearance to push things along. I blame all of the teachers because the decent ones let the thugs rule. That makes all of them accomplices to the crime of extortion.

    Just remember that schools just received another week of vacation. “Spring Break” Just remember that the teachers actually work 6.5 months per year when you count all of their personal days, sick days holidays, summer off early dismissal days, snow days etc. etc.

    I won’t listen to their jargon about their masters or homework or any of that. Most people have far more “take home work” and longer work days.
    Most teachers receive a supplemental contract for anything extra that they do. Not one volunteers. That would cause a conflict with the union.


    1. Feel free to leave the correction. But if you’re thinking that I put it up wrong, then it was reported wrong by the newspaper, because that’s where the information came from. I doubt the numbers are way off. I’d be inclinded to believe they are actually lower than the actuals.


  3. Well, 80 K a year for someone with a decent degree or masters is not totally out of line with time on the job. But I’m talking engineers, scientist, chemist, business degrees etc. English & phys Ed teachers….No way! The problem is those are “in line” salaries for 12 months, not 9 months and snow days! So 80K for 9 months is 100k for a full year. Now that is Totally Out of Line for a public paid teacher or normal public worker…no matter how many degrees they have!!!! We have the same problem with police and firemen unions.

    Remember people make 80-120k a year in private sector jobs because they help their company make a profit. If they didn’t make a profit they wouldn’t have those jobs. The public workers don’t create any wealth or profit for society, instead they are a straight drain on the community budget. They are just a necessary cost. For them to demand this pay and drive their communities to bankruptcy is criminal. For our law makers to allow this public union nonsense is treason!

    Remember the best of the best degreed worker work in the private sector or defense. Most teachers have never left the security of the “school” environment and think they deserve as much as those who actual produce. It was never supposed to work like that when it was set up. Public workers worked for less because communities couldn’t afford better…but the pensions were setup to take care of those people after their public career. With these public unions they have pushed to get people elected and got the best of both worlds. Unfortunately we will all find out it is not sustainable….. Ask Greece.

    Wake up people!


  4. What it is going to come down to is this and maybe the teachers don’t care. But with the advent of broadband communications and the new array of educational technologies, maybe it’s time for a paradigm shift in the way our children are educated. Maybe it’s time to get rid of the teachers out of the classrooms and start developing online education systems. Then all a classroom would require is an assistant or two to handle student questions. If a child needs to review … it’s a rewind and replay … if there are further questions, then parents can step in to help the child understand. I mean if teacher salaries are in the 47 million dollar range … do you know what kind of education systems could be developed for that kind of money if properly planned? Then you could develop a curriculum that has been tested for it’s effectiveness instead of leaving it to the individual teacher. We could develop systems that help lagging students to catch up. If done right … we could right the ship of our education very efficiently and effectively within a short period of time and we could rid ourselves of having to be held hostage by a profession that underperforms.

    What can it hurt, we already rank so low in education in the developed world, yet our teachers and their unions talk about what a great job they are doing. Here is a nice fact for anyone out there. South Korea, which ranks first in the developed world in education has a high end teachers salary of about $30k, and they teach 12 months out of the year.


      1. I have always been a yes vote because my daughter is in 2nd grade … but it is hard to ignore this kind of waste. No one likes to pay more taxes than necessary, but I’d pay more taxes to support excellence. Unfortunately in this country, we pay taxes to support the corruption and mismanagement and that’s just stupid.


      2. I agree. I understand the reason for the YES vote. There are a lot of people in the same situation. Take the corruption away and the cost per pupil goes down by several thousand per child. We have to fix that first, then we can figure out how much the schools really need.


      3. It’s the same thing with our government. It’s like the mentality is: Yes, it’s all broken … it’s all corrupt, but instead of trying to fix what is broken (which is the obvious choice to anyone with a functional IQ) … our politicians who hold the purse strings just say … give us more, then we will try and fix it.

        I really do believe that four key changes in the way our government works could take care of a lot of the corruption. First … make lobbying illegal. The only purpose for lobbying is the use of money to try and influence policy. The only thing that should effect policy is what serves the best interests of Americans. Second … term limits maxed at 8 years for all levels of government, which includes judicial appointments … nothing should be for life. Our forefathers did not invision career politicians running our country. Third … three things will drive the future. Energy. Food. Water. Make sure as a country that we are the masters in all three areas and then we can sell our technologies to the world … new energy technologies really should be treated like the manhattan project was treated in the 30’s and 40’s. We win the energy tech war … we hold many of the keys to a lot of things. Fourth … A bill in state, local and federal government covers one specific idea … a lot of corruption is caused by the backdoor spending that happens in the making of policy. One bill … one idea.

        And if you want to get really crazy … eliminate welfare and create private sector welfare training centers that offer housing and job placement. Don’t want to learn … you get no free food or shelter. On drugs … out of luck. We should not all be responsible for the stupid and irresponsible.


    1. I work at least 60 hours every week…52 weeks a year…Even on my vacation time…does your friend work that much?! I am not extraordinary when it comes to the amount of hours non-teachers put in for work. Are you kidding me?! I would galdly take 30% less pay and have, let’s say a 50 hour work week and all summer off…spring break? What’s that?! And if I don’t do a good job, I lose my job. What a concept!


  5. Isn’t Ken a little slow on the uptake. Like a year after the fact. Check out the latest salaries and see the increases. Recently I just happened to be at a Loveland School Board Meeting. Same old Delphi in action. Same old bragging and superfluous chatter about nothing. They did introduce a few of the Lakota teachers that they hired. Not one of the new staff members was impressive. Imagine being intorduced to your boss in shorts, tank top and flip flops. They don’t even try to look professional, but they do expect to be paid as such. They did spend most of the meeting with a gal who calls herself
    Grandma’s Garden. The lady is getting paid to have the kids plant a few seeds outdoors in a plot
    on school grounds. The whole scenario was part of the “green” agenda and openly so. Dear God, will these people ever get a conscience. She said that they receive a grant for the program and it is to be implemented in other areas. In fact, Epcot is going to do something along the same line. Does the
    money game seem to be hitting you on the head?


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