Kasich’s Epic Clash with the Voice of the Common Man

It is rare that any state, locality, or federal entity runs into a politician that is competent and intelligent. It is rare to find a politician that is a self-made man not looking at politics as a stepping stone to career advancement. It is rare that a politician actually puts the honor of their office first, before anything else. It is rare to meet a politician that has the guts and fortitude to endure the criticism of special interest.

It also is rare to see a politician that will take on an old-time friend and conservative that prides himself as the conservative voice of the common man, and in the times when it really counts between those two old friends, it is obvious who meant what they said over the years and who was all talk.

That’s what the State of Ohio has in Governor John Kasich and it’s evident in this video shot at 700 WLW when Kasich was on the Bill Cunningham show for a fiery showdown of ideas over the casino issues, retirement and the controversial stance the governor has taken on “collective bargaining” specifically the S.B.5.

I’m not one that tosses praises around easily. So it is with great merit that I say that I can’t recall a politician in my lifetime that matches the passion of their mouth with actual action. John Kasich is a rare person that has greater ability in management than he does in his ability to speak, which is exceptionally good. I was deeply impressed with this exchange between Kasich and Bill Cunningham.

I suspect that Kasich is like many in Ohio and he doesn’t want casinos in the state. That would explain his behavior toward the casino deal that Cunningham is so against. I can remember when Cunningham in the mid 90’s was completely against the casinos so that would explain why Kasich is so surprised in Cunningham’s defense of a socially liberal concept, such as casinos are.

Kasich should be representing the position that all businesses have an equal opportunity even if he doesn’t like them. There is a Hustler of Hollywood store near my house that I can’t stand. I think it ruins the small town of Monroe, Ohio with its presence. But, every time I drive by it, it’s full of people looking for their pornography fix and all the tax collected through each sale is paying taxes. I don’t agree with the pornography, but I vote by not going, and I won’t be going to a casino in Cincinnati for many of the same reasons. If the business model fails, it fails. I’d be happy about it, but I won’t do anything to bring it about either, because it’s a business that has the right to attempt. If it finds a market, even if that market is evil, so be it. It’s not for me to decide what’s evil for someone else.

Kasich needs to have the same position on the casinos. You can’t expect to tax them out of existence like we attempt to do with cigarettes and alcohol. Those are all anti-business stances. But, that does not ruin the great banter that Kasich engaged in. It was refreshing to see such a person in the position of a governor.

This clash of ideas is something that will resonate for quite some time because of the truths revealed. And we are better for it.

Rich Hoffman


15 thoughts on “Kasich’s Epic Clash with the Voice of the Common Man

  1. It is wonderful to have a man of honor such as Kasich as our governor. He told people what his plans were and he is forging ahead bravely. Many will not side with him. There will be union demonstrations in Hamilton, Ohio tomorrow. I expect that the unions will visit each county seat until they have all the signatures they need to put SB 5 on the November ballot. The union leaders are thugs and con artists. They follow the Alinsky model and their memberships follow them with fear and trepidation. They are brave in crowds that espouse their views of more money, more benefits and fewer work hours. Each teacher contract that I have read asks for fewer students, fewer class hours of work, less responsibilty, etc. The demands are unsustainable. If the agreements continued to escalate in demands and the boards continued to acquiesce to those demands, the property owners would be left with nothing. Simple fact. There is simply a limit to what people can and will pay. I am predicting that
    Governor Kasich will save this state from bankruptcy with his firm and unwavering path of fical responsibility. Something that Taft and Strickland didn’t have a clue or desire to implement. Jobs will return to Ohio and our governor will be reelected.
    Our local board members agreed that the “people” are not able to remember facts and figures. That the “people” must be spoken to in an 8th grade vocabulary. That to pass levies they must use the “keep it simple stupid” strategy. This is how most elected officials think. They think we are all stupid and cannot understand how they are bilking us out of our hard earned money. On May 3rd they will find out just how smart we are and how we remember every single dime that they wasted.


  2. I had a different take on some areas than you did Rich. I was hoping against hope that Kasich would be not only fiscally responsible and a good leader but also that he would be a straight talker and not be a “typical politician”. I’ve heard two things from him that disturbed me.

    The first thing was the way he responded to Bill’s charge that he was holding up the casinos. I understand that the casino issue was voted on during the previous governor’s term. However, the casino operators agreed to a certain package that was voted on and passed by the citizens of Ohio. Listen to Kasich’s explanation of why the casinos are being held up. He sounds no better than a looting Democrat! He keeps saying that they need to be part of the Ohio “family” and that they’re loaded with cash, and can pay more to help us out in our time of need. Isn’t that just what Obama said last week? He then threatens to raise the CAT tax on them if they don’t play ball. I know this kind of politics goes on every day, but it sickens me. How long before it’s us that he’s saying should contribute more? He sounded like James Taggart.

    If we’ve decided that casinos are a legitimate business that we want in the State of Ohio, then he should treat them like one. If he is totally against gambling like his Republican predecessors then he should say so. It also enters my mind that he could have received some contributions from the horse tracks or other interests that do not want the casinos in Ohio.

    If I were Honda or Toyota and heard that interview I’d never open a plant in Ohio as long as Kasich was in office.

    The second thing that gave me pause was what he said about the CCW/restaurant bill. He dances around the question, saying that he needs to study the bill, etc. If I were governor I’d have said: “It’s been proven over and over that guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens are not a problem. Unless the legislature slips something unrelated into the bill, I’ll sign it”. Either that or, “No”. I’m tired of political-speak.


  3. Willie got absolutely schooled by the Governor. The battle lines were drawn and there was no way for him to recover. It was a complete smack down. Bill tried to suck up at the end with the I stand for the working man crap but it was too late.
    I loved when Kasich asked..”What’s happened to you”!
    Something I wondered when I quit listening to him over 6 months ago. He’s just plain confusing to listen to now.

    Kasick ruling in the bunker…Great!
    Willie getting “spanked” by the Gov….Priceless!!!
    Now that’s great radio.

    Thanks for the laughs Willieeeeeeeeee


  4. Willie doesn’t care about the “common man” unless the “common man” is paying Willie. He wants your dough-raa-me. Hire him for a lawsuit or eat in his restaurant and he loves you to death. The more you spend the more he loves you. His show has become stupid, self-center and boring. I, too, have turned him off. I hope the Governor never set foot in the bunker again. Unless, of course, it is with Darryl.


  5. I’ve been listening to talk radio in my car practically every weekday since 1987. I do a lot of driving for my job. I’ve heard Willie for many years. Somewhat recently I’ve had a major change of opinion about him. For years I thought that he had two sides to his radio personality: a conservative, though-provoking side and a carnival barker or professional wrestling style entertainment side. I don’t care for the inane things he says during his silly moments but listened to him for the serious talk. A few events have occurred on his show in the past few years that made me question his motives, and made me wonder if he’s not all schtick and if he really is a conservative. This Kasich/SB5 issue is just the latest.

    One of the worst for me was what transpired on his show during the 2010 election for Clermont County Commissioner. Right before the election he “broke” a story of how candidate for commissioner Republican Archie Wilson was involved in a scandal. It involved Mr. Wilson allegedly having publicly said that Brenda Nessleroad-Slaby’s baby was not killed when her mother accidentally left her in a hot car for hours. He allegedly said that she was killed much earlier by the parents, possibly during some kind of molestation act, then frozen and put in the car much later to fake her death and collect insurance money. He allegedly said that Clermont County prosecutors, Hamilton County prosecutors, Clermont Co. and Commissioner (Democrat) Scott Croswell were all in on it. Scott Croswell was the commissioner whom Mr. Wilson was running against.

    Mr. Cunningham hammered this story and Mr. Wilson for days before the election. To me the entire idea of anyone saying what Mr. Wilson was alleged to have said is completely ridiculous; totally beyond belief. Willie had Scott Croswell and others who supported him on his show but kept saying that Mr. Wilson was having health problems and could not come on the air to defend himself. He also said that four people who heard Mr. Wilson make these comments in public have signed affidavits saying so.

    Then right before the election a civil suit was begun by none other than Bill’s friend, uber-Democrat lawyer Stan Chesley…the classic “October Surprise”. It was all starting to make sense for me. I did some digging and found out that there were allegations of Scott Croswell diverting county taxpayer dollars to projects headed by his friends that were seen as wasteful…kind of like the streetcar in Cincinnati. Tea Party-endorsed candidate Archie Wilson was for fiscal responsibility. It was clear to me that Mr. Cunningham was using his show to help Mr. Chesley and Scott Croswell prevail in the next election with a cheap political scandal. Well, it didn’t work. Mr. Wilson was elected, and the incident made me lose any respect I ever had for Wille. Since then the people who signed the affidavits have retracted their stories and said that they were pressured to sign them.


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