Wanted: New School Board Members at Lakota–Apply at www.NoLakotaLevy.com

Lakota announced that they intend to vote on the placement of a new levy at the August 27th School Board Meeting of 2011. Apparently the school board, who I had been hoping would work with us in the community, has not received the message. They simply cannot see past the end of their nose. They only seem to know how to spend money in spite of the fact that most of their excessive costs bankrupting their budget is in their wages. Nobody on any side of the education issue at Lakota has shown any desire to deal with the issue at hand, so the school board is resorting to the only thing they know to do, and that’s ask for money.

Doc Thompson covers this issue and some of the “cultural diversity” that school systems are spending money on that is not something people like me find necessary to proper education of a child. I simply don’t want to spend good money on teachers that are teaching aspects of social behavior that are the jobs of the children’s family. The Cultural Center at Lakota is not something that is necessary as a funding option. Any employee that works on that program should be dropped for budget reduction reasons, because it is not something that a public school should even be involved in. Listen to Doc’s broadcast here as he breaks down the new levy attempt and a breakdown to the cultural sensitivity issues going on in our public schools, Lakota specifically.

Matt Mayer always has great information at the Buckeye Institute. He has an article that shows the origin of this behavior that we are being asked to pay for in school levies. Click onto this link to see his report and a copy of the magazine that the Ohio Education Associate sends its members. This tells you all you need to know about the social agenda of the OEA.


So the real question is do we want to pay for this kind of stuff? I don’t. This is why I don’t want any of my tax money to go to union activity. I would like to vote to not have that kind of behavior taught in my school district because I don’t support all this cultural stuff. When a school does this, they are crossing the line to what is my responsibility as a community member and parent.

The Lakota School Board should first look at cutting these kinds of non-essential social programs well before they come to the tax payer for funding beyond the allocated budget. This is an old game that is not only socially corrosive, if you’re a non-progressive person such as myself, but is extraordinarily expensive and people are forced to pay for the whole deal instead of just the portions they support.

The No Lakota.Com group had a meeting on this issue last week, in anticipation that the school board would attempt to pass another levy in 2011 well before they attempted to fundamentally change the way they do business, which is extraordinarily arrogant on their behalf. So the No Lakota Group decided to change our strategy a bit. Instead of just defending the tax payers from further increases in their taxes, as we’ll still do, we will now start taking applications from members of the community to become the next school board members. There are two seats that are up this year on the school board and in the next couple of years the remaining three seats. The No Lakota Group will be seeking to replace each seat that votes in favor of a levy starting with the vote in August established by the Lakota School Board. If all the school board can do is ask for more money, they are useless, and must be replaced. So the No Lakota Levy.Com group will not only be committed to defeating the next levy, but they will actively elect the next school board members.

So if you’d like to be a school board member and would like to serve your community and have a non-progressive, business oriented background contact us at NoLakota@roadrunner.com so we can add your name to the list of people we are assembling for our strategic replacement of school board members who vote in favor of more taxes instead of the more difficult management aspects of a school boards responsibility. We have two issues that are driving up the cost of education that a school board needs to have the courage to tackle. First is the foolishness of union contracts to not manage their step increases which are bankrupting the district. The second is the failure to filter out social teaching programs that if parents want their kids to be “culturally diverse” they can pay for it separately. The community at large should not be forced to pay for education measures that they don’t agree with. Social Justice is an elective that should be up to the parent. It is not essential education for young people to live their lives. Social Justice Education is something that should be independently funded, and its removal from the classroom could dramatically reduce education costs to the tax payer. Again, if a parent wants that type of teaching for their children they are free to pay for it elsewhere, or as an added fee in the school. But it is up to the school board to separate these costs before ever considering another levy attempt.

I’ve heard from many of you over the last several months. Now is the time to act, so contact us today!


Rich Hoffman


13 thoughts on “Wanted: New School Board Members at Lakota–Apply at www.NoLakotaLevy.com

    1. Thanks for the links. As usual, Hines was a wolf in sheeps clothing. As we wonder how we arrived here almost a decade later, we see that Hines made a political situation only to seek attention for himself. He used the race card to boost his own agenda. And Klink just tossed money at people like Hines to make the situation go away. And this is when issues like a “cultural center” were born. They are born to appease the protests from every sector, yet taxpayers are expected to pay for all this mess. It’s no different than paying off a terrorist.

      Back then I thought people like Hines were sheep, until they took off their disguise. Now we are living with the bankruptcy that their policies cost us.

      We are on our fourth superintendent in a decade. Wonder why? : )



  1. Rich, I’m afraid were living the part of Atlas Shrugged where the looters tried to bargain with Dagny and John Galt to save the country but wouldn’t dream of giving up their high taxes and regulations. The mentality that the public schools have is so entrenched by now that they don’t know any other way. It’s going to take a huge “reboot” of some kind to get the public schools to come around.


  2. You are right! Perfect example. I have this great debate going on at my YouTube account with a guy called Social Justice. He’s an attack guy, probably hired by Media Matters to bring down Doc Thompson because Doc is the fill-in for Glenn Beck. This guy HATES Atlas Shrugged……hates it! I told him that I enjoy plenty of left-winged films. In fact, I like most movies. I enjoy watching and learning about people and their culture through film. But this guy is scared to death of Atlas.

    I have to say, Rand understood this mindset of looters. They put Galt by gun point in front of a camera to sell him to the public. Our crime as all Americans is that we’ve allowed these people to believe we support them when in fact people have just brushed them off as meaningless. But the act empowered them to loot us. That was the lesson of Rearden. He learned the lesson of looting. And all politicians are looting. They lack the courage to do for themselves and are attracted to looting and they’ll do anything to stop the light from hitting them.

    That’s why the most important thing we can do is to go on the radio and speak the truth, because they cannot refute it. And we take away their ability to loot us. We may do as they say, by rule of law. But we don’t allow them to believe they are “good.” We let them know what they are and that we know it. That’s how we play them, but in the end, the John Galts of us will be tortured either physically or metaphorically. And when that doesn’t work and the fools are left scratching their heads, we’ll tell them how to fix the thing they use to torture us, to let them know just how far they are from breaking our spirit.

    It’s amazing how close to the hidden desires of those people Rand actually got.

    In the end they will be crushed by their own stupidity. And those of us that can create will always survive.


  3. OK – so now we have concessions from the union freezing teacher pay, steps, increasing their contribution to their health care costs, cuts from the district…isn’t that everything you asked for? Do you really expect the teachers to make all the sacrifices for our community? Look around at surrounding districts. They have taken a huge hit and anyone of them could be making more money in a different district. If we don’t let them know we appreciate their movement by giving a little ourselves, we are going to loose good teachers that are valued in neighboring communities. I already know of at least 2 of my son’s teachers that are FABULOUS that are actively seeking employment elsewhere. Their reason? “I have a family to take care of, too. I have to think about my OWN kids rather than just everyone else’s”. It is arrogant for us to think that our teacher should be appreciative just for the opportunity to work in our community. We are not THAT fabulous – and plenty of communities around us are looking better to them.

    I don’t want to keep paying more in taxes. But I also don’t want to punish the front-line soldiers for the mistakes being made by the generals. If you don’t like the way the war is going, you don’t take away the equipment to punish the soldiers. I think it’s time to take our fight to the state and the funding formula. It is unethical to require our teachers to shoulder this burden on their own.


    1. Thanks for your comment. It was heartfelt and detailed. However, I manage employees for a living. I know employees that are well paid, I know it, they know it, and they have been looking for a job for a long time because they think they can do better. My answer to them is “good luck, there’s the door. See if you can find better.”

      The fact is, at Lakota, a teacher isn’t going to find a better climate. But I am not prepared to over pay, and we are paying teachers too much. Way too much. We show them we appreciate them by giving them a good job with good compensation. Not rediculous compensation. The move all over the state is the OEA trying to “look” like they are suddenly trying to work with the community. It’s a scam and the oldest employee trick in the book. Asking high hoping for something in the middle. The trouble is, over the years they’ve asked high, and they just got it, with little debate. Now they expect that to go on forever, and it can’t. I’m prepared to call their bluff because in all honesty, whatever district they go to will be facing the same cuts. They might buy a couple of years, but it will catch up to them, so if they are truely good, and smart, they’ll stay put, take their cut so they can still teach in one of the best schools, in one of the best communities in the state. That’s worth something all by itself.


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