Even Republicans are Looters: Take away the money that feeds corruption

Darryl Parks from 700 WLW took a moment to enjoy the defeat of the various school levies around Cincinnati.

School systems and the corrupt funding spoils system surrounding them is reflective of the larger government where most everyone involved is looking for excuses to stick their hand into our wallets and loot it. Education is big business, as is Medicare, Social Security, virtually everything in government. Most of the positions are useless, and only exist as an excuse to create a job that only serves further consumption of our tax dollars. So to call the perpetrators “thieves,” “looters,” “robbers,” and “scum bags,” is not a falsification. Those thieves of our taxes are both Republicans, and Democrats, they are Presidents, and local commissioners. To me, if a politician does anything to “buy” a vote, they have stolen from the tax payer because if money is taken from me and used to buy more power in elections, then the money taken from me for the use of running government is only being used to gain power, so the money was taken and used under false pretenses, and that constitutes theft.

Bruce Bartlett, Forbes columnist and former Treasury official explained about the Bush administration’s progressive oriented government how votes were bought under George Bush. Progressives are for the most part all thieves, because they seek to make simple things complicated. In complication thieves can do their work of taking our money while we are left to believe it’s for our own good.

The Bush administration was already projecting the largest deficit in American history—$475 billion in fiscal year 2004…But a big election was coming up that Bush and his party were desperately fearful of losing. So they decided to win it by buying the votes of America’s seniors by giving them an expensive new program to pay for their prescription drugs.

When the legislation came up for [an important vote on a motion to proceed]…it was failing by 216 to 218 when the standard 15 –minute time allowed for voting came to an end. What followed was one of the most extraordinary events in congressional history. The vote was kept open for almost three hours while the House Republican leadership brought massive pressure to bear on the handful of principle Republicans who had the nerve to put country ahead of party. The leadership even froze the C-Span cameras so that no one outside the House chamber could see what was going on.

In addition, during this period Bush attempted to buy the votes of “soccer moms” with No Child Left Behind which was the largest expansion of federal education spending in American history, created the Department of Homeland Security, added 100,000 federal employees and signed the McCain-Feingold campaign finance bill, among other things. Republican House Majority Leader Tom DeLay’s “K Street Project” created many thousands of earmarks for lobby firms that were encouraged to hire more Republicans and provide more money to the GOP. What the Republicans had done over the last decade was nothing short of evil, self-serving and down-right theft of the American Taxpayer.

Yet even though President Bush signed legislation doubling the K-12 education budget Democrats still attacked him as “mean-spirited and cheap” by criticizing him for not spending triple! Democrats under Obama have done much the same. It is this path that has brought us to this point in American history leaving us with essentially two choices; raise taxes to pay for everything which will cripple our GDP or cut the programs created under these looters, which would instantly drive up unemployment from all the federal workers that have been attached like cancer cells to the body of American government.

I support that second idea, and this is why I start with attacking school funding first, because the looting of the tax payer starts there. It is in this theft committed behind the security of our children that we initially throw up our hands and proclaim, “WHAT AM I TO DO ABOUT IT!” And once that statement is made by a person; a voter’s journey toward complacency has begun.

The way to fix this whole problem of crime in politics is to take away the money that feeds it. Socially, as American’s we need to pay public positions less so that the corrupt aren’t attracted like flies to those professions. Superintendents in school systems, mayors, township trustees, congressman, senators, and presidents, all are attracted to public positions that get into the “business” of politics for the sole reason of looting the public. They may lie to themselves about “the greater good” but anyone that wishes to live off public money is a looter at heart, a uncourageous loaf who fears to produce anything on their own, and craves the safety of public service. But the truth that they hide from even themselves is that they are no better than a common thief that dangles your life in front of you in exchange for the money earned with the sweat of your work.

A lot of people forget that I was one of the first people in Butler County to call Michael Fox, Butler County commissioner a crook and a thief in the media. I fought him toe to toe from 2001 to 2005.

I knew he was corrupt and I said it openly in the Pulse Journal. Mike Fox was into the county commissioner position in Butler County for himself, as was the evidence of having a highway named after him, which was later changed from the Michael Fox Highway to Butler Country Regional when better minds prevailed later on as Fox was going to be indicted on fraud charges. Once he got caught, Fox’s friends did what all politicians do, they pulled away from him.

Now I know many of the people who worked with Fox. I like many of those people. But that still doesn’t excuse looting, and I call it looting even to those same friends. I have been very consistent about that even in days when it was not popular. I know what it feels like to be cast aside hoping that the isolation would force me to “play ball.” I have never played that game. Wrong is wrong, and Fox, a distinguished Republican, was wrong and I fought him openly, just as I’m doing with the Lakota School District now. So this isn’t a fight against public education. It’s a fight against corruption, something I can’t stand.

I fight public education and other aspects of government now because they are looters at heart. They expand the government at all levels to cover their hands as they attempt to stick them in our pockets and they used disguises of safety and our “American interests” to do it. The only way to stop them is to take away what they like, and that is your money. Take it away from them. Take away their car allowances, their free air travel, their gas cards, expense accounts, and their high wages. Take away the value of the vote, the threat of removing them from office. This will keep them from being prone to manipulation from special interests. Make public office not a privilege, but a sacrifice only undertaken from the best and most pure that our society has to offer. Take away the spoils so you can have what’s good from public office.

So that leaves us to wonder, who will want to take these public jobs? The answer will be, fewer people and for shorter tenure. Politicians should be the elderly that have already made their livings, raised their children and are at the end of their life. They should have the wisdom of a lifetime to resort to. They should not be people in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s that are trying to prove their worth in the world, attempting to use power to obtain property, or sex. No human being that is prone to any thoughts of giving to themselves the wealth generated by others should be in public office. For instance, a man like Barrack Obama should not be in public service, because he could not create any wealth for himself. He has only gained wealth in public service, and public service comes completely from the tax payer. Here Obama assumes that he is one of the “big boys” that is making over 200K a year and deserves to be in a tax bracket that pays more. He considers himself in the top 1%, which is laughable. He’s happy to pay higher taxes because without taxes he wouldn’t be rich, so he has no value on the word “wealthy.” It’s easy to give away money because he didn’t earn it. He took it.

You get a smaller government by taking away the money. Take the money and you’ll take away the corruption. That will leave only a handful of people out there that are self-made people who would take a public job to help their community, state or country because they are good at what they do. And when their term is up, someone else will fill the seat out of honor, not to get paid. Nobody should be fighting for a seat in public office.

Only when our society stops treating thieves as heroes, or as our leaders, will we stop the looting government from open theft and expanding to rob us in every aspect of our lives. The solution is simple, but it requires our resolve to commit to it.

Look to yourself to lead your own life, and your family. Never look to a “leader” like George Bush, or Mike Fox, or even your local school superintendent. They are all looters; otherwise they wouldn’t be in politics to begin with. So stop feeding them with your endorsement of public approval, and stop giving them money to use against you as a weapon.

Rich Hoffman


17 thoughts on “Even Republicans are Looters: Take away the money that feeds corruption

  1. As Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons would say, “Best. Post. Ever!” I might have enjoyed this one more than any of your others. My best friend and I spend eight years discussing the issues on which we disagreed with George Bush. He got a few things right like his Supreme Court nominations (we’ll forget Harriet Miers ever happened) but as you said he did many more things that hurt this country. I knew we were in trouble when he uttered the phrase “Compassionate Conservative”. To me that is a redundant statement. Giving money to people that they did not earn is the surest way to destroy their initiative and has led to the current mentality of many Americans. It’s much more “compassionate” to “teach a man to fish” than to “give him a fish”, as has been said before.

    Let’s not forget that under Bush the percentage of Americans that pay no income tax or actually get money “back” via the Earned Income Tax Credit skyrocketed. He made that deal with the Democrats to get his tax cuts for the “wealthy” and middle class.

    As far as crooked, looting politicians go, my (least) favorite one right now is Mayor Mark Mallory of Cincinnati. The fact that he is suing the city to keep his $500/month car allowance and has a bodyguard while ramming the street car project down the bankrupt city’s throat would be laughable if at wasn’t so sad. He would fit in right next to Wesley Mouch or Cuffy Meigs.


  2. I have said for many years that if you can’t make changes at the school house level, you sure aren’t going to make any changes at any higher level of government.

    I had a wonderful Political Science teacher/professor at Miami University. His name was Colonel Fening.
    He had retired from the military. When I signed up for the course, I was expecting to hear some left – wing radical. In fact that is why I did sign up for the class. I wanted to see for myself the leftist indoctrination that had become so prevelent at the university level. What a wonderful surprise to find a true, blue American hero. His class was not a left wing tirade, but, in fact a realistic view of
    what was happening in our country.

    I give this background, because Colonel Fening liked to draw pictures to make his point. My favorite was a trough with a bunch of pigs eating at the trough. He said. “that is what the government and government workers are – hogs at the trough of the taxpayers.” He went on to explain how bloated and unnecessary much of the governmental bureaucracy had become. A very far cry from what our Founding Fathers had envisioned. As Madison said, “We have given you a Republic, if you can manage to keep it.”

    We are on the super-highway to losing it. Take heed Patriots. You must exert your power, the power of the vote. We proved it was possible to beat city hall last Tuesday here in Lebanon and in Little Miami. The citizens worked together and made a miracle happen. We are starting the “change” at the schoolhouse door. We love children, we love our country. We will not tolerate the vermin that think they have taken control of both.


  3. Loved the report on Channel 9 regarding the outrageous salaries and benefits being paid to the school superintendents. Jennifer had it right when she said, “pure greed.” They don’t care about the children. They cooperate with the union in order to have their support. They protect the worst employees in order to keep the high profile “Excellent with Distinction” image in front of the taxpayers. Most school districts now pay a Public Relations person to keep that image in the news on a daily basis. Our weekly paper is almost all “uplifting” school news. Fluff! This is one of the ways they perpetuate their image of caring all about the children. Every week there is some kind of an award for a teacher. Sometimes a local civic group gives an award to the superintendent. Why?? No other profession has the same control over the news. I was pleasantly surprised when Channel 9 allowed the expose of the double dippers. About time!!


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