The Eye of a Photographer: My Daughter’s Adventure

I have a very talented daughter that does some fantastic photographic work. My wife and I took her to launch on Saturday and I had to take a minute to admire the person she has become. As a photographer her pictures are worth millions of words.

These are the pictures that reflect the young woman who sat across from me on Saturday and ate Teriyaki Chicken. It was impossible when looking at her to not think of jet setting all over the world, camping at Stonehenge, crawling on her belly through the mud to take a picture of a flower in the wet morning mist. To see the young adventurer that will fight through the thugs on a DC subway to get unbelievable pictures around the nation’s capital, or the young woman who went with her husband every weekend by train into London, and rode ferries to the shores of France in the frigid punishment of the English Channel.

She is a remarkable young lady that gets better by the day. And her extraordinary ability comes through in her art, captured through the lens of her camera. This was the young woman who laughed at her joy of living while stuffing the Teriyaki Chicken into her mouth, which seemed so incredibly fitting. I wondered while watching her how her vision would increase in the future. What she has managed so far is quite impressive.

She likes friends, so if you want to meet her, here’s her Facebook.

She enjoys that kind of thing much more than I do. But that’s part of what makes her unique, and why I think her photography provides a glorious insight into the human experience.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

8 thoughts on “The Eye of a Photographer: My Daughter’s Adventure

  1. Love the pictures! My wife has caught the photo bug of late and has quite the talent. Your daughter definitely does too. I especially love the photo from the train station and the Lincoln Memorial. DC is one of my favorite places in the world


    1. Creativity is good for the soul. Good to hear about your wife!

      Of these pictures, the tree at the top is my favorite. I love that tree, but she managed to get a starfield in the background. It’s quite remarkable.


  2. You know how much I enjoy taking photos.
    Your daughter has a genius for photography.
    No surprise; she is probably very good at MANY things. 🙂


  3. Rich,

    Your clock if off.
    It is now June 12th, 9:25 PM.
    My prior message which went out two minutes ago says you received it June 13th at 1:24 AM.


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