Becki Villamagna crossed the LINE: The Empire of Education and Money

The following note is what public education ran by teachers unions is all about. The following letter was intercepted from Becki Villamagna of the Ohio Education Association. This was the email message sent to EOA members.


A teacher from Springboro is having a petition signing event this Saturday from 11 AM till 1 PM. She lives right across the street from Kelly Kohls, a Springboro Board member who is tight with Shannon Jones, testified in favor of SB 5, the new president of the Warren County Tea Party, and a founding member of Educate Ohio – an anti public education, teacher and union group.

Would put out the word to your contact list? Even if all they do is drive over and clog the street, that would be great.

The address is 4188 Belle Terrace in Lebanon which is off of Pekin Road between St Rt 48 and St Rt 741.

Becki Villamagna
Communications/Political Action
Ohio Education Association


The email is a call to action to harass anyone that is for education reform. The union uses an aggressive strategy like this email to radicalize members against anyone that questions how much money is being wasted on public education.

This email is a perfect example of why we must have S.B.5. The more I learn, the more I am convinced that the OEA needs to be completely dissolved as a publicly funded organization. And it is publicly funded by tax payers. The members are radicals that are dedicated to preserving a destructive monopoly.

Glenn Beck did a wonderful show with college students who provided testimony to the radicalization of education, which reveals the true behavior that is behind public, and college education.

Here John Stossel does his own investigation into the public school system government monopoly that is being run by people like Becki Villamagna. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want one cent of my money in any form to go to people of such low quality.

Here’s another show by Glenn Beck. The teacher’s union and radical leftist groups do everything they can to smear Beck for shows like this, but the guy is exposing them. So Beck gets attacked the same way as Becki Villamagna is doing on behalf of the OEA going after Kelli Kohls of the Springboro School Board. This issue particularly angers me because I know Kelli, and she is one of the most sincere people on this issue that there is. She is trying to bring sanity to a monopoly of thugs, and they hate her for it, just like they hate Glenn Beck. Listen to some of the stories taking place all over the country.

If you think that Glenn Beck is pulling your leg, and is the crazy loon the unions want you to believe he is, then listen to John Stossel again, in yet another show on the education monopoly.

People like Becki Villamagna will tell you that this is a FOX News conspiracy against the working people! That is a line straight out of the Communist Manifesto. I have followed John Stossel for a long time. I loved his work on ABC’s 20/20, but he left there to work for Fox News. Listen to him explain why he left ABC to go to Fox. He’s a great reporter. He left ABC to be a reporter. That’s why Fox News is a good network, because they are actually doing the job of reporting.

Stossel reminds me a bit of the local reporter in Cincinnati Brendan Keefe, whom I have the pleasure of knowing. Check out Brendan’s work here if you haven’t seen it already. These stories have been going on for a long time. It has been people like Becki Villamagna that has singled out anybody that speaks out against their monopoly with thug-like tactics.

Click here to see when David Little of Progress Ohio was hired to come after me in similar way, which only ticked me off. In fact, the day they came after me, was the day I decided that the OEA was no longer valid as an organization. They no longer had any credibility in my mind and I would fight tooth and nail to see that they no longer loot anymore tax money. They revealed to me what education is to them, and they confirmed to me that people like Glenn Beck, and John Stossel have been telling the truth. But nobody wants to hear it, because it’s inconvenient for them. After all, most parents see public school as a day care facility, otherwise they’d take a more active role in their children’s life.

Milton Friedman has been speaking about the education empire for years. This empire of terror and money isn’t new.

Kelli knows that the union will be out in force to attempt to intimidate her and the other board members as they vote on the next union contract. The meeting is at Springboro High School May 24th at 7 pm. The best way to end this reign of thugs is to counter what it is they intend to do. So if you are sick and tired of this kind of behavior, show up at the school at that time and at that place and let those union thugs know they have no power to coerce, intimidate, antagonize, manipulate and twist the arm of your elected officials with fear. Because if they were planning to “clog the streets” over just a petition, imagine what they will try to do over a new contract.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

16 thoughts on “Becki Villamagna crossed the LINE: The Empire of Education and Money

  1. And I thought I was a bitch. This brings out the dark side I hate to reveal, but this demands it. A blanket email is an understatement. This will get to the right people within the hour. It won’t take much.
    She better have her union buddies at hand..she’s gonna need them.


  2. Ask Jennifer Miller about how she was forced to stop reading from a book at a board meeting. The book was too vulgar and explicit for the ears of the board, but quite acceptable for the children.

    Ask David Horowitz how he is treated when he makes a speech on a college campus. I had a lengthy discussion with him and he said that Miami of Ohio, yes that’s right – our Miami, was where he had to have the most protection. He needs armed guards and German shepherds to walk into a building in Oxford.

    As far as the redistribution of grades, that is already accomplished via the “group projects.” An “A” student is put in with a group of losers and
    all receive the same grade. Very common practice. This raises an “F” to a “C” as the group project is the majority of the term grade. Happened to me and everyone else that I know. Just spoke with my niece and she said it was happening to her in her first term.

    Anyone, on a school board, who asks questions will be villified, bullied and threatened. Simple fact of trying to do the job. I was warned by the sheriff’s department that my name was on a “hit list.” Not a comforting thought for a mother. I was bullied by teachers and administrators at every board meeting. They all had a little “trust speech” all written up for them. I was supposed to trust and not ask.

    People should learn that the union leaders are there for a reason. They are trained bullies. They believe in what they are doing. Most, if not all, have been hand picked because they are willing pawns in the master plan. Same for the superintendents. They don’t have to be extra bright or financial wizards. In fact it is better if they are not especially intelligent. Most of the superintendents I knew, were not very bright. Often they came from very poor roots. They all loved the attention and adulation many teachers, community members and soccer moms shower on them. Many communities treat the superintendent as the “king” of the community. They shower them with awards, dinners and power. Something they knew nothing about in their formative years. Most are willing to offer trade-offs. Many teachers are willing to perform favors in order to receive supplemental contracts, promotions etc.

    So, these guys are bought and paid for, not by the OSBA, OEA or NEA, but by our tax dollars. They are handpicked and groomed and we pay.

    So Kelly is the lone board member asking questions. All others are sycophants for the teacher’s union and the superintendent. Ask yourself, what is in it for them? Is their wife employed, friends etc. Did their child receive special favors in sports or a nice fat scholarship? No one checks where the money goes. No one has time. Thank God, things are slowly changing.

    By the way, one of Kelly’s neighbors is a teacher. A teacher that was a favorite of the administration that cut out of town.


  3. These kind of tactics are status quo for people like Becki who have been groomed for intimidation. An epic showing by citizens from every neighboring county who have had it with blatant thuggery against a Constitutional First Amendment right, and any other freedom they attack, will send a clear message to their buddies and all the way to Columbus. We have to have zero tollerance for this behavior before it gets any worse, and it already seems out of control.


  4. I recieved more than one Call To Action request with your link in my email today. I live in Goshen and our difficulty with the union is the same. GPS has had this problem for years and we pulled our son out for home schooling about three years ago when the deterioration of the education system and what they teach our kids was more than we bargained for. Looking around your site, I like what I see. The school choice articles are very well presented.
    My wife and I are still very involved. We still pay the same taxes as before but we were able to save our son. We will be at the Springboro school in support.



  5. The reign of ‘indoctrination and union thuggery” will continue UNTIL
    We the PEOPLE stand up and vote out the bureaucrats who continue to ‘funnel our $$$ to the US Dept EDuca, the NEA, and to the unions.


  6. You’ve got that right, Jorjann. Glad to have you join us in commenting on “Overmanwarrior. We need your input on these pages.


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