Giant Spiders and other Parasites: Repealing Obama Care in Ohio

I am proud of the many who have gathered nearly enough signatures to put the Obama Care issue on the fall ballot. Obama Care is one of the most sinister power grabs the government has attempted in many years. Disguised as a well-intentioned program to help all people everywhere achieve affordable health care, the reality of it is a massive government expansion that takes America several steps away from the principles of our country.

Doc Thompson interviews a supporter of government health care on 700 WLW. It is interesting to listen to what supporters of government health care think. Doc tackles the tough topic with boldness. Listen to that interview here:

The end result of Obama Care is corruption. Every bureaucrat at every step of the process in the health care industry will look for every opportunity to pocket some extra funds because the money comes from the government, so no direct person will be responsible. It happens in public school. It happens in the military. It happens in the IRS. It happens in every single government body large and small across this nation, corruption breeds like algae behind the nameplate on a desk. The more government, the more the corruption, because there will be less direct responsibility.

It is a relief that Ohio has taken a lead in repealing Obama Care. Getting that issue on the ballot is important for two reasons. First, it will separate Ohio from this tyrannical government mandate from a run-a-way progressive administration in what Barack Obama has presented in freedom’s worst nightmare. But the other issue of concern is that when the union interest in this state puts S.B.5 on the ballot, which they have a deep reserve to on the ballot for November will get the voters from our side out for more than one issue that they feel passionate about.

This November Ohioans will be able to show up to get the federal government out of their pocket with Obama Care, which is a direct violation of the 10th Amendment. And their second is Ohioans will have the opportunity to get the national union interest out of their pocket books with S.B.5. Both bills are an opportunity to set Ohio on a course of freedom that is essential to the move toward smaller government that many who support the Tea Party movement crave so strongly. Anyone that wishes to turn the tide of all the tax culture that we have all inherited will have the opportunity to turn those tides this coming November.

Health care is one of those topics that innovation is changing quickly. If government gets more involved in health care, where they adopt the model of Europe, the innovations under development right now, will cease. Human beings are on the brink of completely rebuilding the human body using its own genetic material. The current topics that health care embodies, such as high blood pressure, all the various diseases, illnesses directly attributed to calcium reduction, all are preventable. But government is in the way of that innovation, because their goal is not to make it possible for human beings to be free of the services they offer. Government wants nothing more than to survive, and will do anything they can to do so.

Over the weekend I opened our swimming pool. As I was taking the cover off, the water was rich with algae growth from all the leaves that had blown into the water over the long winter. This created an environment that many insects had sought as a refuge. Wading through the water was like wading through a slimy swamp. As I pulled the cover off and my wife drug it across the edge of the pool, a very large wolf spider jumped off the cover into the water and was swimming toward me seeking dry refuge. Swarms of insects that had their nests destroyed by my removal of the cover swarmed all around my head. Several other smaller wolf spiders also jumped into the water and started crawling over my arms.

By the way, if you want to see what a wolf spider looks like, this one is almost as big.

It was shocking to see such large creatures swimming around me in my swimming pool, especially when the water was so thick with green that I couldn’t see what lurked beneath the surface of the water. I helped the spiders out of the pool. It was obvious they had taken up residence there to feed off all the insects about to hatch for the summer. The spiders were visibly upset that their easy supply of food was now destroyed.

For a minute I felt bad that I destroyed the spider’s food. I also felt bad for the food of the spiders, all the poor little insects they were eating in massive droves. But, I want to swim in my pool, so to preserve the spider’s environment, I’d have to sacrifice my pool, and that’s not going to happen. As I poured the chemicals into the pool I realized that I was killing millions of small algae plants and other various insects that were living in the water, and would soon be scooped up by the filtration system.

The government is no different from the algae, the insects or the spiders. They have set up shop living off our tax dollars as their source of food. And the more they can eat, the bigger and scarier they’ll get. That wolf spider was as big as my hand, easily. She was so large because the food was easy and plentiful. It not only supported this very large spider, but about 10 others that were of normal size.

Government is a parasite to our intuitions as free loving citizens. Sure, we created them, just as I created the pool that the spiders resided in. I created the whole environment, including putting the water into the pool. But it was a neglected environment due to the hard winter, and that neglect breeds these parasites. It is also our neglect of our political environment that has bred all these parasites that just want to consume our taxes and get bigger.

When Ohio gets to go to the polls in November to protect Senate Bill 5, and repeal Obama Care it gets to reclaim what has always belonged to Ohio, its sovereignty. It has the opportunity to drive the parasites from its water and to clean the pool so we can all swim once again in the clear waters of freedom.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

9 thoughts on “Giant Spiders and other Parasites: Repealing Obama Care in Ohio

  1. Well this is one essay that I sat here with clenched teeth and shivers going up and down my spine. I have a huge fear of spiders. They creep me out! The light in my office is attacting large bugs hitting against the window. This contributed to the creepy feeling. Your point is well made. The creeps are busily munching away at their free meal. Please, don’t write about spiders in the future. I’ll have to pass on that page.


  2. Socialized medicine will never ever work here. I have a sister (who reads here) in BC Canada. It would take me all of 5 minutes to freak you out and make the spiders look like pets. Smart people know what will happen…google Massecussets. They’re a mess. But Canada is much worse and now they are angry @Obama because they have to come here if they want to save their life. Yesterday in Downtown Cincinnati for the health care hearing..I followed a reporter around from the Enquirer. He was only interviewing black wemon. I watched him for almost 30 minutes and thought about what he was doing. I know it and so do your readers..but you only have to turn on your local news to hear the sob stories and the slant. That guy with Doc was obviously uninformed. He’s wrong and should not open his mouth on this subject.
    It’s real simple. 2014 is coming. Get informed. Do the homework. See the serious problems other countries deal with…and pray to God you don’t get really sick.


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