Charlotte Iserbyt: DO YOU HAVE THE GUTS TO LISTEN TO HER? (or would you rather go back to sleep)

Unfortunately much of the world lives like what you’ll find in the video below of a village in Kenya. I have been to such places, and the images in this video reflect accurately what I’ve seen for myself. I chose a village in Kenya because it is my belief that Barack Obama is more loyal to the country of Kenya than he is of the United States. I believe that based on his actions, because his world view reflects the kind of ideas that can be simply reduced to village life.

It was Hillary Clinton that said “It take a village.” Progressives at every level all seem to have in common this village style ideal of community value that they build their politics around. And even though the idea of a village goes back well before there was ever a Karl Marx, or a Barack Obama, it is an entirely different philosophy from what American was founded upon. However, progressives, socialists, Marxists and all other variations of communism look at the great wealth created in America and feel compelled to help the rest of the world with wealth redistribution, to places like this village. So they openly seek to take from America, and give to places like Kenya. Unions in the United States were founded by communists and their core leadership supports these types of activities and it’s been that way for over 100 years now. Anyone currently in a union or who supports a union is a supporter of a form of communism established by Karl Marx. Progressives and other liberals openly embrace these communist ideals in deed but not by name, because the goal is to over time, remove America’s love of individualism, replace that individualism with collectivism so that redistribution of America’s wealth can be implemented to other countries and their villages.

SEIU is a fundamentally communist organization. They stand for The Ten Planks of Communism. (Click here to read those) The National Education Association is also a communist organization. It is the aim of the NEA to perform the erosion of American individualism and embrace the strategy of social collectivism. The members at the ground level, the teachers may not be aware of this, or may not look too deeply into their leaders, but the evidence is unmistakable to anyone with eyes. Teachers, often very idealistic and well paid, don’t wish to know what their leaders are up to, because the money is good. This strategy goes on well before there was a Barack Obama, in fact way back when the NEA put tremendous pressure on President Carter to create The Department of Education. The push by that union was to put in place a government department financed with tax payer funds to create policies of social engineering that openly embraced communism. This was happening during the years of 1978 and 1979 well into the 1980’s.

Oh…….you want proof? Ok, well, let me introduce you to Charlotte Iserbyt. Charlotte was second in command at the Department of Education during the Reagan administration and she’ll tell you all you need to know about the whole story about the goal of modern education. Do you have the guts to listen to her, to know the truth?

Many of the NEA and SEIU members will tell you that Charlotte is a kook. They’ll tell you that all this talk about engineering the youth is complete conspiracy theory and crazy. The hope is that by the time the kids from the 60’s and 70’s hit retirement age and the kids of the 80’s and 90’s are too old to care, the desire for capitalism, and individualism will have been removed from our society. By the time American civilization figures out what’s going on, America will be transformed slowly and smoothly without weapons or bloodshed. It’s that simple. No conspiracy…………fact. The evidence is everywhere.

Charlotte would have never been given a top job at the Department of Education if she were crazy, or even the least bit kooky. The following documentary is over an hour-long. So if you really want to be educated, have a listen to Charlotte. In fact, make sure you take the time to watch each of these videos because what you’re hearing is the truth. This is what public unions have done with your tax money, they have erected a structure designed to undermine the country we all know and love.

Charlotte has been talking about this kind of thing for a long time. She is one of the few insiders out there who have turned her back on the spoils of the tax payer occupation which comes from jobs in public service, decided to live an honest life, and tell the American people what has really been going on. One of the reasons nobody has listened to Charlotte is because she has spent many years traveling the country and speaking to people who know about her, but without a mainstream media to cover her, people didn’t know about her work, until now. Until the internet came along, and the media became irrelevant, a whole new audience has the opportunity to hear Charlotte speak. Consider yourself fortunate to see and hear these interviews now. Just a decade ago it cost a lot to travel halfway across the country to hear her speak. Now all you have to do is go grab a snack out of your refrigerator, sit down in your comfy chair, sit down and relax and learn what has been going on behind your back for over 4 decades now while you went to work every day to pay your taxes so you could fund your own destruction. Doesn’t that make you feel good?

Secrete Societies aren’t really any different from a labor union. They gather together to achieve a collective strategy. The Skull and Bones Societies aren’t any different. The Skull and Bones must be studied because so many presidents have been Skull and Bones members. Now I personally don’t care if a bunch of college boys want to get together and walk around with their pants down smacking each other on the butt with a paddle, and drink Kool-aid out of a skull. But I do care if these groups, like Skull and Bones members, SEIU or NEA members want to subvert the Constitution of the United States in order to garner more power for themselves. All those organizations require taking tax money from us like thieves and funneling that money to serve their silly plans, so ultimately it is the tax payer that is in charge. They just need to understand how their money has been spent.

While many people will find it difficult to believe what Charlotte is bringing to light, the facts cannot be ignored. Critics of Charlotte can be angry that she is messing up their plans by educating Americans to the scheme they are trying to pull over American society, but they cannot call her a liar. She is telling the story as she experienced it, and her experience is uniquely vast. She has a right to tell that story, a constitutional obligation. It is the thieves of these groups, which have attached themselves like leeches to the American ideas to reshape those ideas into their image.
So as the discussion of “collective bargaining,” or “health care,” or “Medicare,” or progressive taxation,” “public education,” evolves in the coming months it is important to know what we’re either fighting, or evolving in to. My primary arguments about public education is simply the cost of it doesn’t make sense. Teachers as a labor force are incredibly expensive. But if you think about it, this is part of the strategy. The unions must secure good wages for its members to buy them away from capitalism and gain their support like mindless mercenaries to fight the battle against social individualism in order to advance the plight of collectivism, which goes against everything traditional America stands for.

So now, if you’ve taken the time to watch all these videos, you are armed with knowledge that will help you see through the smoke and mirrors such as the video above from Obama. The next question is what are you going to do about it? Are you going to allow your country to be taken from you and your family without a fight, using the tax money you’ve supplied through your hard work to undermine everything you’ve ever believed in, or thought you believed in?

I suppose the answer to that question is in what do you actually believe. Are you someone who wants someone like Barack Obama to give you something like some village leader? Or do you still believe in self-reliance and Americanism. If it’s the later than you better start thinking what you plan to do to save it, before it’s too late, if it isn’t too late already.

And while you’re answering that question consider why so many places in the world are so poor that they look like that village in Kenya. Why is the United States so rich? Wouldn’t it be better to help other countries become more like the America, functioning from capitalism, rather than destroying capitalism so everyone in the world can live like a big village of complacency? Because that’s what will happen, the planet Earth will become a globe of mediocrity and there will still be poor people. But there won’t be a United States of America in the future to help them, because the looters destroyed it like the fools they are, leaving nothing for tomorrow because while they did all this scheming for equality, and social justice, they forgot to learn where wealth comes from. It doesn’t come out of the ground, or from a college professor. It comes from an entrepreneur, a person of ideas that is hungry to get rich and offer jobs to people to help them become rich. That’s why there are sky scrapers in New York, and thatched huts in Kenya. Choose, but choose wisely.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

35 thoughts on “Charlotte Iserbyt: DO YOU HAVE THE GUTS TO LISTEN TO HER? (or would you rather go back to sleep)

  1. What I have learned about human nature is this. The more governments try to control you the more you or people in general will resist. As these so called intelligent people say we can be controlled through mind conditioning without wars. It is in these socialist controlled societies all you have do is just look at the aftermath of devastation by the tens of millions of people they had to put to death under this wrong minded philosophy to keep their governments in place.

    I only need to name two and one is communist china, 80 million dead to keep power and the other is communist Russia at least 50 million dead to keep power. I don’t care what these so-called very intelligent people say all the evidence proves there just flat out wrong.

    If they were smart people they would work with the natural human nature we are born with and not against it. To work against human nature in the way socialists in fact do, is demonic, Satanist and just pure evil. The end result of 130 million murdered people should prove that it’s evil to anyone with a thimble full of common sense.

    You cannot control people’s instinctive will to be free. Killing 130 million people did not stop the natural will of people wanting freedom. It’s still not working in Russia or in China. The people there still want more freedom from the shackles of the communists and it’s still evolving and it’s not over yet.

    What I would really like to know is who the hell decides that these people are so intelligent, if there some kind of test it’s got to be fixed or rigged. Someone’s getting paid to make the false claims of their intelligence level. To me there the dumbest people in the world.


  2. Thank you for this post. I am one of those that has traveled to hear Charlotte speak. A few of us have been lucky to sit at her feet in her hotel room and listen to her for hours. She is an amazing and brilliant person. Her insight into the workings of Washington, D.C. is unsurpassed. Some of us have been trying to educate as many as possible. We have been labeled as “kooks” too. Those in power in the school systems have been carefully chosen and groomed to accomplish the process of dumbing down our nation. Principals and superintendents are carefully picked because of their willingness to “go along.” No district is “excellent” or “excellent with distinction.” These titles are given as a form of public relations so that the taxpayers will be willing to forfeit more and more of their disposable income into the system. Most parents want to believe that they are sending their children to the “best” school. They move to districts that say that they are the best. The only difference in the schools is “who” is attending and the educational level of the parents. When Lakota says they are a great district; it is because most of the parents in the district are good parents with some sort of educational background. The curriculum is mandated from above. The tests are purely to see if the correct “outcomes” have been inculcated into the brains of the our children. The religion of Secular Humanism is part of the agenda. Destruction of the values of the parents and grandparents is a must. The teachers are the experts. The parents, no matter how well educated, are NOT.

    I beg people to study what Charlotte Iserbyt is telling you. She is getting up in age and so am I. We are trying to educate enough people to carry on informing our fellow patriots. The time to save our nation is getting short. Our current representatives are part of the problem. They want to save their power and their income. Some of them like the New York Representative Weiner are base and immoral. Remember it takes about $2 million to get elected to the House of Representatives or U. S. Senate. Think about who provides that money.

    There are three school board members to be chosen this November in most districts. Go to the meet the candidate nights. Ask questions. See if those running are knowledgeable about these important issues. Curriculum is more important than finances. If every district could elect three new people who are not supported by the unions – we could start saving our children and thus our country. Start by helping good people with financial support. More importantly help them by campaigning for them.


    1. I am one of the few that noticed while I was still in school there was something very wrong with the system. You may not believe this but at age 13 or the seventh grade I was reading 2 books a week history, science, business Etc. I also noticed I was learning more in 1 week then public schools taught in 1 year. I was never asleep.

      I started my first business when I was 13 years old. I started working for my grandfather when I was 10 and read my first books about the stock market and corporations also when I was 10 years old. I was an employer for 32 years. My point would be I am 55 now and I have watched the changes that put us right where we are now with every single problem this country has, from education to economics.

      It is all due to an intentional dummying down of the public that started before I was born (1956).

      It is by the numbers or mathematics that I seem to always know what’s going to happen way in advance once a particular direction of the economy is taken. I wrote a book in 1989 that predicted exactly what’s going on with the economy in 2011. (22 years ago) That book was never printed but I still have an original copy of the manuscript if you would like to see it. In that book I blamed the policies of the liberal, progressive democratic party would eventually collapse the system and destroy the country. 22 years later we have arrived at their intended destination.

      Your intensions are very Nobel and I agree with all you have said. But I don’t believe we have a generation to properly educate our children. I have calculated due to my understanding of human nature and how economic systems and currencies all work together we have less than 18 months to change anything. It’s just the way the math works out.

      I have tried to contact congressman and others who may be able to do something and I actually talk to them but they treat me as a disgruntled citizen and somehow I knew in advance that’s exactly what the result would be. So that’s a dead end. I do not know what to do except to warn as many people as possible on a personal level. Most that I talk to don’t want to believe what I say is true and those that do seem to fall into a deep state of depression.

      I wrote a more recent book in 2009 and it is published it’s called 2012. what’s really going to happen in 2012. Those that have read it told me that it scared the crap out of them and they don’t even want to talk about it because it was too real to current events. They also believe its going to happen but they are not preparing for it.

      If I wanted to destroy America I would do exactly what the democrats have done since they took majority control Jan 2007


  3. James, I do agree with you. People just don’t want to hear the facts. They would rather listen to people who make them “feel good.” Isn’t that what the 70’s were all about? Schools teach self esteem. They are trying to eliminate competition so that there are no losers. Under those terms people will listen to the politicians who promise them the most and make everything “rosey.” They do not want to hear the truth. So the majority refuse to listen to people with facts and wisdom.

    Obama is a perfect example. Promise everything to the minorities, the poor, the young etc. They bought it hook, line and sinker. He had people involved that had never voted in their lives. Why? Because he was going to deliver a free ride to all. Thinking people would wonder, where was he going to get the money? Now we know. Print it by the ton. Now the dollar is devalued, gas prices are up, plus they want to add another dollar tax per gallon. If that isn’t enough the newest plan is to tax you extra according to your mileage. inflation is growing by the hour.

    Next will come rationing of food and other necessities such as electriciy and heating oil. These things are going up and becoming more and more scarce. I feel that the ecoli in Europe was a planned strategy. I also feel that forcing the immigrants from Libya into Europe via Italy was planned to divide the population. My friend tells me that in Paris the immigrants are breaking into homes at will. They have no protection from them. Home invasions are in the news quite often here.

    So the people will have to act and in mass.


  4. James…
    We ARE out here and listening. There are a few who truly see the dire consequences of inaction. They are the patriot leaders, the every day folks who go to work…play with their children, wash the dog, but eat sleep and bleed the need to educate as many as possible and as soon as possible. I’m not sure I can grasp not wanting to see around the bend with what’s at stake and then turning a blind eye and not getting as involved as possible. I’ve come to learn that it’s inbedded in one’s make up. They worry but they think someone else will fix it for them. I see it everyday. They say…that would just never happen. That in and of itself is a huge problem. So folks like you, Rich Sandra, myself and many others will just have to endure the ignorance that seems to bind them and keep educating whether it’s scares them or not. Our liberties are being assaulted at an alarming rate. Sooner or later they will have to defend their families. There’s the wake-up call. Unfortunately, that will be way too late. I made the decision months ago to be ALL IN and unafraid. Friends, neighbors and even family would have to understand, get with the program or get outta the way. I’ve lost a few of all those, but gained millions…and that’s what keeps me sane.
    Keep the faith….and keep commenting. We’re reading it all.


  5. This is just great. Nothing like looking back and seeing our future. I wonder what Charlotte would say today but we already have the jewel of GateKeeper.
    Her 30+ years of the bullshit boggles the mind.
    I know some incredible people. Thanks TKR…for it all.


  6. You bet I did. I like to reread your stuff. Sometimes and especially now, I love to go back to older stuff. Jim Jones, multicultualism… I have pages upon pages of your best in my favorites. The list is HUGE! It bogs down my broadband!!
    That whole Alinsky essay was over the top. One of those where you just say nothing and soak in truths.
    Not many people leave me speechless.


  7. Not sure how I ended up on this one. Maybe the quick clicking of links while my mind was hungry to see the change that has occurred from the date this was posted to the present… 😊 I’m excited to sit and watch what this woman had to say now, but a little sad to see that your words here are still so true.

    Unfortunately we are now walking around that globe filled with mediocrity. (Paired with complacency) *yuck*
    My only hope is that is we get enough people to wake up & fight, that maybe, just maybe, we can turn things around!

    As always, I appreciate your truth! 😊


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